Best Picture Day Hairstyles


Cute Hairstyles for Picture Day

There is only one year in age between me and my sister, so when we were kids in school on picture day we would pose together and my mum would eagerly await the photographs arriving. My sister would look like an absolute angel – adorable smile, uniform neat and perfect, and hair looking lovely. Then there would be me sitting next to her – cardigan buttoned up wrong, suspicious scowl on my face, and hair sticking up in every direction. She still laughs about those pictures more than 20 years later. If Hairstyle Hub had existed back then, she may have found some cute picture day hairstyles that would have kept my unruly hair in place.
If you’re looking for cute hairstyles for your little girl’s picture day, take a look at these gorgeous hairstyle and updo ideas for inspiration.

1Braid and Hair Bow

Whilst this gorgeous bow made out of hair looks complicated, they are actually pretty easy to do, especially if your little one has thicker hair.  Using a Dutch Braid to wrap around the hair bow adds an extra little touch that will look really good on a picture.

2Mini Braids and Top Knot

How adorable are these two little girls with their matching mini braids and top knots? Matching hairstyles are so perfect for picture day, especially when they are this lovely.

3Classic Pigtails

If you don’t have the time to spend ages creating a complicated up-do for picture day, there are many simple styles that still look super cute, just like these classic pigtails. Add some bow accessories for an extra touch of sweetness.

4Loose Ringlet Curls

Picture day doesn’t require an up-do. If your little one has beautiful hair, show it off with some natural looking curls, and make sure they stay in place with a curl hold sray or cream.

5Asymmetric French Braid and Ponytail

Why not go for a French braid with a little bit of a difference. This asymmetric French braid looks gorgeous, and the side ponytail will show off really well in a picture. Lave the lengths straight or add some curl if your girl’s hair is a little thin.

6Classic Fishtail Braid

If your daughter’s hair is a little unruly, then secure all of the hair into a ponytail and then plait the lengths into a tight fishtail braid. Smooth down any loose strands with an old (and clean) toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray.

7Boxer Braids and Pigtails

How great are these mini boxer braids? They look so stunning and adorable secured into high pigtails with bows. But, they will look just as good with loose lengths too. A super picture day hairstyle

8Mini Pull-Through Braid

The pull-through braid is one of the easiest braid styles to master as it is really just a series of ponytails fed through one another. There are plenty of tutorials online if you need a little extra help.

9Rope Twists Pigtails

These double rope twist pigtails are so cute and so simple to do! You can use a small amount of hair gel to comb and create face-framing baby. Let your little girl pick two super cute hair clips!

10Lovely Half-Up Style with Bangs

How gorgeous are this little beauty’s long and thick locks? They have been styled beautifully in a half up-do, with tight curls and soft bangs. Lovely!

11Cute Messy Buns

The messy bun is not just a great style for us grown-ups, it is great for the little ones too, plus they get to play with a lot of fun and girly accessories. So adorable.

12Bubble Pigtails

If you want to punch up those simple pigtails, why not bubble them up by adding more hair ties down the lengths. Takes a few minutes and looks so pretty.

13Braided Headband and Side Ponytail

A braided headband is a great way to keep hair out of your little one’s face for picture day, as well as looking lovely. Feeding it into a super cute side ponytail and finishing it off with a bow is just perfect, don’t you think?

14Cool Messy Ponytail

Style shorter hair into a high ponytail and tease the lengths gently with a comb to create a cute and cool messy ponytail. The headband with a beautiful big bow is such a pretty finishing touch and will help keep the hair neat until picture time.

15Pigtails and Headband

How adorable are these pigtails, or any pigtails for that matter? The headband is pretty and the bangs are just lovely. What a cute picture day hairstyle.

16Ponytail with Fed-In Braids

Braids, cute bow, and a ponytail – what more could you want in a picture day hairstyle? Neat, polished, and pretty.

17Double Fishtail Braids

If you like the look of pigtails but your girl tends to look a little unkempt after a while, fishtail braid the loose locks and they will stay beautiful all day long! Loving the ribbon tied into pretty bows.

18Intricate Mini Ponytail Style

This intricate mini ponytail style has created a lovely weaved effect that really stands out thanks to brightly coloured hair ties. Nimble fingers are needed for this style, but practice will make perfect.

19Long Bubble Braid

Keep long and unruly hair neat and tidy until picture time with a simple, but effective bubble braid. Super pretty.

20Side Cornrow Braids

Prevent too much hair from falling into your gorgeous little one’s face on picture day with some little cornrow braids on one side of the face. Cool and cute.

21Rope Waterfall Braid

This rope waterfall braid and ringlet curl with not only be a great picture day hairstyle, but it would also make a really pretty flower girl or Christening style too.

22Cornrow Pigtails

Aren’t these simple braided high pigtails super cute?!?! This will be a great option if your girl’s hair is super long.

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23Ballet Bun with Wrap Around Braid

24Twist Out Bantu Knots

25Rope Braid Headband

26Ghana Braids

27Messy Bun and Braids

28Half Up Braided Curls

29Braided Crown

30Double Dutch Braids

31Curly Style Boxer Braids

32Five Strand Braid and Ponytail

33Curly Pigtails

34Lovely Hair Bow

35Corset Braids and Bow


If you are feeling inspired to trying out a new hairstyle on your little one for the next picture day, any one of these styles would be perfect. Some of the styles are really simple – such as pigtails, ponytails or French braids – and will be easy to do in less than five minutes, ideal if you are short on time in the mornings.

If you have a little more time to play with, you might be interested in trying out one of the more complicated picture day hairstyles, such as multi-braids, hair bow hairstyles, or intricately weaved up-dos. These styles will require practice to get them perfect, so try a few out in the weeks running up to picture day. There are plenty of amazing tutorials up on YouTube that will take you through your chosen picture day hairstyle step-by-step

If your little one doesn’t like their hair to be messed with or played with, remember that it isn’t the hair that matters. What matters is that the picture makes you smile and the personality of your special girl shines through. On my school picture, my hair often looked quite the mess and I would have a funny look on my face, but my mum always loved them because, in those pictures, I was my true self.



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