Short Red Hairstyles

Short Red Hair Ideas

Whether you currently have red hair or not, we know it can be overwhelming finding new and fun hair ideas to suit your hair color. That applies even more so to short hair! Need a little short red hairstyles inspiration? You’re in the right place because we’re dishing out just that. Yep, just start scrolling through the images below to get some fresh ideas to bring to your next hair appointment.

1Asymmetric in Red

Looking for a way to add some major style to short red hair? Look no further. The asymmetric cut here is so unique, trendy and edgy. If that speaks to your personal style, bring this picture in to your hairstylist.

2Blunt Burgundy Red Bangs

The fun thing about short red hair (or red hair of any length, really) is that red comes in a variety of different tones and shades. The previous image was a bright shade of red, while this is in the burgundy family. Both are gorgeous!

3Black to Red Lob

Aside from the shade of red itself, another way to change up your short red hair is by playing around with the placement of the red coloring on your hair. Here, they opted for more of a balayage technique to apply bright red to black hair.

4Short Red Bob Bangs

We absolutely adore everything about this short red hair. Between the shade of red itself, that warm richness is stunning, and the blunt bangs paired with a bob – we think this is a major win for short red hair.

5Simple Short Red Bob

Want something a little more classic for your hair? This is a great option! The cut is a classic bob with little to no layering added to keep the hair structured. A great cut for any red hair color.

6Bold Red Layers

Adding layers to short hair is a really simple way to add depth and volume to it. As you can see here, just a few layers mixed in really transforms the overall look here. Of course, the choppy bangs also give a fun addition.

7Short Red Hair with Choppy Ends + Bangs

You probably already know this, but we’ll go ahead and say it anyways. Cutting bangs with short hair is a sure-fire way to change up your red hair. It frames your face and adds a bit more structure to the haircut.

8Layered Red Hair

Isn’t this cut and color gorgeous? We think so, too! The deep burgundy hue is the perfect match for this subtly layered bob cut. If you wear your hair parted to the side, this is a great choice.

9Piecey Red Bangs

Looking for ways to add bangs to short red hair? We thought this piecey bang cut was really fun! It’s such a great way to get bangs, without having to deal with a LOT of hair on your forehead.

10Chopped in Red

Statement red hair? Yes, please! Layers really do something to short hair (ok, long hair too). More than the cut though, we really appreciate the different shades of red used to create a highlighted effect.

11Curly Short Red Hair

Naturally curly hair? We have you covered with this cut! Whether your hair is naturally red or not, you can rock a short cut with confidence. This cut really lets the curls bounce and live in all their natural glory.

12Red Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are IN – like really in this season. Seriously, everyone seems to be getting curtain bangs right now. Want to try the trend, too? It looks great with short red hair.

13Longer Front Red Hair

Give your short red hair some major drama and dimension with an ombre effect applied to the hair. The ombre here really emphasizes the asymmetric cut, don’t you think?

14Deep Red Curls

Hello dark red, beauty! Didn’t we say red hair comes in all varieties? We couldn’t resist sharing this deep red color with you because it looks incredible with short hair.

15Dimensional Red Tones

Talk about red hair with major depth! Using different shades of red like this really steps up the dimension of the hair. Ask your colorist for a mix of colors if you want something like this.

16Edgy Red Pixie

Naturally, we had to share red short hair that’s in the pixie cut family. This is for our edgy ladies out there. The cut is quite edgy with the choppy pieces in the back and longer pieces creating bangs in the front.

17Short Red Bob with Red Highlight

Make your red hair really pop by using red as a highlight color on your hair. Doesn’t this look great? We love the way red is the focal point here, with the dimension thanks to it being used as the highlight shade.

18Layered Short Red Hairstyle

Don’t be afraid of asking for layers when you have short hair! Between layers and bangs this short red cut is anything but average. Layers bring a really fun shape that emphasizes the bold red hair color.

19Ombre Red Colors

Red hair doesn’t have to be the only bold color on your hair. Here they kept red the main color, but mixed in purple at the roots for a really unique twist. What do you think?

20Pixie Cut in Red

Yep, we have another pixie cut for you here! Pixie cuts are great for the woman on the go – when you don’t want to deal with a lot of styling in the morning this cut makes it super simple to wash and go.

21Pieces of Red Highlights

Short red hair doesn’t mean ALL of your hair is red. As we’ve shown you various red shades and colors, we love the way people have adapted the color in a new way. Brown hair got an unexpected pop of color here with bold red highlights.

22Rihanna in Red

Rihanna is one of those celebrities that has transformed her look countless times, and continues to do so. Every time she steps out we get to look forward to something new and fun. This red look certainly didn’t disappoint.

23Short Red Edge

Leaving the roots of your hair dark, or having them colored dark, is a way to give your hair this kind of ‘undone’ cool vibe. It’s the grown out roots look we’ve been seeing for a while and it happens to look pretty great with bright red hair.

24Shades of Red

Hey gorgeous! Another epic example of mixing shades of red to make YOUR red hair multi dimensional. The bold red gives this subtle pop of brightness throughout the hair.

25Side Bangs for Red

Ignore the Gen-Z crowd – do you love a side part? Then this cut is ideal for you. We don’t know about you, but we’re more worried about getting a haircut that suits our personal preferences rather than keeping up with the kids!

26Side Swept Red Hair

27Blunt Cut

28Super Short Red Hair

29Wavy Short Red Lob

30Red Wine Inspiredo



  1. Personally speaking, I liked Blunt Burgundy Red Bangs, I find it very interesting because of its burgundy color. Not too bright red not too dark red just a perfect combination for me.


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