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Short Hair with Bangs

Every once in a while we all crave a new hairstyle. Sound like you right now? We’re right there with you. Bangs, and cutting bangs, are all the rage right now. Whether you have short hair, or you’re thinking of chopping your hair off, we took some time to gather up some really gorgeous short hair cuts with bangs. So if you’re thinking of getting bangs you’re going to want to start scrolling through to start getting inspired.

1Asymmetry Plus Bangs

The asymmetric pixie cut is one that’s known for it’s statement making skills. It’s fierce, chic and fun. Adding bangs to the cut, like this, gives even more definition and appeal. We love the exaggerated bangs here.

2Pieced Bangs with a Bob

Bangs come on all shapes, sizes and styles – something you will notice quickly as you begin scrolling through this list. These bangs have a kind of ‘piecey’ appearance to them where they’re not blunt and full across the forehead.

3Super Blunt Bangs

Taking a completely different turn from the previous image, this is blunt bang realness. The bluntness of the bangs is exaggerated even more with the short length of them – which happens to pair perfectly with bob length hair.

4Blunt Cut + Side Bangs

Blunt cut meets side swept bangs = yes please! We really love the way the side swept bangs add a soft juxtaposition to the blunt cut overall.

5Celebrity Bang Style

It’s always safe to look to celebrities for hair inspiration, they’re usually the ones who make the trends after all! This cut is so stunning, too. Soft side swept bangs blend seamlessly into the lob haircut.

6Curly Hair and Bangs

Do you have naturally curly hair? We’ve got you covered! This cut is perfection for naturally curly hair. As much as it can be intimidating to cut bangs with curly hair, this proves you can do it with ease.

7Pixie Cut with Bangs

Another celeb who knows how to rock a short haircut with bangs. This is a bit more dramatic, with a pixie cut and bangs. All the extra layers cut into the pixie cut gives such a unique twist to the haircut.

8Sleek and Sharp

We had to take a moment to appreciate this haircut. Talk about stunning! Blunt bob cut, paired with blunt bangs is everything. The key here, to really emphasize the blunt cut, is wearing hair pin straight.

9Fringe Bangs + Lob

Fringe bangs are so fun when you have short hair. The fringe appearance here makes the cut cohesive and complimentary with the soft lob cut.

10Full Bangs with a Textured Cut

Want to add some major drama to your short hair? This cut is for you. Between the textured, layered bob length cut and full bangs it’s a statement you will have so much fun wearing.

11Short Bangs and a Short Cut

Anytime you’re seeking a way to make bangs feel different and special, trying playing around with the length. Jennifer has bangs that are quite short, which really highlights her eyes and gorgeous facial features.

12Layered Bob and Bangs

We love a layered bob! Bangs is an easy way to add even more style and definition to a bob haircut. Not only does it mix up the style, but it also brings even more attention to your face.

13Curtain Bangs for Lob

Curtain bangs have quickly become ‘the’ bang style of the year. Chances are you’ve noticed at least a few women wearing the trend. Fortunately, it’s an incredibly flattering bang style to wear for many face shapes.

14Minimal Bang Cut

Not ready to get to commit to a dramatic bang cut? Try this very minimal bang cut instead. Because the bangs aren’t thick, it’s a great cut to help you transition into bangs.

15Nicki Minaj Short Cut

Nicki Minaj hasn’t ever been one to shy away from a statement hairstyle, and this is no different. Blunt cut meets blunt bangs and the result is pretty epic. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

16Piecey Bangs

We wanted to be sure to give you a few minimal bang options to get inspired by. Not all bangs are intimidating! Here we have another ‘piecey’ bang cut but this one is slightly different in that the bangs were cut to be on the longer side.

17Bangs for Pixie

How cute is this cut?! We’re obsessed with the bangs paired with this voluminous pixie cut. Because these bangs are cut the same length as the rest of the hair it gives this kind of rounded effect that’s so unique.

18Short, Blunt Cut

As much as we love showing you subtle examples of bangs, we know there are some women out there who want to go all out with their short hair and bangs cut. If that’s you – this is probably speaking to you.

19Curled Out Bangs

Curtain bangs strike again! Of course, like all other styles of bangs curtain bangs can be achieved various ways to accommodate your hair type and style. These are really close to the sides of the hair, making the bangs appear more like a layer rather than a traditional bang cut.

20Long, Short Bangs

The lob haircut meets the piece, long bangs and we’re here for it. Leaving bangs on the longer side gives a different look to the simple long bob haircut.

21Short Pixie Texture

This is certainly a unique twist on bangs. It works so well with this super short, layered pixie haircut. Because the bangs are super short and not straight across it gives a cohesive aesthetic.

22Shag Cut with Bangs

Shag hair cuts have been another growing trend in the hair world as of recent months. The shag cut gives dimension, layers and shape to even short hair like the lob shown here. To add even more to the look – add bangs!

23Short Shaggy Bob

Another fun take on the shag haircut, this one is a bit shorter in length though. Bangs brings more attention to the shag cut technique and further enhances the hairstyle.

24Bob with Extra Short Bangs

Taking another turn with bangs, we’re all about showing you options. These bangs are super unique in length and depth. If you notice the bangs were cut to be rather thin AND super short.

25Wavy Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs have long been loved in the hair world. If you like to wear your hair parted to the side, this style bang is something to definitely consider to flatter that natural part.

26Straight Style Bangs

27Thin Bangs and Waves

28Tousled Bob Bangs

29Swifted Style

30Waved Bangs



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