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Ombre Hair Brown to Blonde

Ombre became a popular hair coloring technique quite a few year ago, but much like so many trends in the beauty industry artists have found creative ways to keep the trend feeling updated and fresh. As we approach the fall season, we know you’re probably starting to think about changing up your hair color accordingly. If you love ombre hair you’re exactly where you need to be for some hair color inspiration! Click through below, to take a peek at the stunning ways people are adapting ombre hair with a brown to blonde color scheme.

1Brown to Ash Blonde

Talk about a modern take on the classic ombre hair technique, right? Swapping out a more classic shade of blonde for this bright ash blonde shade is stunning. Here they brought the blonde color higher up using brown to create a grown out, edgy vibe.

2Autumn Glow Ombre

This ombre hair color is giving us major autumn inspiration. You too? Between the dark brown shade at the top, mixing in a touch of chocolate brown it adds that darkness we’re all drawn towards during the fall season. Splashing in just a hint of blonde is all you need.

3Lightly Blonde Ombre

The great thing about ombre is how many different ways the coloring technique can be applied to hair. The options are limitless with a creative hair colorist! As you can see here, blonde is applied sporadically throughout brown hair for a soft ombre aesthetic.

4Shag Ombre Hair

Whether or not you have a shag haircut, this brown to blonde ombre color is a winning combination. It’s a fairly classic transitioning approach. We like that the colors fade effortlessly throughout the hair at the ends.

5Face Framing Blonde

Another fresh take on ombre hair! Here they added a pop of lightness with blonde around the face and allowed the contrasting brown to blonde fading stay emphasized throughout the rest of the hair. If you want to lighten up the hair around your face, this is a gorgeous concept.

6Brown Lightened Up

We couldn’t resist sharing this brown to blonde ombre hair with you. While it is slightly similar to the previous image, with face framing highlights added. It has a balayage element mixed in that mixes up the look a bit.

7Bright Blonde Ombre Touches

Didn’t we tell you colorists are getting creative with ombre hair? We instantly fell in love with this take on the hair trend. Applying blonde starting about half way down the  hair with an emphasis around the face.

8Subtle Ombre Pieces

If you’re a true brunette kind of woman (even if it’s not necessarily natural), we adore this take on brown to blonde ombre. With the majority of the hair being brunette, adding platinum blonde ombre pieces throughout gives just a touch of lightness to the dark hue.

9Brow to Dirty Blonde

Give dark brown hair a light pop of blonde, without the use of platinum blonde hair color. We absolutely love that they made this hair color different with the use of dirty blonde tones for an ashy-like finish.

10Brunette Ombre Fade

Talk about stunning! Even if you want brown to blonde ombre hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adapt a super light blonde color to your hair. For the women who want something that’s blonde without a drastic contrast next to dark brown, look no further for inspiration.

11Chestnut Brown to Honey Blonde

Can you think of a more fun ombre color combination? Chestnut brown paired with honey blonde gives you a pretty epic result, as you can see in this image. Gorgeous for any hair length!

12Cold Brew Color Inspired

Expect to see a lot of reference to ‘cold brew’ inspired hair color this year. If you don’t know what it is, you do now! Just take a peek at the color combination in this ombre hair. It’s a mixture of brown and blonde shades – similar to what you see in your favorite morning beverage.

13Cool Pale Blonde Fade

Lately there has definitely been a lot of warm blonde tones utilized, and as gorgeous as those colors are it may not be for you – or you just might want something a little different. Sound familiar? Switch out warm blonde for something cooler based.

14Dark Brown to Bright Blonde

Playing around with the placement of where the ombre transition happens on hair is a really great way to make YOUR ombre hair unique to your style. Here they brought dark brown down further, with less of the hair being colored a light blonde hue.

15Deep Brown Ombre

Hello gorgeous! Another brown to blonde ombre look we’re head over heels for. We really like that this color mixed in a shade between dark brown and blonde for a smoother transition between the two vastly different shades.

16Ombre Brown Tones

We wanted to make sure to show you a wide variety of ombre hair colors. This look definitely has more of a highlight around the dark brown color, with this beautiful honey blonde hue popped onto the bottom half of the hair.

17Extra Long Brown to Blonde

Slightly different from some of the previous examples we’ve shown you, this look has more focus on the bright blonde color on the bottom portion of the hair. It gives this effortlessly cool grown out aesthetic that’s super fun and trendy.

18Ended in Blonde

Want just a SMALL touch of blonde mixed into your brown hair? Well, here you go! This is such a pretty ombre technique, with just the very ends of the hair being colored blonde.

19Contrasting Colors

Add a sharp contrast to ombre hair with a look similar to this image. While the colors fade beautifully into one another, because they are strong contrasts it adds a sharp edge to the overall hairstyle.

20Platinum Shaded Fade

This look is similar to the previous, but with a slight difference. Did you notice? Well, the big difference is that there’s a transitional color between the darkest and lightest shade which can give a softness between the ombre fade.

21Color Transitions

Isn’t this brown to blonde color transition pretty? We thought this was another great example of how one or two other shades can be added into the look to give a more dimensional transition throughout the colors.

22Medium Length Ombre

This is the perfect fall time ombre look, if you ask us! The colors are soft yet warm, matching with those cozy fall vibes we all know and love. Thanks to the warm blonde color at the bottom half of the hair, it gives hair brightness without taking away from the brown portion.

23Mixing Blonde Tones

At first glance this hair may look like it’s just blonde, but the scalp area is definitely a dark brown. Due to the blonde color placement being much higher on the hair it gives the hair more blonde focus. We love that they mixed in a couple shades of blonde to add even more dimension.

24Mostly Blonde Ombre

Notice a theme? There are so many ways to make brown to blonde ombre hair look…mostly blonde. Adding in a few pieces that are even higher up, particularly around the face, adds this really natural face framing element.

25Ombre Face Framing

Sorry, we can’t resist face framing ombre touches! Clearly this is a trend you’ll begin to see more and more this year. Even if you don’t want a lot of blonde throughout your brown hair, adding some around the face gives such a pretty lightness to hair.

26On Trend Brown to Blonde Ombre

This brown to blonde ombre look is the epitome of what’s on trend for hair color right now. Showcasing this effortless brown to blonde colors fading into one another. All you need is a great colorist to achieve this look.

27Brown to Pink Toned Blonde

Ok, so we wanted to focus on brown to blonde ombre hair but we couldn’t resist this super fun take on the trend. Adding a pink undertone to blonde hair gives this hair coloring such a different vibe.

28Grown Out Roots Ombre

Calling our platinum blonde ladies! This blonde hue is such a fun statement. Give it a dark contrasting element with dark brown added to the base of the hair. Using a brown with a complimenting undertone is crucial to executing this.

29Combining Brown and Blonde

Even if the basis of the look you want to create is brown to blonde ombre, it gives you a lot of room to make the look unique to you. One of the best ways to achieve this? Add in multiple shades of blonde and brown throughout the hair.

30Lightening Brown Ombre

If you haven’t noticed, when it comes to combining brown and blonde shades it’s all about making sure the colors are either all warm or all cool. This creates a much more cohesive look overall.

31Soft Ombre Colors

This ombre combination is so soft and pretty. Don’t you agree? The colors are warm, soft and blend together so seamlessly. If you ask us, those are all goals to seek out when getting hair colors in an ombre manner.

32Ashy Brown with a Pop of Blonde

We’ve shown you quite a few ombre looks with a stark contrast between the two colors. Here they lightened up the brown color utilized, compared to the previous images, for an overall softer transition.

33White Blonde Ombre

The blonde ends here are BRIGHT and white, as you can see. We thought the unique way the ombre fading was applied around hair, not all the same, made the colors blend together in a much more unique way than we’ve seen in the past.

34Three Dimensional

This brown to blonde ombre gives us a great example of how adding just one more color gives you a gorgeous three dimensional color aesthetic. The warm medium brown shade softens up the colors and provides a buffer between dark brown and platinum blonde.

35Toasted Coconut

When we stumbled across this brown to blonde ombre, we loved that it was referenced as ‘toasted coconut’ hair color. Simply put it’s gorgeous! With the perfect mixture of colors used throughout the hair.

36Warm Brown to Blonde

37Warm Toned Ombre

38Ombre with Warm Tones

39Ombre Waves

40Sharp Contrasting Colors


41Ombre Dark Brown to Blonde Color


42Natural Ombre Brown to Blonde with golden frame





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