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Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Calling all our beautiful redheads! Yep, we’re talking to you ladies. Whether you’re a natural redhead or get your color from your colorist (or a box) – we love the gorgeous color of hair. It’s fierce, bold and just plain fun. Of course, just like with any hair color, there comes a time when you want to change things up a bit and a great way to add some dimension and lightness to red hair is by adding in blonde highlights. Oh yes, you can combine the two classic hues for a gorgeous result. We’re showing you how with some stunning red hair with blonde highlights inspiration to take with you to your next hair appointment.

1Red Hair Baby Blonde Bayalage

Red hair gets a lighter twist with blonde balayage highlights applied to the bottom half of the hair. It’s not as much of a contrast as you get with ombre, because there are still pops of red mixed in where blond is colored.

2Bright Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Add gorgeous contrast with bright red hair by adding in platinum blond highlights. This is such a fun way to color hair. The brightness of the red looks incredible with bold blonde mixed in with highlights. Great for the woman who wants a bright pop of color!

3Mixing Blonde Subtly

Stunning red hair gets a subtle blonde highlight mix here, and we absolutely love it. The highlights are close in color to the red hair color, but the placement of the blonde in red hair adds this incredible dimension to the hair.

4Boldly Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is another way to add blonde highlights to bold red hair. With this look the colors are distributed evenly throughout all of the hair. Bright red pieces pop next to bright blonde highlights. We love that they added the darker toned red color for added depth and transition between the two hues.

5Ombre Red Blonde Highlights

How fun is this red hair color?! We’re in love with this super bright shade of red hair. The bright blonde highlights are applied in a bayalage manner, including a shade between the two for easy transition. Since the shades of red hair with blonde are such a contrast, adding that transition colors helps create more flow.

6Dark Red and Highlights

This is a darker red hair with blonde highlights twist – perfect for the fall and winter months when many of us tend to lean on darker hair color more. We love the pop of brighter red mixed in some parts of the hair for a little unexpected pop of color in addition to chunky blonde highlights.

7Burgundy Blonde Hair

We’ve been loving the dark burgundy red hair color that’s become so popular over the past year or so. It’s a great color option for this gorgeous warmth. Lighten up the burgundy red with bright blonde highlights mixed in.

8Chunky Highlights on Red Hair

Have you heard? Chunky highlights are back and better than ever. Bright red hair is the base color here and it gets this chunky highlight look with blonde. With this shade of red, warm blonde highlights compliment perfectly.

9Dimensional Red and Blonde Highlights

We love this warm, darker shade of red. It’s not quite as dark as some of the previous red colors we’ve shown you so far but a good medium depth. There’s nothing better to utilize to lighten up a darker hair color than blonde highlights. Intermixing the blonde gives a gorgeous mixed in look.

10Underlayers of Blonde

Add blonde, subtly, to warm red hair with delicate touches of blonde mixed in. Here they added blonde highlights in a low light type of way, because of how the highlights are applied to the under layers of the hair. It gives red hair a whole different vibe with this placement.

11Fiercely Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This shade of red is fierce to say the least! It’s that gorgeous carrot red hair that so few have naturally. Whether your red is natural or not, adding delicate highlights in a warm blonde shade is a gorgeous addition to add dimension to an otherwise flat hair color.

12Platinum Red

This hair color is a bit of a reverse from many of the others on the list. It feels more like blonde hair with red highlights because there’s a lot more blonde. Regardless, we love it! If you want a way to rock red and blonde hair but want your hair to feel lighter this is a great option.

13Softly Red

While we’ve shown you quite a few bold ways to color red hair with blonde highlights, we know that’s not for everyone. If you want something that’s a bit softer – this is for you! The red color is almost like a strawberry blonde, but with a bit more red, which is a great compliment to blonde highlights. Add more light blonde to the pieces near your face to frame it beautifully.

14Natural Dimension

Talk about hair color with stunning dimension! Blonde highlights are quite subtle in this hair color, which makes the color feel very natural with the added dimension. Little peeks of blonde are all you need to achieve something like this with dark red hair.

15Strategically Placed Blonde

You don’t have to add blonde highlights all over your red hair in order to get the benefits blonde offers to red hues. This bright red hair color is the perfect example of this. We adore how they added blonde highlights to just a few pieces on the side and a couple of under layer pieces.

16Peek a Boo Blonde

Peek a boo – we see blonde! Ok, enough of the jokes we thought this was such a unique way to rock deep red hair with blonde highlights. The red tone is gorgeous with how warm the undertones of it are, adding these peek a boo blonde highlights to one side is such a unique twist.

17Subtle Ombre Red Hair and Highlights

We’re all about those bayalage highlights! Bayalage has become so popular because it gives this soft faded type of effect with highlights that mixes colors so beautifully. Bright red hair looks incredible with blonde bayalage highlights. Adding more blonde towards the face will really frame your face well.

18Blonde Bangs and Red Hair

It’s all about those strategically placed blonde highlights! Can you tell? If you want hair color that will really pop and has bold contrast this is perfect for you. Applying blonde highlights to JUST the blonde pieces of your hair gives red that major contrast.

19Gorgeously Mixed Red and Blonde

We adore this take on red hair with blonde highlights. It gives you this gorgeous mix all over the hair, with a subtle feel of that chunky highlight trend. Because of the strong contrast between the red and blonde shades, at the root it gets that very distinct line effect that fades so well towards the ends.

20Mixing the Colors

Isn’t this hair beautiful?! It looks so natural and elegant because of the gorgeous colors applied. Because the colors have the same undertone and dimension they work seamlessly together, giving the look of this natural effect. The red shade isn’t as bright as some others, making this great for someone who just wants a subtle pop of red.

21Partially Blonde Highlights

Another stunning example of adding blonde subtly to give red hair perfect dimension. When your hair is one solid color it can feel a bit flat. When you have a bright, warm color of red blonde is the perfect color to use to add just a little dimension to hair. As you can see here – it’s pretty beautiful.

22Gorgeously Gradient Red to Blonde Balayage

Quite a few years ago now, the ombre hair color effect burst onto the scene. If we’re all honest it really hasn’t left since. We certainly aren’t complaining because it seems to always look great! Get an ombre effect using red hair fading into blonde highlights at the end. Stunning fade!

23Pops of Blonde on Red Hair

This is a more dramatic way to add dimension to red hair. Mixing two different shades of red together here is a winning combination for sure and you can definitely leave it at that if you want to stick with just red in your hair. However, if you want that light pop add just a couple of blonde highlights.

24Topped with Blonde

Dark red hair gets a major light contrast with platinum blonde highlights applied to just the front of the hair. Here they mixed in a few blonde highlights to the back of the hair just to bring the colors together a bit more.

25Deep Red Bright Blonde

Deep red gets added dimension with bold blonde highlights mixed throughout the hair. We love that they made some of the areas have a look similar to chunky highlights, mixed with smaller pieces of blonde throughout.

26Red Hair with Blonde Highlights Meet Lowlights

Red hair gets a major transformation with highlights AND lowlights. Applying both types of highlights to hair gives even more contrast and dimension to hair. The low lights add a darker shade to the mix that really works well with the two bright colors.

27Blonde Pieces

If you’re into hair that feels really effortless, this take on blonde highlights with red hair is for you. Bright red hair gets that kind of undone, effortless aesthetic with blonde highlights placed (seemingly) randomly throughout the hair.

28Strawberry Style red hair with blonde highlights

Give your hair a strawberry blonde feel with hair color like this. The red color is bright, yet soft because of the highlights applied in a bayalage technique using a soft strawberry blonde hue. We absolutely love how soft and this hair color looks.

29Dark to Light

Bold hair color more your speed? This has you covered. Starting with a very dark red at the very top of the head, fading to a burgundy red hue and completing the look with bright blonde at the ends = stunning! The key to making this work is ensuring the transition between shades fades really well so it doesn’t look choppy.

30Smoldering Reds

Another way to rock ombre hair using red and blonde hair colors. This option is a bit softer in the transition between colors because they’re a bit closer in the depth. Make this unique to you and your hair by starting the blonde in different places depending upon how much of that bright blonde pop you want.

31Strawberry Blonde

32Red Strawberries

33Delicately blonde highlights and red hair

34Sunkissed Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

35Warm Tones of red hair with blonde highlights



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