Ruby Red Hair Dye Color ideas

Ruby Red Hair Dye Color Ideas

Want to make a RED HOT statement with your hair? Look no further than ruby red! It’s a major hair statement for anyone who wants a bold look. Sound like you? Perfect, we’ve found some really incredible ruby red hair dye color ideas we think you’re going to love (we sure do!). Scroll through our list and let us know which one(s) is your personal favorite.

1All Over Ruby Red

JAWS DROPPED – how epic is this ruby red hair? We wanted to start the list off strong for you and this is a major hair moment. The ruby red hue is bold, rich and absolutely stunning. If you want to achieve this color at home, we definitely recommend using Schwarzkopf Ruby Red Hair Dye or Adore Ruby Red Hair Dye.

2Espresso Meets Ruby

We love the idea of using ruby red to create a bold ombre hair style. Add color to dark brown (or black) hair with ruby red being added to the ends of hair. The few highlighted pieces that extend up towards the roots add such a great blended effect.

3Bright to Dark Ruby

A flip (literally!) from the previous ruby red hair is this interpretation of the trend. Instead of coloring the hair from dark to red, they went ruby red to dark ends. Such a fun way to switch things up and add a little darkness to the color.

4Brown and Ruby Hair

Love your brown (or black) hair color, but just want to add a little pop of something different? Here you go! Just add some ruby red highlights to the hair and you’re going to have a stunning look – as you can very well see here.

5Celeb Inspired in Ruby

Leave it to celebs to give us major hair inspo, right? We had to share Megan Fox showing up in dark ruby red hair. The color is all over here, showing us you can keep it simple with this hair color and have a really stunning color. This color can be achieved with the Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Cream, 5.22 Ruby Red.

6Pop of Ruby Red Hair Color

All we can say about this color is WOW. Right? It’s a brighter tone from some of the previous ruby red ideas we’ve shown you so far on the list, with almost a cherry like feel to it. This is perfect if you’re ready for a bold color statement.

7Curly Ruby Hair

It doesn’t matter your hair texture or type – ruby red, in our opinion, is a major hair color win. When we saw this curly hair dyed in ruby red we stopped dead in our tracks. Proof this color is versatile!

8Dimensional Ruby Red

While ruby red looks great as is, with an all over color, one way to really make your ruby red hair stand out from everyone else is by adding dimension. This can be done so many different ways, one being using darker shades of red.

9Edgy in Ruby

This cut, this color…everything about this hair is perfection in our eyes. While ruby red is quite a specific hair color, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t switch things up with different tones of the color – as shown here.

10Fall Toned Ruby

Another different ‘tone’ of ruby red is this stunning color. How gorgeous, right?! This is giving us major fall vibes because of the warm, dark richness of the red hues. The fact that a couple of different shades are mixed together really add to the effect.

11Half Ruby

You wanted ruby red hair color ideas and we’re giving you just that. If this isn’t a unique way to try out the trend we have no idea what is. Go edgy and bold with your hair with half ruby red and the other half dyed black.

12Highlighted with Ruby Red

Ahhh we just love when ruby red is used in such an effortless manner on hair. You too? Then you probably love this hair color inspo. Dark brown is the base color here, with ruby red applied in a highlighted effect.

13Bold Ruby

WHEW talk about a color statement. If you’re a bold kind of person and want hair that matches your personality this all over ruby red color is going to be absolutely amazing on you.

14Bright Ruby

Yep, it’s another ruby red hair look that’s bold and fierce. This is slightly different from the image before because the roots are dyed dark to add some contrast to the overall look. What do you think of it?

15Deep Ruby Hair

Edgy, gorgeous and trendy = all words we would use to describe this hair color. This particular shade of ruby red is really warm and rich, thanks to the darker tone of the bold shade. It still gives you that gorgeous red pop, though.

16Balayage Ruby Pieces

We love a good balayage moment, especially when it includes a pop of color. Ruby red is an absolutely epic color to use with the hair coloring technique. The dimension and depth of this look is…everything!

17Fading to Ruby

You’ve probably noticed by now, it’s all about the different placement of hair color to make it stand out and give you a totally different look using the same hair color. We had to share this ombre – like look using ruby red.

18Bouncy Ruby Curls

What can we even say about this hair color? It’s…stunning. We really appreciate the extra dimension that was added to the look with the roots colors (or left) a bit darker. Ask your colorist for a glossy finish to get this SUPER shine.

19Dark to Red

We’re back with another balayage meets ombre look using ruby red. The way ruby red was applied to black hair gives this extra edge/lived in look that feels effortlessly cool. Don’t you agree?

20True Ruby Red Hair Color

Ok, ok we know we’ve shown you a few ruby red hair looks that are a bit similar but no two are EXACTLY alike. This stands out because of the brightness of the ruby red color used. Such a fun contrast with dark brown hair.

21Mixing Ruby Shades

How about this for a different take on ombre hair? This is different, yet again, because they used different tones of ruby red to create the fading effect throughout the hair.

22Super Bold Ruby

Bold, bright, vibrant – we could go on and on about this ruby red shade. Because it is such a bold, bright color as is leaving it to be the only color used throughout hair is even more of a (hair) power move.

23Ruby Red Hues

A complete switch up from the bright ruby red before, this is a darker shade of the color. You know what? Both are gorgeous! It really goes to show this is a color that can be adapted to fit just about any style preference.

24Face Framing Ruby Red Hair

Thinking of adding a pop of ruby red, but don’t want it all over your hair? Well, here you go! Color just the pieces around the face in the bright color for a super fun take. We love this!

25Red Carpet in Red Ruby

Celebs are always a go-to for hair inspiration in our eyes. Notice the dimension created with the color using some brighter shades throughout, mixed with darker.

26Shining Rubies

27Swept in Ruby Red

28Sleekly Ruby Red

29Pop of Ruby Red Hair Dye

30Sunset Inspired

We hope you’ve found here your next ruby red hair color!



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