Medium Hairstyles With Bangs

30 Medium Hairstyles With Bangs

If your hair needs an update to go with the next season or your latest makeover, trimming some length and adding bangs are go-to updates that work for almost everyone. Long enough to tie in a ponytail, but short enough to look chic and sophisticated, medium hairstyles with bangs are the perfect middle ground between childlike and boring. These 30 styles are some of our favourite modern takes on this timeless style.

1Retro Style With Heavy Bangs

Wearing big hair that’s curled in at the ends and her signature heavy fringe, Zooey Deschanel’s lush style looks like a glamorous blast from the past.

2Wavy Lob With Short Bangs

This hairstyle mixes the edgy look of short bangs with the softness of wearing them swept to the side.

3Medium Cut With Curtain Bangs

These long bangs parted in the centre are great for growing out your bangs painlessly, or if you’re going for a sultry, retro look.

4Sleek Side Swept Bangs

These side swept bangs blend perfectly into Emma Stone’s straight, mid-length hair, and are a flattering fringe for almost any face shape.

5Ombre Curls And Baby Bangs

These super short bangs add edge and interest to medium hair that’s styled with big curls at the ends.

6Tousled Style With Short Choppy Bangs

Putting some rocker flair in your hairstyle, this naturally tousled blonde hair is fun and casual, while the short choppy bangs will make your eyes pop.

7Eye Grazing Bangs

Use these thick, eye grazing bangs to camouflage a large forehead while looking polished and fashion-forward.

8Side Bangs With Loose Waves

Loose waves paired with side swept bangs make this romantic look a favourite among women with round faces.

9Texturized Lob and Bangs

This lob and bangs have the same silhouette as many blunt cuts, but texturized ends eliminate bulk while adding softness and making styling the bangs less of a hassle.

10Long Curtain Bangs

These long bangs land just below the cheek bones, framing the face while blending beautifully with this high volume mid-length style.

11Steep Angle Side Sweep

Sweeping high across the forehead at a steep angle, these bangs pair perfectly with this classic brunette cut.

12Texturized Bangs With Side Shave

With texturized bangs, an asymmetrical length, and bold side shave, there’s not a lot this hairstyle isn’t doing. If you’re the kind of woman who goes all-or-nothing with her look, this is the one for you.

13Eye Grazing Centre Parted Bangs

These eye-grazing bangs don’t have to be worn centre parted, but it’s a nice option if you don’t want them right in your face. A perfect style for women with inverted triangle or heart shaped faces who are trying to conceal a larger forehead.

14Big Lavender Bangs

These blunt bangs are cut wide and styled with a pronounced curve, making them the main focus of this bright, trendy look.

15Short and Blunt

If you’ve got naturally straight hair, these short blunt bangs with mid-length hair are a styling dream come true.

16Piecey Curved Bangs

These piecey curved bangs are a slight departure from Alexa Chung’s signature centre-parted fringe, and perfectly compliment her mid-length cut.

17Big Sweep

Layers throughout help keep this very thick hair from looking bulky, while bangs frame face across a deep part.

18Raven Haired Bangs

Krysten Ritter’s ebony hair looks good enough to be a wig, with short bangs that make her eyes pop and a jet black shade that contrasts her alabaster skin perfectly.

19Shag With Bangs

This shaggy style is cut with distinct layers that blend together in messy waves. Bangs are kept piecey and equally messy, for a stylish but disheveled modern look.

20Wavy Lob With Side Bangs

From the collarbone length and side swept bangs to the subtle ombre ends, Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle hits several major trends without looking too busy.

21Dressed Up Piecey Bangs

Some women are afraid to mix straight bangs with curled hair, but Kerry Washington proves how versatile these piecey, straight bangs can be.

22Rounded Bang Style

These gently curved bangs are the work of an impeccable stylist, and add an interesting shape when worn with a classic, straight style like this. If you’ve got full cheeks you’d like to downplay, steer clear of this style of bangs that will make your face look more round.

23Wispy Middle Part Bangs

This is a modern, casual style that works well for women with thinner hair. Wispy bangs don’t remove too much volume from the rest of the style, while longer pieces are left to flow in loose, romantic waves.

24Wavy Blonde Style

This wavy blonde cut pairs nicely with bangs that have texturized ends and some natural wave left in them.

25Feathered Lob With Bangs

Taylor Swift’s light and feathery lob is a great summer cut that you can transition into fall by adding these lash grazing bangs that are especially flattering if you’ve got a long or square shaped face.

26Rocker Chic Shag

Channelling Debbie Harry’s ’70s style, this straight blonde shag has long bangs that land at the cheeks, and is a fun, edgy way to wear your hair full of layers.

27Extra Wide Bangs

These wide bangs make a bold statement, and can help widen the appearance of an oblong face. Wear them with straight, blunt hair to keep the focus on your eyes, or add curls for a special occasion.

28Subtle Long Bang

This long layered style gets a little extra boost from a low-key long bang that doesn’t make as big of a statement as bigger curtain bangs.

29Short And Narrow Bangs

With a fairly narrow bang that doesn’t extend past the outer corners of the eyes, this hairstyle can help disguise the widest part of your face.

30Retro Curls With Pin-Up Bangs

If you’re in love with short bangs and retro style, try out these pin-up bangs inspired by Bettie Page. Although you can wear these bangs with a variety of hairstyles, we love them best with mid-length retro curls in dark, rich colors.



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