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The Most Stylish Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair
| Inspiring New Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair

Fine hair can be frustrating. Cutting techniques are helpful in thinning out thick hair, but plumping up fine hair requires careful use of product. There is a very thin line between so little product that it has no effect, and too much product that weighs fine hair down. Many women end up turning to extensions or hair pieces to achieve a fuller look, but there are certain cuts that can make the most out of your fine hair. Growing fine hair long tends to make it look even thinner, and bob hairstyles are one of the best choices for naturally fine hair. We’ve collected 16 long and short bob haircuts for fine hair, that will have your hair looking instantly more voluminous.

1Sleek Bob haircut With Side Bang

Thick bangs are usually not a great idea for fine hair, because they end up taking away a large portion of your hair’s volume. These long side bangs are a nice way to frame the face without losing too much length or volume, and can balance out a top-heavy heart-shaped face. Besides the bangs, this hairstyle is a relatively uniform length, and the cut uses an angle instead of layers to achieve movement and dimension. Karlie’s golden brown color and pink lip help to round out a look that mixes modern style with old Hollywood glamour.

2Blunt Brunette Bob haircut for fine hair

This artistic looking bob might seem high maintenance because of it’s length and bluntness, but it’s actually one of the easiest to style. This is a fairly flattering cut, but women with square shaped faces should go for a length below the chin, and women with round faces are usually better off with something longer or more sleek. Blunt short bobs for fine hair can make thick hair look heavy, but they have the opposite effect on fine hair. If you have naturally straight hair, investing in a smoothing treatment can make this look possible with no heat styling and minimal product. Isn’t that what we all want in a hairstyle?

3Blunt Blonde Waves bob hairstyle

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, there’s no reason a blunt bob can’t work for you. This chin length style always comes across as chic, while waves help to add romantic flair and volume at the ends. The dimensional color here also helps to create a visual illusion of thicker hair, and a deeper root adds volume at the crown.

4Soft Layered Bob haircut for fine hair

Adding layers can be a dangerous game depending on just how fine your hair is, but these soft layers kept mostly in the front add a romantic quality, and are a nice alternative to a blunt cut. A bit of a side bang adds extra attention to the face, but the hair is mostly long enough to be swept aside and tucked behind the ear. Because of the various textural elements in the cut, this hairstyle is a nice option for women with single tone hair color who aren’t interested in using highlights or ombre to add dimension.

5Straight Long Bob Haircuts For thin hair


So long we can barely call it a bob, shoulder-length bob haircuts are one of the trendiest hairstyles this year. This style has a few long layers, but is mostly of an even length with texturizing at the ends to create distinct tendrils. Color has dimension without looking unnatural, and darker roots make for the illusion of greater volume at the crown. We’d recommend this be the maximum length for anyone with ultra fine hair, as anything longer is likely to leave your hair looking stringy.

6Ombre Bob With Face Framing Curls for thin hair

Alexa Chung caught in a rare moment without her signature centre parted bangs, this style uses a few trendy elements to spruce up a fairly classic blunt bob. The face framing hair isn’t actually bang length, but soft curls give she same look of a centre parted bang without having to sacrifice any length. The ombre color brightens up the ends and gives the illusion of length without the struggle that sometimes comes along with growing out fine hair.

7Sleek Asymmetrical Bob Cut for fine hair


This is a surprisingly simple hairstyle that adds lots of intrigue and sex appeal thanks to asymmetry and a fairly deep side part. Smooth hair is key to making this style work, and any flyaways will take away from its chic sophistication. If you’re worried about product overloading and weighing down fine hair, consider investing in a professional smoothing treatment that will keep your hair sleek and shiny for up to two months.

8Blunt Long Bob With Bangs for thin hair

Ideal for satisfying your 90s nostalgia, this style will go perfectly with your square necked halter top, high waisted stone washed Levis, and white Reebok sneakers. Mostly blunt with a few face framing layers, this is an easy, low maintenance style, and the longer length of this cut can help minimize a strong jaw. If you’ve got a few random waves or curls in your hair, this is a style that allows you to let them be, and if you lead a busy lifestyle, this cut leaves you ample room to tie your hair up with there’s no time to wash or style. If you’re worried about your fine hair looking limp in a ponytail, try swapping it out for a top knot.

9Wavy Bob With Side Bangs for fine hair

Another example of the appropriate bangs to wear with fine hair, these breezy side bangs look great on square or heart shaped faces. Soft waves add texture to a fairly straightforward cut, and the overall look is one of demure femininity. 

10Blunt Grey Bob haircut for thin hair

If you want to add some edge to your straight blunt bob, consider going for an on trend color like this downy grey variety.The process of achieving this color can be damaging to your hair, making it a good thing to try when you’ve got a blunt bob that you’ll be trimming often. Keeping ends healthy and your cut even at the same time. Leaving darker roots will help give the illusion of volume at the crown of your fine hair, but a sprinkle of texturizing dust at roots will make your fresh color look even more pumped up.  

11Severe Angled Bob haircut for thin hair

It’s a general rule to avoid putting layers in the back of fine hair. Instead of giving a full look, they take away what little hair you have to work with. The brilliance of this cut is that the contrast between the short back and much longer front sections create the same effect as a stacked bob, but without losing precious hair. This isn’t a blunt cut, and the textured ends and long layers help to create shape that even the thinnest of hair can get pumped up about.

12Short Bob With Long Side Bangs

This is a soft, feminine way to keep hair short without venturing into pixie territory. If you’re wanting something more sophisticated than a trendy blunt bob, this style will keep you looking chic through every part of your day. This style can work for a variety of face shapes, because it hits just above the chin in a soft, elegant way.

13Blunt Bob With Face Framing Layers

Rita Ora’s chopped bob oozes sexuality, and makes a strong case against the old notion that you need to have long hair or an updo to look spectacular for a special occasion. Though the cut is mostly blunt, we can see that some layering has been added to the portion of hair that’s swept across her face. Because the elements of this hairstyle are so well executed, nothing extra is required. It can be a pain to get your hair to this bleached blonde color, but it’s the icing that really makes this style pop.

14Short Bob for fine hair

Stacked bob cut adds so much texture and volume to your hair. This messy bob is for those of you who like a natural and casual look.

15Rose Gold Ombre Bob for fine hair

Kate Mara’s bob is chopped at chin length, giving enough room for a slight wave to play. No matter what texture your hair is, this rose gold ombre over deep auburn roots is a unique and visually stunning color combination. These warm, rich colors go best with a warm, medium skin tone. If you’ve got a cooler, more fair complexion, consider a lighter auburn with an ashy blonde ombre.

16Angled Bob With Deep Front

If you don’t like the sleek bob look, you can jazz up your look by adding waves at the front. This will create volume and chicness!

17Ultra Short Stacked Bob haircut for fine hair

For the women who have already been wearing a bob hairstyle, but are ready to try something new, why not go super short? This style is still long enough in the front to tuck behind the ears, but the back really hugs the shape of your head. We know you’ve spent lots of time considering your face shape, but before going for this look you should also think about the shape of the back of your head. If your skull doesn’t naturally protrude, try using a texturizing dust that will add body without weighing hair down.

18Pastel bob haircut

Adding a bit of color can totally transform a haircut. This blonde asymmetricalcal bob with pastel higlights and lowlights is so unique and elegant and adds volume to fine hair.

19Breezy Bob haircuts for fine hair

This style manages to be soft and fun simultaneously. Long, sweeping side bangs make hair look more full and soften the appearance of a larger forehead. You don’t need super beachy blonde color to wear this haircut, but it’s a fun shade to match with this bouncy cut.

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