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Stunning Wedding Hair Updos

The question of whether you should wear your hair up or down on your wedding day is a question that has been asked for ages. It is really mostly a question of preference, and most probably dependent on the style of your dress. Dresses with low or open backs just ask for updos, nobody can deny that. For those interested in having their hair up during their big day, we have compiled 35 beautiful wedding hair updos that might just strike your fancy.

1Beautiful Double Low Braid

This is a gorgeous take on a wedding updo. These are two braids that were just basically pinned at the bottom of your head. It looks very simple, as it should, because your hair should only help complement your overall look. It should not be the highlight of the whole look. It is YOUR wedding, not your hair’s. We are loving the simple bejeweled hair comb as well.

2Thick Loose Bun

The beauty of this hairdo is greatly due to her hair color. Remember, ladies, to set an appointment with your trusted colorist before your big day so that your hair color can be updated – that is if you color your hair. Beautifully colored hair will give those extra beauty points on your big day.

3Big Loose Bun with Statement Hair Accessory

This is a wonderfully simple but elegant hairstyle with a statement piece is the hair accessory. It is quite eye-catching, and would not outstage your overall look since it is in the back.

4Chic French Twist with Pearl Pin

Who doesn’t love a good classic? French twists are probably the classics of the wedding hairdo world, as Romeo and Juliet is to the literary world. This hairstyle is very simple and very chic, with the option of having pearl headed hairpins. The hairpins will work quite well with all types of hair color too.

5Classic Neat Low Chignon

Ah, another classic. Here we see a neat chignon at the nape of our model’s neck. Currently, the easy-going look of loose buns and braids are at the head of the pack when it comes to wedding hairstyle popularity, but the classics will never disappear. With this hairstyle, you can leave your hair bare, cover it with a veil, or attach an antique hair comb as your “something borrowed.”

6Loose Updo with Curls and Natural Flowers

Viva la boheme! If you are having a Bohemian themed wedding, this is a hairstyle that you can definitely go with. It looks so easy and carefree, and the naturals flowers pinned to your hair will be the cherry on top of the pie.

7Vintage Dreamy Waves with Tiara

This is a hairstyle worthy of being called Hollywood Glam. It looks so romantic and beautiful, and that tiara! Remember, it is your wedding, and no other occasion is more suited for you to wear a tiara than this! So hold your head high and don’t let that tiara slip.

8Elegant Updo with Thin Braid

Dainty is a word that would best suit this hairstyle. It is quite dainty, well-suited for the blushing bride – simple and uncomplicated.

9Bridal Faux Hawk

Here’s a nice option for all the modern and daring brides out there. This bridal faux hawk is a nice and spunky alternative to your regular wedding hairstyles. Two thumbs up for this one!

10Wedding Hair Up Victory Rolls

Those with love for all things retro would love this hairstyle. It is all things glamour and glory in one. This might not be something that can easily be done at home, but it is worth every penny – it is your big day after all!

11Intricately Waved and Styled Bun

This hairstyle is just a work of art, really. If you are in the hunt for a showstopper, look no further. This will put the wow-factor on top of everything. With this kind of hairstyle, however, it might not be wise with a big or extravagant hairpiece. The hairstyle itself is already making quite a statement, so adding a tiara or a huge flower crown will not do. That is why, in the picture, there are only hair pins. You can also choose to have a veil if you really want it, though it may just cover your amazing hair, but keep it as simple as possible so as to not go over the top.

12Loose Curls with Tiara

What did we say about tiaras and weddings? We say “GO!” It is your wedding day, and nobody can stop you. This style is paired with loose curls, making a good balance with the tiara. Go, queen!

13Loose French Braid with Low Chignon

A very pretty hairstyle, more so emphasized by the simple hairvine that is placed on the side of her hair. When thinking about a hairstyle for a wedding, simplicity is key. Let your beauty and happiness shine through your eyes. Your hair should just be complementary, not the star of the show.

14Loose Side Braid with Flowers and Curls

This is a reverse French braid that is beautifully done and accented by flowers and curls. This might be a challenge for women with thin hair, but that can easily be remedied by hair extensions.

15Loose Updo with Leaves Accessory

When it comes to hair accessory, you have a lot of options. The most popular choice would be flowers, but do not be afraid to look outside of the box. Leaves as hair ornament are also considered very pretty.

16Low Thick Hair Twist Updo

This simple but elegant hairstyle is suited for everyone, from the bride, mother-of-the-bride, and the rest of the bridal party. It is easy enough to do together, and would actually make for a nice bonding time prior to the wedding.

17Medium Length Pompadour Updo

This is actually quite a sexy hairdo, but not too sexy that it is scandalous. It oozes with just the right amount of female sensuality. Very nice.

18Messy Braid with Pinned Curls

This pretty updo which is quite simple and well-suited for a bride. It can be dressed up in so many ways – with flowers, hair vines, hair combs, and pretty hair pins. It is up to the bride and her glam squad how they imagine the look for her big day.

19Wavy Curls with Flapper Headband

The roaring 20s was a magical era of flapper dresses, jazz, and rebellion. This particular style is quite popular and fun to boot. Just think of the after-party you would be having with such theme!

20Messy Low Bun with Gorgeous Hair Accessory

Isn’t this hair accessory just gorgeous? It is so pretty that you would not want to cover it up with anything at all. An option here, if you really want to wear a veil, is to put the veil under your bun so it doesn’t cover your hair.

21Messy Twist with Low Veil

Here is a very pretty and very romantic wedding hair. It has an effortless flair to it that is very appealing. You can also choose to go for a more natural hair accessory if you are going for a garden wedding.

22Messy Updo with Hair Vine

We see a current popularity with hair vines, and unsurprisingly so, because it is very dainty and very pretty. It can be combined with a number of hairstyles, from long and loose braids to updos, and is more subtle than a crown or a tiara.

23Minimalist Wedding Hair Up

When you want the sole focus of everyone to be on a specific something, everything around it must be minimal. While you are walking down the aisle, having very simple hair, clean lines, and a very simple dress with push all the focus into your face. Nothing else will be grabbing the attention. It is a beautiful moment, and quite frankly, a very strategic move in having all the focus on you – well-deserved as it is your day after all.

24Neat Low Chignon with Pin and Veil

This is a classic wedding look dating way back when. This is a classic option for a classic bride. You can never go wrong with a low chignon and a veil as it is the safest route.

25Romantic Bun with Bejeweled Hair Vines

Here is another wonderful example of the use of the pretty hair vine. In this hairdo, they incorporated the hair vine together with the bride’s hair, making an almost ethereal effect. It is so beautiful, that you almost might not want to take it off by the end of the day.

26Romantic Vintage

Ah, the vintage era. People might not probably get over the vintage era with its fascinating fashion and vibe. This hairstyle is actually very simple, but it is also very stunning. It takes very little to put together this look, and if you pair it with a vintage-inspired gown, it will be extremely stunning.

27Small Bouffant with Bun

The bouffant is reminiscent of the time where hairspray ruled the world, but it doesn’t need to be the case with this hairstyle in mind. This is very tame in comparison to the bouffants of old. We love the fact that they used a pretty headband as well. The over-all look is almost goddess-like.

28Updo with Statement Earring

Here is a nice and easy updo where you won’t need to dress up your hair so much. In this case, it will be your earring that will be putting the look together. You can choose to have a huge dangling earring as in the picture, or why not try going for an attention-grabbing ear cuff? Those are pretty popular as well.

29Wedding Hair Updo with Flowers

Here is a sweet rendition to the classic milkmaid braids and accented by fresh flowers. With this hairstyle, you already have yourself a crown of braids, so it might not do to have a crown of flowers as well. Instead, opt for small flowers as accents. This can be quite suitable for a romantic garden wedding.

30Thick Braid Crown with Flowers

As mentioned in the previous picture, when you already have a crown of braids, it won’t do to have a crown of flowers as well. This is a perfect example as the model is facing forward. This gorgeous hairstyle is only accented by small flowers, which makes the overall look dainty and fresh, and not overpowering.

31Thick Bun with Charming Hair Piece

When you want to go as simple as possible with zero fuss, putting your hair in a bun is the way to go. It is probably the most basic hairstyle that has been mastered by almost every woman who has had long hair once in her life. Finding a charming hair piece won’t be a big challenge as we now have all our options available with the touch of a screen. You can also borrow the said hair piece from a friend or a family member as you “something borrowed,” and wouldn’t that be nice?

32Updo with Flower Pieces

This hairdo looks really romantic, many thanks to the color scheme of the flowers that are attached to her hair. It is very pretty and quite flattering, to be honest. You can have the option of incorporating the same color scheme with your bridal bouquet as well.

33Triple Braid Crown

Want to have a crown for your wedding but think that a real crown is too much and flowers are not your style? Then you can go for this triple braid crown which is both very natural and very pretty.

34Beautiful Pull-Through Braid Updo

Here is a beautiful remix to your usual pull-through hairstyle. It is quite the charming hairstyle and looks very put-together too.

35Retro chic Wedding Hair Up 

One more for the vintage divas! This is a very uncomplicated hairstyle but we can all agree on the fact that it is quite delightful. It will suit really well with a simple and intimate wedding.

36Wedding Hair Updo With Jewels

This wedding updo looks so stunning and unique with the added hair jewelries! This look paired with a vintage flowing gown, you will be walking down that aisle like a goddess in no time!




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