Braid Hairstyles With Weave

Braids with Weave

Weave hairstyles don’t have to be only about wavy and straight. Braids can bring a fabulous dash of texture and extra care to you hard earned tresses. Braid hairstyles with weave are more durable, full of play and showing your best from multiple angles!

From simple crown braids to elaborate french braids and half ponytails, there’s a lot of styles to choose from to renew your passion for protective styling with weaves. Braid hairstyles can also reduce the amount of hair and – AHEM- weight from wearing weave for several days or weeks.

1Braid Crown With Weave

Simple and romantic, this hairstyle is a great choice for daytime events (weddings, brunches, fund raisers). Not a tightly knit braid that adds a nice detail to the wavy medium length look. Keep it frizz free by avoiding to touch it too often. You’ve been challenged!

2Braided Middle Part Two Braid With Weave

There’s something special about alternating braids thickness. It’s ultra modern and also has a nice resemblance of nice fabrics and patterns from the mother continent. Wrapped hair to conceal ponytails adds elegance to this look.

3Embroidered Single Braids With Weave

This hairstyle brings lightness to your crown and hairline. Cuff, threads an beads in proper amounts highlight your features and the effort to pull together this look. Giving us festival or concert vibes for sure.

4Extra Long Ponytail Braids With Weave

Look at the style. Now, don’t you want to go out and dance to your heart’s content? This is definitely a party girl hairstyle. A ponytail that’s way past the good 24” is plotting to kill the game! Make sure to have a super large bonnet cap to maintain those waves.

5Goddess Braid With Half Up Do

Less weight, less braids and more elegance. This hairstyle solves the equation! Lovely goddess braids culminate in a full, beaming high ponytail with loads of texture. The look of a QUEEN.

6Loose And Maxi Goddess Braid With Weave

Awwww our hearts. This is romance, sunset and your favorite scented candle all combined in one hairstyle, can you feel it? Perfect for a spring dress or jumper. This hairstyle will steal the hearts of anyone around you so be careful!

7Gold Thread Two Braids With Weave

This hairstyle speaks volumes. We love the super extra large two braids. They are giving us authority and character, while the gold thread brings fun, joy and bliss. What would you wear this with? Tell us in the comments!

8Super Sleek And Thick Single Braid Ponytail With Weave

Do you remember that Willow Smith song ‘Whip my hair’? Something about this hairstyle makes us think about playing it and rocking out. We promise to be careful as to not mess with those perfectly laid edges and bay hairs. Perfection.

9Twisted Mohawk Braided with Weave

This is a classic that resists time. Perfect for short hair or maybe if you are recovering from thinning hair, this protective hairstyle is a full up-do, a great hybrid of braids and twists.

10Alternating Thick Braid Ponytail With Weave

Add just a hint of texture to an overall sleek style. Alternating the sive of your braids and hair parts is a subtle yet hardly missed detail to your weave hairstyle.

11Arch Braids With Weave


12Bumpy Ponytail Braided With Weave


13Classic Boxer Braids With Weave


14Curly Modern French Braid With Weave


15Dawn Ombre Two Braids With Weave


16Embroidered Single Braids With Part Weave


17Extra Large Braid Up-do With Weave


18Full Embroidery Half Braided Ponytail With Weave


19Goddess Braid With Bangs


20Goddess Braid With Weave


21Half Bun Braided Crown With Weave


22High Top Ponytail Braided With Weave


23Low Bun Pigtail Braids


24Mohawk Braid Weave


25Ombre Wine French Braids


26Oval Shaped Braid Ponytail Weave


27Side Part Two Braid With Weave


28High Weave Ponytail


29Symmetric Parts Two Braid With Weave


30Threaded Boxer Braid With Weave


31Threaded Extra Large French Braid With Weave


32Top Boxer Braid With Weave


33Top Braid With Sleek High Ponytail


34Ultra Thick French Braided Weave


35Two Braids with Beads


36Natural Look Low Braided Ponytail


37Stitch Braids Weave Braided Pony


38Braided Weave POnytrail Cornrows and Hair Rings


39Full Side Braided Cornrows


40Braided Curly Top Knot Weave


41Natural hair braided weave with golden strings


Braid hairstyles with weave work almost in infinite ways! Our gallery curates the best hairstyles online, from single braids, boxer braids, two braids french and ponytail. There’s so many to choose from! From extravagant to simple and classy, this hairstyles is as diverse and adaptable as it gets.

Our advice is to explore with a good set of 4 to 5 hair packages. You can start with Brazilian and Peruvian remy hair to achieve wavy and curly look, and reach for Marley or Havana hair for voluptuous results!

Are braid hairstyles with weave for you?

This is a perfect choice for anyone looking to take hair off from their face. Half or full up-dos highlight features in a way we use to keep for especial occasions but there’s no need for that anymore. Braid styles with weave are elegant and playful at the same time, enough to be considered a slay all day every day look.

The combination of textures is the real winner here. From laid edges and bay hairs to full wavy Afros, braid hairstyles with weave can be created with short to long hair lengths without much variations needed.

Two braids and french braids with weave might require a blowout prior to braiding, to make sure your weave matches in with your hair texture (and color, especially when you’re going for a single colored look).

As with any weave style, the skills of your hairdresser will be a major component in the final results. Once you get back home, it’s important to take care of your weave following the manufacturers instructions. Proper care of any type of quality hair will allow you to re-use it in multiple sets.

Maintenance with braid hairstyles follows the same basic rules of any weave style. Be very mindful of friction in laid styles and braids on the crown of your head. To put it simply: don’t go for any of these styles without a satin scarf or pillowcase waiting at your pillow. Neglect can throw off your hairstyle and waste your money in no time.

Oil your scalp every 3 to 5 days –a shorter time in colder climates- to prevent itchiness and buildup. Your style should last from 4 to 6 weeks, so consider investing in a dry shampoo to keep it sparkly.

Take down is just as important. Make sure you use a proper detangler that won’t damage the weaves material and that lets you unravel your braids with as minimum friction as possible. Take care of your used weave hair as your would your own: shampoo and do an ACV rinse –unless instructions tell you otherwise-, air dry, comb and store it properly wrapped for reuse.


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