25 Natural Hair Protective Styles

Being natural is not a trend or a new craze but a culture. With natural hair, you will learn something new with every style and product that you try. Finding styles that will not cause damage or breakage to your natural hair can be difficult. There are so many styles that range from braids to twists to crochets. One thing that every natural girl should avoid is excessive use of heat, this along with breakage and split ends is the leading cause of damage. To help every natural haired girl out there, we have put together a list of 25 of our favorite protective hairstyles for natural hair. We hope you enjoy and try some of these amazing styles on yourself. Your natural hair struggles are over.

1Pinned chunky twist

Not ready to take your two strand twist down? Pin it in this super easy style. Find the shape that best suits your face structure and pin to your desire.

2Cornrow bun

Here we have a cornrow bun that is great for the hotter months. It’s an easy style that’s also functional because it keeps all of your hair off of your face and neck if you desire.

3Side fishtail braid

This style is definitely boho chic. It has a chunky crown braid completed with a fishtail side braid. What’s great about this style is that you do not have to compromise your hair texture.

4Invisible braids

These are what you call invisible braids. They are easy to do and maintain. You can dress them up as Nia Long did here, or completely dress them down for your everyday look.

5Simple curly hair puff

Here is a simple and legendary style in the natural hair community. This simple puff is a great protective style if done right. Use the LOC method nightly which is Leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream to moisturize. Then put in chunky twist and sleep with a satin bonnet. This will keep your hair moisturized especially in the cold winter months.

6Twisted low bun

Here is a chic twisted low bun. This style requires no styling, just a spritz of water and your favorite oil for moisturizing. This style is sure to protect your ends.

7Simple french braids

We love these simple french braids. After about 5 days of wearing these extend your time between wash days by turning it into a cute braid out.

8Senegalese twist

Give these senegalese twist a try if you want a protective style that is lightweight and require about zero care. If you’re into color add highlights or go bold and do a fully colored twist.

9Faux Locs

Zendaya got a lot of backlash when she rocked these faux locs on the red carpet. We love the look and versatility of these. We have seen these in many colors and styles and think these would be a great fit for winter.

10Chunky long cornrows

A beautiful and super trendy protective style, cornrows are here to stay! This style have become huge since Ciara rocked these beautiful long braids on he red carpet. This style really brings out your stronger features.

11Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots have become very trendy and we like it. When styled correctly they look very high fashion. They are also a great protective style because they protect ends and lock in moisture.

12Box braid bob

How cute is this braided bob? This is perfect for the fall or winter months. Pair this up with your favorite fall lipstick.

13Ombre double bun

This is one of the latest and most popular double bun styles. The touch of purple gives a hipster look. You can buy a spray hair dye to change your colors more frequently.

14Simple high ponytail

We loved when Nicki rocked this extra long ponytail. For natural girls go for yaki textured hair to better blend with your natural hair texture and avoid too much heat on your hair.

15Super Thin Cornrows

A similar version to cornrows, only this time, instead of chunky braids, we have here many super thin braids attached to the scalp, with baby hair on the edges, creating a very chic and interesting look.

16Sleek low ponytail

Ciara is really rocking this sleek low ponytail. No, you do not have to straighten your hair. Apply eco styler gel on damp hair and tie it down with a silk or satin scarf to create that sleek look without the damage.

17Braided mohawk

Here we have a fierce Mohawk. It is braided on the sides and completed with a natural twist out.

18Simple pompedour

Janelle Monae is known for her classic style and amazing hair. It is no surprise that she styles her natural hair herself. We love this simple front pompadour. Wear this on a special occasion and make a big statement.

19Finger coils

How gorgeous are these finger coils? if you love wearing your hair out give this look a try. We know that natural hair can knot so easily, but finger coils help smooth out your hair strands without disturbing your curl pattern.

20Natural looking lace wig

Another way to protect your natural hair is to wear wigs. Brandy is wearing this super cute curly lace wig. Many of them look very natural and many now come in different natural textures.

21Crochet Braids

Not into wigs? Try the new thing called crochet braids. Wigs can be time consuming to put on if you’re not use to wearing them, so crochet braids are a great option as they still have a very natural look while protecting your hair.

22Long box braids

Box braids are a great protective style. Not only are they stylish and on trend but very easy to maintain. There are so many ways that you can style box braids. Experiment with different colors if you wish.

23The Printed Turban

Turbans are great for both summer and winter. They not only protect your hair but are super stylish and affordable. You can buy solid colors or ones with crazy prints.

24Curly top knot bun

Top knot buns are chic and a quick go to style. Really show off your makeup and accessories with this style. Make it a little more fun and play with your baby hair.

25Jumbo Yarn braids

Another popular hairstyle is yarn braids. These are great alternatives to typical box braids. These last much longer than your typical braiding hair. We love how she added the pop of blue under the black.

26Curly faux bob

Fake the cut with this cute curly Faux bob. Simple twist or roller set your hair the night before. Then roll and tuck your hair under for the bob look. Make it as long or short as you like.



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