Burgundy Hair colors

Burgundy Hair Colors and Styles

Burgundy hair toes the fine line between red and purple; it is a rich color that is just natural enough to squeak by strict hair color regulations while still giving the gal who rocks it the freedom to express herself. If you’re stuck in a color rut, why not try taking burgundy out for a spin? We’ve collected 20 gorgeous burgundy hair color ideas and styles that would look great with this sexy, rock-star hue. Go a bit outside your comfort zone and make an appointment with your stylist today to rock your new maroon or burgundy hair color!

1Deep Burgundy Hair Color

This rich, dark burgundy is a great color to aim for when transitioning from a darker starting point such as brunette or black hair. The lighter shades throughout are achieved with red or lighter burgundy highlights, which adds dimension to what could otherwise be a pretty flat hair color. Long, straight hair looks especially pretty when paired with this rich color.

2Firecracker Curls Red Burgundy Hair

To contrast the previous style, this light, almost-red burgundy looks particularly beautiful on long curly or wavy hair. Again, lighter highlights are necessary to avoid having flat, non-dimensional hair. This color would work best on those who already have red hair or who are starting from a lighter color such as blonde. Maintain your color with a color-friendly shampoo!

3Burgundy Hair and Bangs

Straight cut, rounded bangs instantly add a bit of innocence to any hair style. When juxtaposed with a sexy, rich burgundy, however, the effect is twofold: innocent and appealing. This color and style work really well with light waves and on those with longer, oval faces (bangs tend to overwhelm and over-round already round faces.)

4Dark and Dangerous Long Burgundy

This shade of burgundy really toys with the idea of being violet, but there is just enough warmth that it is passable. We love how the model’s tips fade to a lighter brunette, which helps break up the dark color of the rest of her hair. This dark hue looks incredibly flattering on straight hair, as it tends to look a bit more flat than lighter burgundies.

5Slight Faded Burgundy Dark Red Hair Color

We love how this burgundy has begun to fade, revealing a red color in the model’s tips and in highlights throughout her hair. Whether this fade is intentional or merely the result of missed salon visits, you can recreate it in your stylist’s chair or start out from a regular burgundy dye job and let your hair fade on it’s own. Pair messy waves and a middle part with this no-nonsense color.

6Dark Burgundy Hair Color- A Brunette’s Best Friend

The model’s rich, chocolate brown hair on top pairs beautifully with the dark burgundy of her bottom layer. We love how her berry lip really brings out the purple and red tones in the under layer of her hair! To get this burgundy brown hair color yourself, have your stylist dye you with a burgundy that’s only a few shades off your natural brunette–or select complimentary shades yourself if you have lighter hair. Curls really show off the full dimension of this color!

7Dark Hair Colors – Burgundy Berry Ombre

Pairing dark hair with a burgundy ombre is both a sexy and smart move. You could even take this color a step further by getting the burgundy applied during a balayage dye job! Regardless, we recommend going to a stylist to recreate this color combination to avoid a potential dye disaster. Again, curls will best bring out the full effect of your this color.

8Maroon Hair Color – More Bang for Your Buck

To the ladies with shorter hair, don’t worry: burgundy will be just as stunning on you as it is with the long-haired gals! Go for a dark burgundy/maroon hair color like the model’s for a real ‘wow’ factor. Bonus: pair your new color with blunt bangs and a chic, straight bob. Color friendly shampoo and routine color touch-ups will be your BFF with this trendy burgundy!

9Perfect Burgundy Highlights

This model’s color looks rich and almost realistic thanks to some very clever highlights and some well-done curls. Achieve this color by going for a dark burgundy and having your stylist highlight larger portions of your top layer, namely your bangs. This model’s nude lip pairs wonderfully with her new, berry-tastic hair.

10Bright and Bold Burgundy

This bright, heavily red-toned burgundy is perfect for those with paler complexions or simply those who want a very rich, very starling new color. This model’s dark brows pair wonderfully with her vibrant hair color. Hot oil treatments will help you lock in your bright color and keep your hair happy and healthy after the dye job necessary to create this wonderful burgundy color.

11Dark Red Burgundy Hair Fade

Burgundy doesn’t just look great on the paler ladies: it works wonderfully for tan or dark skin as well, especially when paired with dark roots. Pair a vivid, warm burgundy with black or dark brunette roots for a stunning color combination that will have others questioning if your hair is so naturally stunning. Be warned: you’ll have to recolor your roots regularly if your natural hair isn’t dark.

12Unexpected Burgundy Platinum

The two unexpected strips of cool, platinum blonde in this model’s otherwise cheery and rich burgundy hair create a unique and stunning color combination. Afraid of frying your hair with bleach? You can recreate this style with a single weft of platinum blonde extensions instead! Blend your two colors with bouncy waves in order to best show off this peek-a-boo color.

13Sunset Ombre Burgundy

This burgundy-to-blonde ombre just reminds us of a beautiful beach sunset! To achieve this tropical look, we highly recommend going to a professional: they’ll be able to create the perfect blend of rich burgundy, faded red, and blonde that will be sure to knock your friends right off their feet!

14Layered to Perfection Maroon Hair Color

When paired with choppy, short layers, there is something ethereal about deep burgundy / maroon hair color. We adore how the model pairs dramatic, dark eye makeup with her dramatic, dark new hair! For an even more daring look, have your bangs cut so that they will lay over your head in a side swept fashion to best show off your new burgundy hair.

15Fairytale Ombre Purple Burgundy Hair Dye

When burgundy and purple are paired so closely together, it’s hard not to fall in love. While this combo certainly crosses the line for some workplaces (ie, not appropriate for a normal office environment), there is no denying that it looks absolutely incredible. As with many of the colors on this list, we strongly suggest enlisting a professional’s help so that your burgundy has just the right amount of fade into the rich violet.

16Warm Burgundy Hair Dye

This startling, warm burgundy looks wonderful with the model’s side bangs and long length. We also love how cleverly placed low lights give dimension and flare to her otherwise bright and flat color! This color would be easiest obtained on previously red hair dye and would work with a variety of skin tones. As this is more natural than many of the other suggestions, it’s a bit less intimidating.

17Burgundy Ombre – Just Berry-ly There

A flip-flop of a previous burgundy hair color idea from this list (see “Unexpected Platinum”), the contrast of the model’s blonde top layer with her burgundy fade bottom layer is amazing! The varied shades of burgundy look especially lovely paired with a honey blonde–or try another light color for experimentation! This is a color that would look great straight or curled. You could also try a darker top color or even throw in another unexpected pop of color alongside the burgundy, like mint or lilac.

18Burgundy Hair Color Strips

The subtle hints of the red burgundy throughout a dark brunette create a very “punk rocker chic” vibe. Have your stylist create high and low lights of a bright burgundy to recreate this look. Depending on the brunette you’ve selected, this color will work well on any skin tone and should be stunning straight, wavy, or curly. If you tire of the dark-on-dark color combination, replace the brunette with blonde to revamp your burgundy streaks!

19Bombshell Burgundy Blowout

Something about this rich, deep, dark burgundy seems so film noir when paired with sexy, bouncy short waves. Don’t be afraid to let dark roots peak through with this color: it will look stunning even with a bit of growth, as long as you maintain it with hot oil treatments and color friendly shampoo. This rich hue would look especially stunning on those with warmer skin colors, but could easily be adjusted a shade or two to work on any dashing lady! Bonus: mimic the model’s cut and style for even more va-va-voom.

20Dimensional Burgundy Dream and Red Highlights

This burgundy looks incredibly natural thanks to some cleverly placed red highlights and a very loose wave. Have your stylist create a few thin highlights only a few shades redder than the majority of your hair to recreate this smoldering, beautiful color. Bonus: it looks wonderful on ladies of all skin color, so don’t be afraid to schedule your coloring appointment today! Pair with natural makeup for an even softer, more approachable feel.

21Warm Copper Burgundy

Another warm burgundy that is natural and super elegant. This shade will work well with fare skin tones an natural makeup.



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