Medium Box Braid Styles

Medium Box Braid Styles

Lightweight, urban and sexy can be three perfect adjectives to describe medium box braids. A protective style favorite has evolved through the decades providing more versatility and convenience. Box braid hairstyles require a good amount of time investment to be set up but in exchange, they can offer up to 8 weeks of styling with little maintenance.

You don’t have to go for run of the mill classic box braids (if you don’t want to) if you’re looking for new styles to update your hair from season to season or to adjust to your new sense of radiance (YES self-care!). We’ve selected this gallery of medium box braids hairstyles to keep you inspired!

1Lavender Medium Box Braid

A subtle hint of color is an effective contrast to this sharp and bold look. For a more laid back finish consider using rubber bands as a finisher for each braid, this also makes the easier to DIY!

2Deep Purple Medium Box Braid

Go all in with this bright purple shade. Modernity at its finest that seems to scream Wakanda Forever! This minimal layered medium bob can become a great staple for the festival season. Give it a try!

3Deep Angle Medium Box Braid

What’s a bob without a sharp angle? Buzzkill. We love the sleekness ans texture of this look achieved with very small braids that bring in some extra movement, fundamental to rock a proper bob!

4Blonde ombre medium box braid

Protective hairstyles are a great opportunity to play and experiment with your hair color! Wondering what you would look like in Beyonce’s hair palette but not ready to fully commit? Try this shade of hair extensions on a medium box braid set. Highlight your features!

5Half Top Bun Medium Box Braid

Let the nineties inspire you. Channel your inner miss-education with this half top bun style. Medium box braids give you lots of room to play with! Add in some beads or golden threads and have fun.

6Embroidered Ends Medium Box Braids

A pot of gold at the end of the … Braid! Such a clever idea to seal every end of your box braids with hair cuffs. An extra level of brightness and sound to come with you anywhere you go.

7Deep Burgundy Medium Box Braids

Sultry and magnetic, there’s just something about deep red hues that brings the sexy out! Layers provide movement and dynamic to this hairstyle. You just got to love how it accents the cheekbones and the jaw line.

8Violet femme box braids

A look for the creative, empath, soul-seeking personalities. Or maybe not. Maybe you want to explore a side of you you’ve never put out into the world. Maybe it just matches your swimsuit so perfect. A million reasons to wear this look and they’re all right.

9Silver Medium Box Braids Pigtails

Silver hair was a show stopping trend that has built it’s place in the natural hair community and this style shows why. Who would have know that silver hair would provide extra volume and attitude to a set of box braids? Pigtails just round the badassery off. Lovely.

10Mid Ponytail Medium Box Braid

Romantic and stylish. There’s just something magic about deep black hair with gold accents. The ponytail puts in some extra flair that we deeply appreciate. 10/10.

11Large Black Box Braids


12Threaded Medium Box Braids


13Platinum Blonde Box Braid


14Large Blonde Medium Box Braid


15Ombre Into Purple Medium Box Braid


16High Bun Embroidered Box Braids


17Deep Side Part Medium Box Braids


18Semi Pompadour Box Braids Style


19Side Clip Medium Box Braids


20Minimal Highlights Box Braids


21Copper Blonde Medium Box Braids


22Extra Large Medium Box Braid


23Scarf And Medium Box Braid


24Tan Highlights Medium Box Braid


25Wine Medium Box Braids


26Red Dream Medium Box Braids


27Purple Highlights Medium Box Braids


28High Ponytail Medium Box Braids


29Beaded And Stylish Box Braid


30Layered Medium Box Braids


31Half Pigtail Medium Box Braid


32Embroidered Medium Box Braids


33Triangle Part Medium Box Braids

34Auburn Medium Box Braids

35Bob Medium Box Braid

36Half Bun Box Braids and Beads


37Box Braids and Scarf



There are three basic steps to achieve a gorgeous medium box braid hairstyle. First, select the right size hair extensions to save time with cutting or fixing longer than necessary hair package. You can also create a medium box braid style using the crochet technique, go over to the search bar to find out how.

Medium box braid hair extensions go from 14” to 18” inch hair. You can play with the lengths to create asymmetrical bob styles or any other that your heart fancies. You can use textured Kanekalon hair and even Marley hair to create thicker braids. Our recommendation is to check out X-Pression and Marley hair for a fuller look

The second step is cleansing thoroughly and deep conditioning your hair to guarantee long-lasting results. Cleanliness will minimize build-up and subsequent itchy scalp (palm scratching our heads has to be one of the LEAST favorite black hair caveats) and deep conditioning reduces the chances of frizzy braids and lay-ways.

Part b of this step is cleansing your hair extensions. Most brands of synthetic hair coat the strands with chemicals for preservation from humidity, mold and mildew and your scalp skin may react to those once on permanent contact. To avoid this, rinse all hair packages in a slightly warm water and vinegar solution and let it air dry before beginning to braid.

Third is a good braiding technique. Secure extensions at the root of your hair with a looped knot and begin braiding with a tight pattern that is traditional for box braid styles. The thicker the braid, the tighter it must be to prevent frizz and unraveling. You must keep your own hair detangled at all times, as braiding in a knot will cause come major headaches when you are bound to take down your style.

Finish up any braided style with extensions with a hot water soak. The ends of your braids need to be properly finished or your style will fall apart very soon. Medium box braid styles are particularly in need of this step as your hair ends will be facing mayor rubbing with your shoulders, hang bag straps, jackets, etc. The soak can even be repeated every week or so to keep the style in top shape.

Another maintenance tip is to use a thick flexi rod to wrap your braids ends at night before you put on your satin scarf (or lay your head on your satin pillow case). The flexi rod can help you keep a nice tucked-in ends braid style.



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