Best Hair For Crochet Braids | Crochet Hair Brands Guide

Best Hair For Crochet Braids | Crochet Hair Brands Guide

So what is the best hair to use for crochet braids? If you’re looking for a protective style that can give you big, full hair in a relatively short installation time, crochet braids are your new best friend. They provide a number of versatile ways to wear your hair, and are much easier to pull off at home compared to box braids or sew-in extensions, especially for anyone who considers themselves an amateur. A great crochet braided style can last for more than a month, and might leave people thinking you aren’t wearing extensions at all. For women who are new to the style, you might feel overwhelmed at the number of choices you have when it comes to buying crochet hair. Extensions are available in so many different lengths, textures, and materials that it can be hard to decide which is best for you.

1Choosing The Best Hair For Crochet Braids

In the world of extensions, human hair is usually considered preferable to synthetic. As real hair grown on someone else’s head, it can be washed, heat styled, and dyed just like your own hair. But with crochet braided styles, the opposite is actually true. The denser synthetic hair is better suited to staying put in the knots used in crochet braiding, while silky soft human crochet hair tends to slip out of place, especially once it’s absorbed any moisture. The upside is that crochet braids are one of the most affordable styles involving extensions, but some women worry their style will look cheap or unnatural. To help you choose the best synthetic hair for your next crochet braids style, here’s our breakdown of the best hair products:

2Pre-Curled Hair: Outre X-Pression Kinky Curl

The perfect hair for crochet braid newbies, this pre-curled hair comes in a kinky style straight out of the package, meaning you don’t have to spend any time messing around with perm rods or hot water. Great for creating soft, bouncy looks that blend well with your own hair, X-Pression Kinky Curl comes in ultra long 24″ lengths that can be left Rapunzel style or cut to a trendy, mid-length style.

3Outre X-Pression Cuevana Bounce

Another crochet ready style from Outre, Cuevana Bounce hair lets you create high-volume style with a very natural-looking curl pattern. To extend the life of these curls, you can use perm rods and hot water to reset the curl after the hair has been installed.

4FreeTress Gogo Curl Crochet

FreeTress GoGo Curl hair is generally more inexpensive than the other pre-curled extensions on our list, making it a good choice for crochet braids on a budget. Some users find it feels rather stiff right out of the package, but you can handle and manipulate the strands to loosen and soften them before installing.

5Isis Collection Bohemian Soft Water Curls

These Bohemian Soft Water Curls have a very tight curl pattern that creates long lasting crochet styles. The hair does tend to frizz, but for some women, this is a plus in that it helps contribute to a more natural look.

6FreeTress Water Wave

Another popular hair that comes pre-looped for easy crochet installation is FreeTress Water Wave. With a fairly tight curl pattern, FreeTress Water Wave offers up natural looking style for a reasonable price and is well suited for cutting into shorter, bouncy cuts.

7FreeTress Deep Twist

This hair is a standout for how soft and realistic it is for synthetic hair. The curl pattern falls in long, shiny, small curls, and applying oil-based products is a good way to keep it controlled. Being a less expensive hair, FreeTress Deep Twist does come with its downsides and tends to shed and tangle in the underneath layers and at the nape of the neck.

8Outre X-Pression Bahamas Curl

Another pre-curled style that’s ready to crochet right out of the bag, this hair will give you a luxurious look with long, soft hair. Because of its silky soft texture, you may find yourself needing to use smaller pieces or a double knotting technique to avoid unraveling. Outre Bahamas Curl hair is similar to FreeTress Deep Twist, but its curl definition isn’t quite as tight.

9Model Model Twin Deep

If your biggest priority in a crochet braided style is that the hair will be silky soft to the touch, Model Model Twin Deep should be your next hair purchase. These buttery soft strands come in deep, well-defined waves that won’t knot when you’re separating out pieces. The downside to wearing such soft hair is that it’s harder to secure in crochet styles, and you’ll have to use very small pieces and use a triple looping method to keep your style from slipping out.

10Un-Curled Hair – Supreme NY Short Braid

This synthetic hair is made from a material called Toyokalon Fibre that mimics the look of natural relaxed hair. NY Short Braid is a straight style with a subtle crimped texture that’s great for box braids too, meaning you can buy in bulk and use it for a variety of styles. When used for crochet braids, you have the option to pre-curl using perm rods and hot water or to wear it straight out of the package. If you choose to wear it straight, you can refresh your style by braiding hair and dipping it in hot water after its been installed.

11Outre X-Pression Cuevana Twist

As it comes straight out of the package, the texture of this Kanekalon fibre hair is quite coarse, making it easy to secure in crochet or other braided styles. When installed using the crochet technique, Outre Cuevana Twist hair can be curled using rods and hot water, or blow-dried straight to achieve the pictured style. This hair is relatively heat resistant, but we’d recommend testing the specific temperature of your blow dryer with a loose strand of the hair.

12FreeTress Equal Jamaican Twist

A braiding hair that comes out of the package with a coarse texture that’s got lots of grip for installation, Jamaican Twist Braid Hair can be transformed into this stunning blowout style with a little bit of work. Once you’ve installed the hair, brush it out fully to remove tangles and help it look more natural. Twist hair around flexible perm rods, then dip each rod in hot water, and leave in for several hours or overnight. After unraveling from the perm rods, hair will continue to dry, at which point you can gently separate curls to get this brushed-out look.

13FreeTress Equal Kinky Twist

If you’re looking for a crochet braided afro style, FreeTress Equal Kinky Twist provides incredibly natural-looking hair that will give you volume and shape while keeping your real hair safely under wraps.

14Twists And Locs – Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist

A go-to for twisted or twist-out crochet braid styles, Janet Collection’s Havana Mambo Twist hair is a natural-looking product you can pick up for a reasonable price. If you install the hair as it is and then later decide to try a twist out style, be prepared to do some trimming to manage the increased volume.

15Afri Naptural Senegal Bantu Twist

The Senegalese Bantu Twists by Afri Naptural is very soft synthetic hair that comes pre-twisted and is very easy to install. While the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist tends to be more popular hair for jumbo Senegalese or twist-out styles, this brand offers up a good alternative and comes in a variety of fun and ombre colors.

16Outre X-Pression Large Senegalese Twists

If you’ve been looking to switch up your crochet braid style, these Senegalese twists should be at the top of your list to try. Another product from Outre, X-Pression Senegalese Twists are smooth to the touch and pre-twisted in a tight style that shouldn’t come unraveled. Designed specifically for easy crochet braiding, large loops make installation easy and don’t require double knotting. This style comes in a variety of colors (including ombres!) to make all of your Senegalese dreams come to life.

17Afri Naptural 3D Cubic Twists – Crochet braids with Kanekalon hair

Afri Naptural’s 3D Cubic Twist hair comes pre-styled in cubic twists created by wrapping two different two-strand twists around each other. Once installed, you’ll have an amazingly full head of hair that might look heavy, but the Kanekalon hair is very light and wearable. If you want to go for an even bigger volume look, you can cut the ends off and wear them in a twist out method. This gorgeous hair comes in several ombre shades, including this rich-looking ombre burgundy.

18Janet Collection Havana Mambo Faux Locs

Compared to the traditional faux loc method that involves twisting hair together and then wrapping those twists with synthetic hair, crochet braid faux locs are a quick and simple way to get the look. This Janet Collection Havana Mambo Faux Locs hair is easy to install, and the shiny locs come in fun colors that are easy to mix and match.

19Bobbi Boss Micro Locs

If you’re looking for a new style that’s slimmer than some of the chunky twist styles, Bobbi Boss Micro Locs will give you a faux loc style that’s low-key and easy to install. The hair is well constructed with finished ends and resists unraveling even after weeks of wear.

20Bobbi Boss Bomba Faux Locs

If you’re a long time loc wearer looking for the most natural crochet style, Bobbi Boss Bomba Dreadlocks get tons of praise for how natural they look, even in the deep jewel-tone colors. Some wearers find that the blunt ends stick together when worn as-is out of the package, but you can customize them by pulling the ends apart, then twisting back together and setting in hot water before installation.

21Freetress Bohemian Crochet Hair

Another great synthetic hair to achieve natural-looking curls is the Freetress Bohemian Crochet. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what brand you choose, your final goal is to get your crochet to look as natural as possible.

22Lihui Goddess Locs Crochet Hair

Goddess locs are a huge trend right now! Whether you like boho style or a sleeker faux locs look, our favorite brand is the Lihui crochet locs with curly ends. If you prefer the wavy goddess locs style then the  Eerya wavy goddess faux locs crochet is another great product with lots of positive reviews and results.

23Short Passion Twists Human Crochet Hair

Do you love passion twists? This short crochet style by Tiana is absolutely gorgeous and so natural-looking!

24Passion Twist Crochet Braids

And if you’re looking for long passion twists crochet, this stunning boho goddess locs human crochet hair is a must try!

25Best Curly Hair for Crochet Braids – The Verdict

The type of hair you’ll use for your crochet braids will make or break the style. If you want to have curly crochet, FreeTress curls are considered by many as the best curly hair for crochet braids, but, it also depends on your preferable curls style and texture.
We love this MarlyBob crochet style!

26What Is The Best Human Crochet Hair Braids?

If you prefer using human hair for your crochet braids, there’s no definite answer on which brand you should try. Remember, in human crochet hair, the knots are much looser and the hair tends to slip out of place faster. From Saga to Divatress,  there are countless human crochet hair brands to try. DIt really depends on the style you’d like to achieve.

27Best Hair To Use For Crochet Braids – Summary

Depends on the style of hair you’d like to have, there are numerous crochet braids types. Some say synthetic hair is the best type of hair for crochet braids, others say, human hair is the way to go, again, it all depends on your preferable style and texture. In the picture above you have a gorgeous bob box braids synthetic crochet hair.

28More of our favorite Crochet braids brands

Long and curly Goddess Faux Locs braids.

29Short Twists Crochet

Short and chunky Havana twist crochet hair. You can find this crochet style in longer sizes as well.

30Bouncy Curls Crochet

Bob length Jamaican Bounce Crochet Hair.

31Spring twist crochet hair

32Natural Afro Curls Crochet

Super cute and natural-looking MarlyBob Afro Kinky twist crochet hair.

We hope this guide helped you find your next crochet hair!



  1. I am in love with style #12 short faux locs with blonde. What type of hair is it, where can I purchase it and is the blonde really blonde or a #27 (which usually has an red-orange look)?

    • Hi Qumisha,

      It really depends on your hair type and volume. We suggest checking the reviews and Q&A before purchasing.

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      Hairstylehub Team

  2. Does anyone know what kind of hair is in the ver first pic with the half up half down long hair or in the very last pic with the big curly hair


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