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Mocha Brown Hair Color Ideas

Looking for a way to change up brown hair color? Enter: mocha brown hair! It’s the latest brown hair color trend to sweep the locks of women everywhere. Whether you’re familiar with this hair color trend or not, you’re going to want to swipe through some of the inspo pictures before your next hair appointment.

1Ashy Mocha Brown

Warm tones are the most common when coloring hair in the mocha brown family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for something with more of an ashy undertone. This is a great example of mocha brown hair that has a slight ashiness to it.

2Mocha Balayage Pieces

Isn’t this gorgeous? We are in love with this mocha balayage color The base color is this stunning mocha brown color, adding in lighter pieces throughout with balayage gives so much dimension.

3Caramel Highlights

Hello stunning hair! Another way to add a light warmth to mocha brown hair is with highlights added to different pieces of the hair. Here they opted for this beautiful caramel color to frame the face.

4Mocha Meets Caramel

Mocha and caramel don’t just go together in food, they also look great when applied to hair! This is another really pretty way to add caramel highlights to a darker mocha brown hair color. Here they opted for just a few highlights, primarily closer to the face to add a nice pop.

5Mocha with Caramel Highlights

As you can already tell, mocha brown hair really comes to life with highlights. Because it’s such a dark, rich color adding a little lightness throughout adds dimension beautifully. Here the highlights are very subtle and applied throughout the hair.

6Warm Mocha Lights

Like many hair colors, mocha brown hair can be applied to hair in various tones. So if the darker tones we showed you previously aren’t really your favorite, this lighter hue may be more your speed. Add even more lightness with some extra highlights.

7Chocolate Mocha Brown

On the flip side, you may want something dark – this is for you. We absolutely love the richness this chocolate mocha brown gives to hair. There is some depth to it, with subtle differences in color throughout which really helps to add some pizzazz to such a dark hair color.

8Chocolatey Brown

Here we have another dark, rich brown color. As you can see here the color is darker towards the root of the hair and highlights were applied primarily to the bottom half of the hair. This gives kind of a subtle, more natural ombre effect.

9Deep Mocha Hair

Talk about a mocha beauty! This is a major deep mocha brown hair moment and we are in love. If you pay close attention you can see there have been some strategically placed lighter toned pieces throughout to add just enough dimension to the warm color.

10Subtle Mocha Low Lights

Highlights aren’t the only way to add lightness to dark mocha brown hair. Lowlights are another fun way to make the color trend your own. Here they’ve applied lowlights sparingly and it’s just enough to break up the dark brown color.

11Coffee Brown Hair

We love a simplistic hair color moment. This coffee mocha brown color is minimalistic, but loaded with style and warmth. Because it’s such a rich color as is, don’t feel like you have to add highlights or lowlights into the mix.

12Dark Balayage in Mocha

This barely there balayage is everything! Because the base color is such a dark hue of mocha brown, caramel pieces don’t need to be plentiful in order to make a major impact on the overall look.

13Cool Toned Mocha Hair

We’ve shown you quite a few mocha brown inspo pictures so far, most have been leaning towards the warm undertones which is why we wanted to show you this cool toned option. The coolness gives mocha brown a completely different aesthetic.

14Rich Mocha Brown

When you have a good colorist, they can work wonders with highlights on hair. This is such a stunning way to rock mocha brown hair. The overall rich aesthetic is perfection paired with subtle highlights mixed throughout the hair.

15Mocha Espresso Inspired

While highlights can do wonders, so can one solid color applied to all of your hair. This particular shade of mocha brown has an espresso type of feel, because of the darkness, and it’s gorgeous as is!

16Coffee Colored Hair

Ok we have another espresso inspired color here but we couldn’t resist sharing it with you because, well….look at this hair! Notice there’s a slight red hint to it that adds even more warmth to the dark brown color.

17Warm Toned Mocha

We hope you haven’t had enough mocha brown hair inspo, because we have more to share with you! We can’t get over this color. It’s such a warm undertone that it makes mocha brown hair feel soft and feminine with ease.

18Mocha with Lowlights

The highlights applied to deep mocha brown here is kind of like a mix between balayage and ombre. Because of the placement of the highlights it really emphasizes the dark roots, and allows the lighter pieces to really pop.

19Mocha + Caramel Dimension

We can’t get over this color. How gorgeous!? The blending is absolute perfection and makes it feel like a natural transition that’s slightly different from most highlights we’ve shown you so far.

20Caramel Pieces

Looking for a way to add more focus to your face? Add some face framing highlights! This is an especially powerful addition when you opt for a darker hair color like this mocha brown.

21Face Framing Highlights

This is a more dramatic interpretation of face framing highlights, and we’re into it. If you really want most of your hair to be in this dark rich mocha color this is a great way to achieve that, and add a light POP around the face.

22Subtle Highlights on Mocha

All these subtle highlights are everything! Mocha brown is such a stunning color, having highlights (and lowlights) applied VERY subtly like this gives hair a little added boost and dimension that doesn’t take away from the overall dark color.

23Short Mocha Lowlights

Here we are again with another subtle highlight look. Clearly, it’s one of the major ways the mocha brown hair color trend is making its presence this year. What do you think of these barely there highlights?

24Rich Chocolatey Brown

If this isn’t a prime example of RICH chocolate brown hair, we don’t know what is. It’s simple and powerful all at the same time – one of the reasons we absolutely love this hair color trend.

25Rose Toned Mocha

This is a unique take on mocha brown hair, with a rose tone added to the mix. So pretty, isn’t it?! It was too fun not to include in the list – this is for inspiration after all!

26Mocha Warmth

27Soft Mocha Color

28Solid Mocha Hair

29Select Highlights

30Warm Mocha Highlights Around




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