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30 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Whether you prefer more natural hair colors, or work in a profession where outrageous hues are frowned upon, chocolate brown is a timeless shade and wonderful alternative to the outrageous color choices that may have you wondering what you were thinking in a few years’ time. From rich brunette hair that helps young women look more sophisticated and mature, to warm cocoa tones will add new life to mousey brown locks, there’s a chocolate brown shade for everyone. Natural skin tone and eye color determine which hues will work best on who, so we’ve compiled 30 of the most luxurious chocolate brown hair styles on women of a variety of complexions to help you decide which flavor is your favorite.

1Classic Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

The quintessential chocolate tone, this deep color has no red tones, and looks sultry and sophisticated on olive skinned women who may look sallow and washed out with lighter hair colors.

2Truffle Brown

This medium truffle brown is more auburn than Kate Middleton’s usual brunette locks. Typically women with cool skin tone like Kate look best in deep chocolate shades with no red tones, but this color style seems to have been captured during a sun-kissed period for the Duchess of Cambridge, and plays nicely against her green eyes.

3Dark Chocolate With Caramel Ombre

For a delectable combination of two tasty tones, this style pairs a deep chocolate with contrasting caramel ombre. This is a smart color choice for women with olive skin — like model Lily Aldridge — who love the caramel shade, but find a deeper hue near their face to be most flattering.

4Warm Chocolate Auburn

For subtle added dimension, this warm chocolate is enhanced with auburn tones that bring out green eyes and jewel tone eyeshadow, and remain nicely balanced with a neutral lip and wardrobe.

5Chocolate Brown Hair Green Ombre

This color style features an interesting contrast between natural and unnatural hues, for a look that’s more bohemian than styles that pair vibrant ombre with jet black hair. This particular version with notes of teal and seaweed green scores trend points for falling into the mermaid chic category, and looks beautiful when pulled into a loose fishtail braid.

6Chocolate Glam Highlights

Looking to add dimension with a subtle color technique? Kim Kardashian’s style here features rich chocolate brown with a warmer brunette shade highlighted throughout the top layers, for a look that you could pass off as natural if it didn’t look so perfect.

7Chocolate Lob With Blonde Ombre

Making a bold statement, this long bob features a half-and-half split between chocolate brown and an ashy blonde. Try it out as a less risky alternative to going blonde all over, or if you’re looking to spice up your natural chocolate locks.

8Brown Sugar Brunette

Warm chocolate roots transition into a sandy brown shade that can brighten up your face and take years off of your look.

9Brilliant Espresso

So dark it’s almost black, this high shine color still manages to light up a room with sultry vixen style. Deep shades like this, without red undertones, tend to look best on women with cool or olive skin tones, and helps light eyes to stand out more dramatically.

10Subtle Caramel Balayage

This classic chocolate hair has been ever so gently brushed with caramel balayage for a subtle color dimension that perfectly accentuates long languid waves.

11Cherry Chocolate Brown Hair

This rich brown hair features red tones to create a vibrant shade that looks great on olive skinned women like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Artificial reds are the fastest fading color, but you can wash less frequently (and with cold water) too keep your cherry hair vibrant for as long as possible.

12Chocolate Bob With Blonde Ombre

This type of stark ombre is becoming matched in popularity by the more natural balayage technique, but remains a trendy way to add dramatic color contrast to your style. With this haircut being so short, brunette and blonde tones are right against the face, so you’ll need to consider your skin tone when determining both shades. As a general rule, cool skin tones suit very pale or platinum blondes, while warm tones do better with shades of honey blonde.

13Natural Ashy Brunette

For a natural, low key shade that looks great on cool or olive skin tones, try this ashy brunette shade. The absence of any brilliant red tones in the hair color will have people convinced your strands are all natural, and you’ll have tons of freedom when making bold makeup choices.

14Deep Chocolate Bob With Subtle Ombre

For just a touch of color variation, this deep chocolate brown hair bob features ends that have been gently kissed with a warm honey shade.

15Dark Cocoa Auburn

While it’s often suggested that cool skin tones avoid brunette shades with red in them, the subtle auburn hint to this deep chocolate shade works well with Emma Stone’s cool ivory complexion.

16Espresso With Light Brown Ombre

These ultra long locks transition from a cool espresso to a light ashy brown with no red tones in either shade. If your hair isn’t this long, consider adding dyed ombre extensions while saving your dark hair from the lightening process.

17Warm Cinnamon Brown

A standard brunette shade gets a dose of spice with this warm cinnamon shade, for a color that stands out against neutral wardrobe choices like black, charcoal or ivory.

18Layered Chocolate Over Pastel Teal

If you’re committed to going pastel, you can get this style by bleaching out the bottom layers of your hair, which may take several treatments depending on your natural hair type and if it’s been previously colored. If you’re hesitant to bleach half of your hair to the roots, this type of layered look is easily achieved with clipped or sewn in extensions that are hidden by the natural hair that falls over top.

19Short Chocolate Caramel Style

This chocolate and caramel color combination on this edgy short cut make for a luxe style that pairs well with a carefully curated wardrobe full of modern flash and vintage finds.

20Black To Chocolate Brown Hair

Beginning with Mila’s natural black roots, this style is given subtle dimension by transitioning to a warm chocolate that compliments similarly warm skin tones.

21Blunt Chocolate Cinnamon

Blunt cuts are very on trend, but the lack of layers can look dull on hair with flat color. Use this bold dimensional cinnamon shade over deep roots to bring added flair to your blunt ended style.

22Chocolate With Cotton Candy Ombre

If you’ve ever drooled over a chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting or marvelled at the tones in an unpolished piece of topaz, you know that pink and brown are an undeniable color combination. Take the plunge with this pastel pink ombre on your natural chocolate brown hair for a style that’s trendy but not too common.

23Chocolate Pixie

If you’re considering making a big change with your hair cut, why not switch up the color too? Deep chocolate pixie cuts have a sophisticated, timeless quality, and are easier to match with makeup and wardrobe choices than heavily highlighted styles.

24Chocolate Balayage Curls

More natural than a dip-dyed ombre, but bold enough to turn heads, this honey blonde balayage is the perfect accompaniment to a medium chocolate shade, and looks good on just about anyone.

25Hot Chocolate Shine

Katie Holmes is often seen with a darker espresso hair color, but this warm hot chocolate hue does wonders to bring out the warmth in her complexion and honey tones in her eyes.

26Bombshell Brunette

With a voluptuous, bombshell style that’s Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe all rolled into one, natural brunette Megan Fox proves that blondes don’t have all the fun. This cocoa shade is especially flattering on women with cool skin tones and light eyes, and features subtle highlighting that gives added appearance of volume to thick hair worn in luscious curls.

27Warm Toffee

If you’re worried about your very dark chocolate color fading in the sun, model Chrissy Teigen’s warm toffee hair is the perfect brunette shade to wear during warmer months.

28Chocolate Fuchsia

Another bold ombre option for natural chocolate hair, this vibrant fuchsia shade is a better match for warm skin tones, while pastels are more suited to fair complexions. To keep this jewel tone from fading too fast, wash hair less frequently and condition with color protectant.

29Cinnamon With Copper Ombre

Taking the plunge into one of hair’s hottest colors, Lea Michele’s brunette hair transitions into bright copper ends that bring out the red tones in the top half of her head.

30Medium Chocolate With Peekaboo Blonde

This style makes use of a layered color technique, adding blonde highlights underneath hair’s outer layer. While ombre and balayage colors look great on hair with natural texture, they can be difficult to pull off with very straight hair. By layering these highlights underneath, the exact point at which they begin is hidden, and the dreaded tiger stripe style is avoided.

31Light Pecan Hair Color

This light butter pecan hair color is super trendy and natural. Just gorgeous!



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