Swinging '60s Hairstyles


25 Swinging ’60s Hairstyles

A time of major revolution, it’s only fitting that the most popular hairstyles of the 1960s were big, bold, and breaking former rules. The sophisticated looks that dominated the ’50s style landscape gave way to high volume beehives, sensually centre parted bangs, and ultra short mod cuts. If you’re looking for a vintage inspired look to put some groove your style, check out our 25 favorite swinging ’60s hairstyles.

1Half Up High Ponytail

Representing the ’60s love of high volume hairstyles and accessorizing with ribbons, this half up style looks incredible when long, thick hair is worn in brushed out curls.

2Short Shaggy Style

This short shaggy style is full of ’60s mod flair but still completely wearable with modern styling.

3Sleek Bun With Back Bow

Sleek buns and chignons were a popular ’60s updo for dressier or more conservative events, and they still make some of the sophisticated choices for weddings or other special events. Accessorize in ’60s style by adding a bow or headscarf to finish off the look.

4Bouffant Style With Headband

Along with ribbons and headscarves, headbands were a major staple of ’60s hairstyles. Not only did they serve to coordinate with an outfit, but they played a structural role in supporting high volume bouffant styles like this one. Other requirements for achieving this hairstyle: rollers, backcombing, and tons of hairspray!

5Twiggy’s Deep Side Part

One of the most iconic hairstyles ever, model Twiggy’s closely cropped cut has become symbolic of the ’60s style revolution. Because it’s so sleek and simple, this short cut is a timeless choice, and can be paired with everything from professional workwear to edgy new fashions.

6Braided Hippie Headband

The late ’60s saw the emergence of hippie hairstyles that were long and free-flowing, and often accessorized with headbands or braids. This braided headband style is inspired by the ’60s era flower power, while providing an easy way to keep long hair out of your face.

7Half Up Bouffant With Centre Parted Bangs

Long, thick hair can be difficult to secure in a high volume updo, making this half-up style a much more manageable achievement. Use a volumizing product like spray clay to create tons of height in the bouffant, or cheat and use an insert to give your hair some extra structure.

8Bouffant Bob

Jackie Kennedy’s classic beauty and above-the-shoulders bouffant hairstyle made her one of the most revered style icons of the early ’60s. Set your long bob length hair in rollers to recreate this look for special events, or whenever you want to feel as fabulous as the former First Lady.

9Half Up Bouffant

Half big bouffant and half long curls, pair this hairstyle with a short hemmed, high-necked dress for the ultimate ’60s look.

10Mid Length Cut With Centre Parted Bangs

Keep things simple by wearing hair straight (but not totally flattened) and framing your face with these thick, centre parted bangs.

11High Glamour Beehive

The glamorous epitome of big ’60s hairstyles, this beehive is a work of hairstyling art that requires a little practice (and a lot of hairspray) to get just right.

12High Crown Ponytail

Only the very front section of hair has been collected to tie into this high ponytail, leaving lots of thick hair flowing around the face.

13Super Short Pixie

Inspired by Mia Farrow’s short cut in “Rosemary’s Baby”, Emma Watson helped revive pixie style for a whole new generation. Whether you’re going for a modern or retro look, this short cut is a daring choice.

14Volumized Lengths With Face Framing Layers

Centre parts were an essential element of many long ’60s hairstyles, and usually accompanied by centre parted bangs or face framing layers. The softness of the style helps to prevent the face from looking long and drawn, as centre-parted styles with no layering often do.

15Hippie Braids

You won’t look out of place at a modern music festival with these long braids that gained popularity in the late ’60s. Besides being in style both now and then, these braids provide one of the most practical ways to keep your hair secured all day long.

16Back Bouffant With Curtain Bangs

With centre parted bangs that land just below the cheekbones, this back bouffant style is the perfect mix of updo and long, layered hair.

17Sleek Mod Bob

Expertly cut blunt bangs help frame the face in this long bob style that’s deeply inspired by the ’60s mod movement. While backcombing might help achieve this ultra volumized crown, inserting a hair piece is the surefire way to get this look for yourself.

18Long Hair With Headscarf

A bit of a step up from some of the wilder hippie hairstyles, this long hair is nicely capped off with a headscarf that perfectly blends form and function.

19Half Up Beehive Style

Try this half-up beehive style with a deep side part and long curled hair underneath for a ’60s style that you can pair with a chic modern outfit.

20Messy Updo With Centre Parted Bangs

The perfect modern incarnation of Brigitte Bardot’s famous bangs, Alexa Chung’s loose updo lets her face-framing strands be the low-key star of the show.

21Beehive With Headscarf

Using a luxe silk scarf not only adds a touch of high fashion ’60s style, but provides a practical way to hold hair in place and contrast your ultra high beehive style.

22Mini Back Bouffant

If some of the higher volume ’60s hairstyles seem a little over-the-top for your subtle style, try this mini back bouffant. It’ll add just a little kick to the crown of your head without requiring a whole can of hairspray to keep things in place all night.

23Edgy Mod Bob

This long in the front, shaggy in the back bob mixes ’60s mod style with a modern stacked bob haircut.

24Woodstock Style

Looking straight out of Woodstock 1969, this long hair looks disheveld in the best possible way.

25Back Bouffant Bob

Achieving impressive volume on both sides of the headband, this back bouffant bob makes an incredible nod to the ’60s obsession with big hair.



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