best bob hairstyles for black women

30 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Have you ever heard the saying “once a woman cuts her hair she’s ready for change”? We want to inspire you to spark a change in your look, with a fresh new bob hairstyle. An impressively versatile haircut, black hair bobs come in a variety of lengths and textures, from sleek and chin length to long and wavy, the possibilities are countless. Although many women are afraid to wear their hair shorter, there’s a bob hairstyle that’s flattering for every face shape and hair texture. To help convince you to make a hair change, we’ve compiled a list of 30 long and short black bob hairstyles for black women that range from classic and sophisticated to trendy and edgy.

1Long Bob With Deep Side Part

If you’re looking for a dramatic bob haircut that isn’t too short, let Taraji P Henson’s fierce style inspire you to bring out your suave alter ego. This long A-Line bob can sharpen your features and has a slimming effect for women with round or oval face shapes.

2Sleek Chic Bob Hairstyle

The reigning queen of edgy style, Rihanna style sleek-chic bob inspired many women to get this shorter bob style for themselves. With shorter symmetric hair with a middle part hairline, this stylish bob has tons of interest even in a single color tone. This style can look great for a daily look at the office or a special event or a night out.

3Bold Bang Bob Cut

This stunning blunt bob and bangs is a haircut full of bold choices, and can help balance out a heart-shaped face or larger forehead. If you like sleek and classic black bob hairstyles, this one is for you!

4Sexy Bob Hairstyle Sew In

Zendaya looks absolutely stunning with this sleek and sexy brown bob with bangs. This Bob is worn pushed behind her ears framing her beautiful features and showing off her diamond earings. If you like a sleek and sophisticated look, you should definitely go for this chic bob style.

5Blonde bob haircut sew in

This executive style bob is given a dose of glamor with dimensional honey blonde color. With more layers than a classic bob, this short look is worn pushed behind one ear, while side-swept bangs make her eyes look even more seductive.

6Silver Tousled Black Bob Haircut

Remember Taraji P. Henson’s beautiful tousled bob at the 2017 Academy Awards? This fabulous tousled sew in is inspired by Taraji’s look and we love how the wavy silvery hair and subtle purple lowlights make this Bob so elegant and chic!

7Natural Curly Bob Haircut

This girl is wearing a natural curly sew in and it looks gorgeous! This ultra textured middle part bob style adds softness and romance to any outfit, and you can pair it with your favorite headband or hair wrap for an extra boho look.

8Pin Curl Black Bob Haircut

Another bob with tons of curls, this look features big curls that can be created with pin curls or jumbo rollers. Want to spice up your black hairstyle? You can add a pop of color like some peekaboo highlights in a honey shade, for an overall look that’s retro glam, especially when paired with a demure outfit and vintage style accessories.

9Finger Waves Black Bob Hairstyle

Zoe Salanda is rocking a curly asymmetrical Bob, with finger wave style. If you’re looking for a style that is both Glamorous and easy to maintain, try this 1920s vibe look!

10Chic and Sleek Black Bob Cut

This short bob is a chameleon type hairstyle that can look boyish or feminine depending on your outfit and accessories. To keep it looking girly, style it sleek and straight with plenty of hair serum that will protect from heat damage and add loads of shine.

11’90s Bob Style

We love this Mary J Blige inspired layered bob, which has a heavy 1990s vibe with the stacked shape in the back and feathered layering against the face. The shape of this particular cut is helpful for diminishing the long appearance of oblong faces. To embrace the throwback feel of this style, style with gold door knocker earrings and a cropped halter top.

12Wavy Wash and Go Bob Hairstyle

Beyonce created a lot of buzz when she wore her hair in a wavy wash n Go bob. This night styling has a wet look that you can copy by adding curl-defining mousse to damp hair, and finishing with a shine defining pomade that adds a shiny finish, but won’t flake or leave hair feeling crunchy.

13Asymmetrical Bob haircut

This stylish asymmetrical bob is several inches longer on one side, but is sleek and straight all around. Instead of cutting heavy layers into the hair, the ends are texturized to create lightness and the ends without losing any length.

14Long Layered Bob

This long layered bob (AKA lob) is a young, fun look for women who aren’t interested in black bob hairstyles that are too edgy or short. For women who prefer to be able to put their hair in a ponytail on busy days or in an updo for a special occasion, this bob is the perfect mid-length hairstyle.

15Wavy Bob Wig

How chic is this wavy black bob sew in with bangs?! If you’re looking for a chic and cute cut, we think this Bob has a much more natural and elegant look compared to a sleek bob.

16Square Blunt Black Bob Hairstyle

Simple but bold, this square-shaped blunt bob is a great choice for making your hair look thicker, but can be a severe-looking style if you’ve already got a very angular face. Try adding some soft layers if you like this general cut but don’t want to commit to the strong square silhouette.

17Edgy & Short Bob Haircut

This super edgy bob features tons of razor cut layers and short bangs that frame the face and put lots of attention on the eyes. A slightly asymmetrical haircut, the sides are shaped around the ear and the longer side sits closer to jaw length. Absolutely stunning!

18Long Bob With Soft Wave

If you’re not ready for a dramatic cut, try this chic long bob with waves. Soft face-framing waves give this style more body, while the blonde color gives it warmth and dimension. For busy women, this long bob allows you to continue wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun when you’re short on styling time.

19Wide Banged Black Bob Hairstyle

Looking for a bob style that is bold and sexy? This vibrant long bob with wide-set, curled under bangs is so eye-catching! If you’re looking to get even more rebellious in your look, try this style with dip-dyed ends in pink or purple.

20Curly Fireball Bob Sew In

If you’re daring enough to go red, try this fierce red bob that’s both dramatic and classy. The exposed black roots make this color wearable for women with olive or earth-toned skin, while the haircut is a fairly classic A-Line bob with a few longer pieces on either side of the face.

21A Pop of Purple


A hugely popular color in the past year, purple hair can spice up any style and works with everything from edgy rocker looks to ethereal hippie styles. This vibrant purple bob features color that’s black at the roots and side swept with deep bangs on one side.

22Going Grey Bob


If you’ve been keeping up with hair color trends, you know that grey is the new black. Social media sites like Instagram are overflowing with women showing off their prematurely grey style like on this extremely asymmetrical bob. This gorgeous past the shoulders length bob is a chic and bold cut, and the color combination will look amazing if worn with statement gold jewelry for an in-your-face style.

23Edgy Barbie Bob


Remember one of Nicki Minaj’s most colorful looks? This steeply angled bob in bubblegum pink looks like what Barbie would wear if she got a super edgy makeover. To wear a hairstyle this bold, the rest of your style needs to be carefully considered. Try a sleek black outfit and matching pink lips for a night out, or neutral colored white tee and fitted dark denim for more casual affairs.

24Pastel Pink

If you love pink hair in a less bold style than the previous vibrant pink, try a pastel pink bob instead. The color is much more subdued, and long wavy bob haircut is a softer, more classic shape.

25Dreadlock Bob

Dreadlocks don’t disqualify you from wearing a bob! Get in on the ’90s trend by following Lauryn Hill’s with this boho-chic twisted bob. If you don’t have dreads, consider using a crochet braid style to install faux locs temporarily.

26Wash and Go Messy Bob

Curls never go out of style. This untamed, messy shoulder-length wash and go curly bob style has side part that compliments and frames her face and is a great hairstyle choice for women with natural short hair.

27Big Layered Stacked Bob

This big asymmetrical stacked bob with choppy ends has tons of retro feel. To complete the time traveling look, pair with big earrings and a high necked, short hemmed dress. If you’re looking to modernize this cut, wear it with distressed boyfriend jeans and a pair of ankle booties.

28Romantic Long Bob

If bold edgy styles aren’t for you, take some inspiration from this soft and graceful classic bob style. This elegant style is one of our favorite short bob hairstyles for black women. These soft curls that begin mid length are perfect for heart-shaped faces, while the length of this cut is great for both fine and thicker haired women.

29Sleek Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Another gorgeous blonde look! We absolutely love this sleek platinum blonde bob with side swept fringe.

30Burgundy purple lob

Spice up your lob with a pop of purple! This pinkish purple hair color is absolutely flawless and will surely turn everyone’s’ heads!

31Chic Fringe Lob with Bangs

This super chic lob features a heavy fringe and sleek ends all over. The bold blonde color is full of bright lowlights, and the subtle choppy cut of the hair really frames her face!  Whether you wear this hairstyle with a cocktail dress or casual with jeans and a tee, this bold blonde style is an attention grabber.

32Sexy Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Like your bob uneven and wavy? this style is so chic, especially with these statement earrings and brown makeup.

33Super Straight Lob Sew In

Sometimes a simple straight bob is just as beautiful!

34Wash ANd Go Bob

This style is a great choice if you like the wet wash and go look on your natural hair. We like this half up bob updo!

35Sleek Bowl Bob

Another sexy and chic sleek bob style. You can wear this bob side swept or middle part.

36Choppy Fringe Bob

This style features very short bob with choppy layers and bangs. So gorgeous!

37Deep Side Swept Bob

We see this look a lot lately! A deep side part can really spice up and freshen your bob haircut or sew in.

38Straight Bob with Long Bangs

Do you like it simple yet sophisticated? A classic straight bob with long bangs can look super chic and it’s a great style suitable for the office or any occasion.

39Wet Curly Bob

A very unique style is this wet curly lob that frames her face beautifully. The gel or oil used to create this look really adds shine to your natural curls and overall look.

40Red Curly Bob

This sew in bob style features voluminous red curls with natural makeup and statement loop earrings. If you like bold and curly this style is for you!

41Red Side Swept Bob

Another Red Bob sew in, only this time the color is more subtle and the hair is soft and straight with dark roots and side part to one side.

42Platinum Blonde Bob

If you like bright and bold, this platinum blonde bob with waves is stunning!

43Big Curls Bob

We love this bouncy bob style! You can use perm rods or crochet hair to create this look.

44Middle Part Bob

Simple and sexy, this is a classic middle part natural bob haircut that looks amazing for an everyday look.

45Pin Curls Bob

An elegant sew in bob with pinned big curls and deep side swept bangs.

46Natural Lob

Add some shine and sexiness to your lob with a bit of oil. this style looks fresh and shiny!

47Stacked Bob

This style features a stacked bob with long bangs at the front and beautiful layers tacked behind the ears.

48Pin Curls Natural Bob

49Stacked Bob Weave


50Afro Puffy Bob


51Natural Curls Bob


52Perm curls bob


53Senegalese twist bob


54Soft waved bob


55Kinky twists bob


56Fulani Braids Bob and Beads


57Burgundy red passion twists crochet bob



58Bouncy Cute wavy bob wig


59Havana twists lob


60Kinky curly bob half top knot


61Unraveled curly bob crochet


62Side box braids bob


63Side swept twist out bob


64Short bob Wash and Go


65Box braids long bob


66Kinky Twists Bob


67Faux loc crochet bob


68Curly bounce bob


69Curly bob twist out crochet


70Long bob twists


71Asymmentical bob afro

We hope you found your next Bob cut in this list of bob haircuts for black women!




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