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Hairstyles with Clip In Extensions

Extensions are one of the beauty wonders of the world, aren’t they? Ok, that may be a bit dramatic but extensions really can be a game-changer in the hair department. Whether you like extensions to add length or volume to your hair, you may be in a pinch when it comes to discovering different hairstyles to wear with extensions. If that’s where you’re at in your hair journey, start scrolling through to get inspired and check out some of our current favorites.

1Braided Edge

Now this is a look. Love wearing your extensions pulled back into braids? This is such a trendy, edgy way to rock braids and style them in a unique way. Get creative with your braid hair styling!

2Soft Twists

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity. In fact, sometimes it makes for the most stunning hairstyles. This is a great example of less being more. Simply tying two pieces of hair back, into soft twists, gives this super feminine aesthetic.

3Curled Half Up Buns

Half up hairstyles are always a win, especially when you have hair extensions. We can’t get enough of this hairstyle. Start by curling your hair, wand curling irons are great for this, then create two sections to style loose buns.

4Slicked Back Ponytail

Extensions make ponytails a MAJOR hair moment. Between the added length and volume, they really elevate the simple hairstyle. Here they made the ponytail even more stylish by styling the baby hairs around the face.

5Easy Half Up

Do half up hairstyles ever get ‘old?’ We really don’t think so. They’re easy to style, look great, and are a functional way to get some of the hair away from your face when you want to. With the drama of extensions, you don’t need to do a lot to the look to make it chic.

6Double Braided Hat

We’re all about using hair accessories to transform the look of even the most classic of hairstyles. Here they styled very simple pigtail braids – an easy, timeless hairstyle. But what brought the style levels up a notch was the addition of the hat.

7Clipped Style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed clips have made a comeback in the fashion/beauty worlds. We really love this easy to DIY hairstyle for extensions. Style your hair straight, wavy or curly – depending on your preference – and add a little extra boost with oversized clips.

8Flower Bun

Bun hairstyles are nothing new, but how about this bun that looks kind of like a flower?! We’re so into this look. It’s such a cute way to make a half up bun hairstyle look really different from the norm. The addition of braids on the sides is a great touch.

9Half Up Scarf Tied

We hope you’re ready for a variety of half up hairstyles because they’re plentiful on this list. Primarily because they tend to be easy to recreate at home. This is your average half up look, until you tie a silk scarf around the base!

10Accessorized Braid

Can we talk about this braid? Sure you can style braids without extensions but it’s going to be difficult to get a look quite this dramatic. With extensions added volume it makes these types of hairstyles even more of a ‘look.’

11Bow Scarf Hair

We told you hair accessories are a must! If you’re someone who struggles to style your hair in different ways at home, enlist the help of hair accessories. Silk scarves, as shown here, among other accessories have a way of making hair look extra special.

12Glam Ponytail

There’s just something about a glam ponytail look that feels extra special. Style hair with a slight curl towards the bottom of hair to get this soft ponytail. Use a piece of hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail to really finish the look beautifully.

13Simple, Glam Pony

So we have shown you a couple of high ponytail hairstyles, so now it’s time for a different take on the classic look. This low ponytail style is so chic and stylish. Adding soft waves to the hair really pulls the look together, along with a few face framing pieces being left out.

14Mermaid Inspired Braid

Feeling mermaid vibes? This hairstyle is for you. Use small, transparent rubber bands to create this oversized braid look. Using rubber bands is what allows you to style the braid like this and keep it in place.

15Beachy Braided Style

Beachy vibes done right. Hair extensions have never looked so chic and effortless. The undone braids that come together in the back keep some of the hair away from the face, with style. We have to say the clip addition really completes the look perfectly.

16Effortless Low Bun

How gorgeous is this chignon?  The effortless aesthetic of it makes it a hairstyle you can wear every day, or for a special occasion. What makes this great is that it isn’t perfect and the hair is tied back with ease, leaving some pieces out.

17Multi Size Braids

Unpopular opinion: you don’t have to style hair in the same size braids. If this look is a good example of that, we have no idea what is. We can’t get over how fun and unique this multi braided hairstyle is, it’s really the various sizes and styles of braids that makes it stand out.

18Bubble Braids

Clearly, braids are a major hair style win with hair extensions. This isn’t your average pigtail braids, the bubbled effect takes this up a notch and adds style, drama and fun to the classic look.

19Pastel Pink Look

Ok, even if you don’t want to color your hair in a pastel shade, the hairstyle itself is so cute! Adding these beachy waves to long hair extensions is all you need for an epic look. Of course the cute bobby pins don’t hurt for a finishing touch.

20Pony Braids

We know, we’ve shown you a lot of braided hairstyles for extensions, but we just can’t resist all the different options! This is yet another interpretation of pigtail braids. With the braid being on the head, and leaving the tail of the braids down.

21Sporty Ponytail

Whether you went to the gym, or not, we love a sporty hairstyle that’s easy to style with extensions. Whatever your hair texture, all you need to do is toss it up in a ponytail, throw on a hat and add a little braid – voila!

22Braid + Half Back

Half up hair got an evolution! This is different from what many of us have seen with the way the hair was pulled back, fairly loosely, to secure in the back of the hair. Before doing that though, the fishtail braid was styled to give this pop to the style.

23Classic Bun Accessorized

Hair accessories strike AGAIN! We told you they have a way of transforming hairstyles. This super classic low bun hairstyle doesn’t feel so classic thanks to the printed scarf tied into the bun.

24Classic Chignon

Are you a classic hairstyle kind of woman? This chignon is perfection. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and stunning. Wrapped beautifully it’s ideal for any special occasion you need to get ready for.

25Twisted and Curled

Classic…with a twist (literally!). Twisting hair hasn’t looked this stylish in a while. Softly curled hair gets a little added style boost with the way they pulled back the hair in a half up style like this.

26Straightened Bun

27Wrapped Pony

28Tied in a Scarf

29Voluminous Low Ponytail

30Twisted Back and Waved



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