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Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

Brown hair comes in many different tones, colors and aesthetics. Brown isn’t just brown anymore! Personally, we love that hair color can be so specific and have so much personality on its own. This year in particular there are a lot of different shades of brown that are trending. One of those trends? Cinnamon brown hair. Scroll through for some ideas on how to try the trend yourself!

1Chic in Cinnamon

Talk about cinnamon goodness, right? This all over cinnamon brown hair color is what dreams are made of, in our opinion. This is the epitome of cinnamon brown hair – just look at that color.

2Cinnamon Balayage

Ahhh balayage, does it ever get old? We sure don’t think so. Balayage is a favored hair coloring technique because it gives such incredible dimension to hair – as you can see here.

3Flowing Cinnamon

Our jaws dropped when we stumbled across this cinnamon brown hair color. Using cinnamon brown as the highlights in combination to mocha brown is the pairing we didn’t know we all needed in our lives.

4Bright Cinnamon Brown

Switching things up a bit with cinnamon brown mixed with blonde highlights. Hello gorgeous! We love the brightness the blonde pieces add to cinnamon brown hair. Perfection for the spring and summer seasons.

5Red Tinted in Cinnamon

We’re going to keep you surprised slide after slide here, because there are so many creative ways to incorporate cinnamon brown into hair. Here, they opted for a reddish tone that really encompasses the spiciness of cinnamon.

6Cinnamon and Chestnut

Mixing different shades of brown together is an incredible way to make your hair stand out from the rest. Not only that, it gives you an opportunity to really customize your brown hair color. Here they mixed chestnut and cinnamon brown for an epic look.

7Cinnamon and Blonde

Talk about a moment! This cinnamon brown hair looks red hot with blonde highlights. Notice how the red tones really pop with blonde added to the mix?

8Warm Cinnamon Highlights

This is a complete change from the previous image – which really goes to show just how versatile cinnamon brown hair can be! The soft light cinnamon pieces applied surrounding the face here adds a soft, pretty aesthetic.

9Cinnamon Lightened Up

Lighten up dark brown hair with cinnamon brown highlights mixed in throughout the hair. Here they used the balayage technique to add highlights and as you can see, it looks amazing.

10Lowlight Cinnamon

Add cinnamon highlights in different ways for a unique take on the trend. This look brightened and lightened the lower half of the hair with cinnamon brown toned lowlights. It gives this gorgeous, warm toned pop.

11Gorgeous Cinnamon Brown

WOW we are in love with this all over cinnamon brown hair color. Isn’t it everything? Because of the cinnamon tone it adds this reddish hue to the hair that makes it different from your average brown hair color.

12Cinnamon Spiced

If you have long hair, and you want to add some cinnamon spice to your locks – this is perfection! The mix of chocolate brown with cinnamon brown gives long hair an added boost of style and dimension. We love that there are some extra cinnamon toned pieces around the face, too.

13Espresso Meets Cinnamon

Even adding just a subtle hint of cinnamon brown to dark brown hair can be enough to change the entire aesthetic of your hair color. This is a great example of that! Deep espresso brown hair, while gorgeous as is, gets new life with this hint of cinnamon.

14Cool Brown Cinnamon

Gorgeous hair color alert! Have your colorist mix in a few different tones of cinnamon brown hair to get the depth you see here. Because some pieces are lighter, while others darker it creates this gorgeous illusion.

15Curled in Cinnamon

Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy or something in between – cinnamon brown highlights has a way of elevating the look of your hair’s natural texture. Because it gives this soft warmness to hair it’s a major win!

16Warm Cinnamon

We sure hope you haven’t had enough variations of cinnamon brown highlights, because we have some more to share with you. This is another unique way to adapt highlights using the warm brown shade.

17Dimensional Cinnamon

Notice how easily cinnamon brown gives dimension to hair? We’re in love! The cinnamon brown highlights aren’t as prominent, but that’s what gives the hair color this subtle dimension.

18Subtly Highlighted Spice

Another way to add cinnamon-brown highlights, subtly. We know the dramatic hair coloring isn’t for everyone and wanted to show you all the ways cinnamon brown can be used for any personal style preference.

19Kylie Inspired Cinnamon Brown Hair

Kylie Jenner is a style MAKER, to say the very least. She’s never been one to shy away from experimenting with her hair color. We have to say this cinnamon brown color may be one of our favorites we’ve seen on the star.

20Deep Cinnamon Pops

It’s all about a good color mix! Seriously though, how epic is this hair color? The combination of very different shades/tones of brown makes this a really unique color. Cinnamon brown adds this warm brightness.

21Medium Brown Cinnamon

Here we go with a darker take on the trend. Pretty, right? We just love that cinnamon brown, like many other shades of brown, can be adapted in so many ways that allows anyone to make it work for their personal skin tone and style preferences.

22Red Toned in Cinnamon

Hello gorgeous! These cinnamon brown locks are RED HOT, in our opinion. This color is really pulling out some of that spice (aka red) tone cinnamon brown is so good at doing.

23Reddish Cinnamon

This color has that reddish hue to it, but it a way that’s a bit more neutral from the previous image we showed you. Notice it still has that spiced effect? So pretty!

24Spicey in Cinnamon Brown

We don’t know about you but we’re officially sold on the cinnamon spice element of this hair color trend. What’s not to love about it though, right? It’s warm, rich and SPICEY!

25Cascading Cinnamon

These locks are giving us cascading cinnamon vibes, and we’re here for it. Again with an example of mixing more than one specific shade of brown to get this epic result.

26Trendy Cinnamon Locks

27Highlighted Cinnamon

28Mahogany with Cinnamon Highlights

29Bright Cinnamon Highlights

30Wavy Cinnamon Hair




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