35 Feed In Braids Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Braided part feed in braids

Feed In Braids Styles

Looking for new cornrow styles to revamp your hair game for the winter? Feed in braids are an irresistible trend that aims for a natural looking cornrow style that threads in hair extensions in order to give you a fuller and longer braided hairstyle. This technique is also a lifesaver for those who are browsing from protective styles that reduce hairline tension and require minimum upkeep.

Inspired by greek and east african beauty, and worn by celebrities like Beyonce, feed in braids are force to be reckoned with. We’ve gathered 35 showstopping styles that you can pin, mix and match for your next hair appointment.

1African Goddess Inspired Feed In Braid Bun

Need your hair ready for holiday season? This african inspired feed in braid updo will grace your style with thin, natural looking braids that can be brought up to full queen status with braid rings.

2Full Side Feed In Braids With Alternate Weight

Take advantage of this eye illusion braid style to add depth and subtlety to your hair. Full side brading completes this radical and creative style. Wearing your extensions to the side give you the freedom to style them as you wish giving you just the right amount of freedom.

3Alternate Weight Half Up Feed In Braid Bun

Straight up! This half up bun combines thread needle thin and chunky feed in braids into a mixed solution. The half up bun proved stylish hair that also shows length, the best of both worlds!

4Lemonade Inspired Honey Side Part Feed In Braid

Get in formation! This Beyonce inspired hairstyle is a head turner. No need to color your hair as the feed in braid technique easily threads colored hair extensions into your cornrows. Finish them up with laid baby hairs and keep them wrapped up to avoid frizzies!

5Big Bun Flowy Feed In Braids

Keep your style ahead of the curve with flowy feed in braids. The full up bun helps to maintain your hair off your shoulders for a full low manipulation and glamorous style.

6High Ponytail Flowy Feed In Braids

Delicate and full, this style shows a great feed in braid technique that’s able to display motion and elegance. A sexy high top covered ponytail is giving us serius Ariana Grande vibes!

7Chunky Cobra Alternate Feed In Braid Cornrows

This hairstyle combines urban, tribal and elegant. Feed in chunky braids with added movement by needle thin curved braids in this incredibly detailed style. Embroidered braids won’t allow your full length to go unnoticed.

8Chunky Long Feed In Braids

Love chunky braids? This style can give you loads of volume while style keeping your hair in cornrows! Talk about full comfort! Balance it out wearing your extensions to full length ang a full side part.

9Chunky Side Part Embroidered Feed In Braid

Add glitz to this beautifully mad style! Thread in thick chunks of hair to volume up this hairstyle and then take it up even further with read and gold embroidery.

10Mixed full feed in chunky braid

FULL. STOP. Look at that blend! We love the delicate arc of the small braids and how they weave into the large, chunkier braids. Pair this style with perfectly laid baby hair and you’re all set.

11Cobra High Ponytail Feed In Braids

Focus all of the attention on your crown with this full up ponytail. Symmetric feed in braids are the real high point of this regal hairstyle.

12Feed In Braid Senegalese Twists Updo

Looking to try senegalese twists for the first time? Give this hairstyle a try! Combining the feed in braid technique, this updo starts off with braids to finish up is fully twisted glory. The bun guarantees you can keep this style going for as long as you like!

13Greek Inspired Feed In Braids

Check out the curves of this hairstyle. Muses were ancient Greece women who inspired musicians, painters and writers. Grace your tresses with this style to channel your inner source of genius!

14High Ponytail With Feed In Braid And Hair Rings

Talk about elegance! The full volume of this feed in braids and long ponytail will add poise to your personal style. Hair rings just add to the general glorious vibe of this cornrows.

15Single Reverse High Ponytail Feed In Braid

Beauty is in the details. This hairstyle is giving us a double punch of that. The feed in braid technique is impeccable, bolstered by the single reversed braid. finish it up with a bead and laid edges.

16Amber Feed In Braid In A High Ponytail

So, here’s everything. A high ponytail that marvelously combines mixed volume cornrows, a great amber color hair extension and hair rings. Feed in braids in full glory!

17Nefertiti Inspired Feed In Braid Pigtail Bun

Queen. Check. Fierce. Check. Breathtaking. Check. Full volume feed in braids in this hairstyle still provide a natural look. The pig tail buns are a nice modification that give it a playful vibe.

18Progressive Amber Feed In Braids

A sophisticated transition of hair color is a great pairing for feed in braids. As the style carefully incorporates hair extensions into each braid, the new color reveals itself into full, rich mode.

19Side Part Duo Braid

From super thin to lavish thick these feed in braids round up with two reverse braids. Thicker set of braids are a great solution for those struggling with hair breakage.

20Reverse Side Part Long Feed In Braids

Try these if you’re looking for a full loose set of feed in braids. From needle thin to box braid thick feed in braid is applied in this hairstyle to showcase a subtle arc of braids with a deep side part.

21Side Part Layered Feed In Braid

Try this style for a sharp, defined look. As you add more volume to each braid, the threading is more visible adding more texture and angles to the overall look.

22Side Part Full Arc Feed In Braids With Baby Hair

Tired of straight looking cornrows? This style provides deep arc feed in braids that will gather a lot of attention and praise! Keep the front really close to your hairline to shape and slim your facial features!

23Straight Cornrow Large Feed In Braid

A superb take on a glorious classic! The feed in braiding boosts the texture and depth of long cornrows. Ultra-famous boxer braids get a new life with this styling.

24Subtle Maze Long Feed In Braid

Don’t shy away from tri-dimensional! Thick, ultra defined feed in braids earn some artistic points by incorporating braid overlap. Curves and seamless natural and extension hair blend can be brought to the max!

25Thick Full Side Feed In Braid

Medium volume. Max definition. The parts and threads of this feed in braids seem out of this world. We love the economy of a smaller set of braids sacrificing none of the WOW factor of these feed in braids.

26Triangle Part Pigtail Bun Feed In Braid

Take them higher! Symmetry and definition are the pillars of these feed in braids. Low manipulation style for girls, women, anyone who needs it! We love the big chunky braids in a pigtail made for rebel spirits.

27Trident Mixed Weight Long Feed In Braids

Triple threat! These cornrows are about to start something. For those days when you’re feeling badass and want the world to know about it.

28Zig Zag Feed In Braids Red Ombre

Razor-sharp parts and a hint of color. Need I say more? Ombre looking feed in braids are a wonderful trend. Try them for a style that requires little maintenance and a lot of fierceness.

29Full Red Feed In Braids

This hairstyle requires a full commitment. Lemonade feed in braids in full red blend in your root color with perfect matching hair extensions. Stunning look!

30Radial Feed In Braids

Let defined, lustrous braids be the focal point of your style. A great alternative to straight cornrows or full side part braiding, this hairstyle gives radial vibes.

31Solar Center Side Feed In Braids

Thick braids all around! A feed in braid side part with an interesting twist that allows your hairline braids to shape your face. If you love volume and elegance, go ahead and give this a try!

32Side Part Layered Feed In Braid

Seamlessly weaved in hair into a heavenly look. We are gasping over the beauty of these thick feed in braids that give and elegant but laid-back feel.

33Feed In Braid Crown With Havana Twists

Who’s in love with half buns? What about full chunky havana twists? Yes. We know. This style combines a perfect crown of feed in braids with full 22 inch length Havana twists and we couldn’t be happier.

34Braided Parts Feed In Braids

Put a great spin on boxer feed in braids. Hair extensions will allow you to play and use them full length or wear them in a low bun.

35Deep Zig Zag Feed In Braids

Feed in braids let you integrate chunky volume braids with loads of definition. This zig zag braiding style can work for business and casual occasions.


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