20 Stunning Caramel Hair Color Ideas

Recently, caramel color has been gaining popularity among ladies searching for a new alternative to common blondes and brunettes. This gorgeous, candy sweet hue looks best when paired with complimentary or contrasting shades; however, if you’re daring, this shade can be created all over your head. If you’re considering taking the plunge and going caramel, check out these 20 stunning caramel hair color ideas! We have a variety of high and low-lights, ombres, and fuller-coverage caramel styles guaranteed to inspire you. One of the pictured styles may even wind up being your next color! Look through these 20 caramel color ideas and let us know what you think!

1Warming Touch

If you would like to try out caramel color without making a full commitment, have your stylist create several high- and low-lights in the color and perform a caramel glaze over your pre-existing hair color. The caramel will perk up in any cool tones in your hair and instantly give you a warm, sweet new shade that’s perfect for the incoming summertime. If you decide the color is for you, you can always go back for a more dramatic transformation later!

2Chunky Color and Straight Bangs

For a bit more drama, pair chunky, dramatic caramel highlights with a dark base color for high-contrast and flare. This coloring looks especially glamorous with long locks and straight cut bangs. To recreate the model’s style, go over your hair with a flat iron and then lightly spritz with sea salt spray to add some texture. We love how the caramel in her hair really brings out the warm undertones in her skin!

3All-Over Color

If you’ve decided this sugary sweet hue is for you, take the plunge and have caramel color all over. Full-head processes usually weaken your hair, so prepare to lose an inch (or a few) to take care of any nasty split ends. Shorter hair doesn’t have to be an issue, though; take a curling wand to it and set with hairspray for carefree, bubbly curls! Your new color will look warm and vibrant when paired with a sweet set of curls.

4Tellin’ it Straight

If you’ve decided to full-head process and color caramel, consider some lighter low-lights like the model pictured. The warm, sweet color really contrasts lighter eye colors and works well even with ivory or porcelain skin tones. For a dramatic approach, flat iron your hair and run smoothing serum along your strands for pin straight locks. Part your hair down the middle and you’re ready to go!

5Candied Low-Lights

A perfect way to get a hint of color without a full commitment: low-lights. Pair a dark brunette or black with a warm caramel low-light for a sexy, unexpected color combo. Curl your hair wide a wide barrel curling iron for more glamour: the loose curls will be perfect for showing off unexpected caramel hues. This color combination looks best with darker skin tones, but feel free to try out regardless of your complexion!

6Warm Ombre Gradient

Take a page from Lauren Conrad’s book: a brunette to caramel to blonde gradient is both beautiful and dazzling. This is definitely one color combination you will want to visit a professional to achieve, as it is pertinent your colors blend seamlessly with one another. After coloring, style your ends in curls to show off this lovely color combination.

7Dreamy Caramel Cast

Not everyone needs a full dye job to pull off caramel tresses! Copy Ashley Tisdale’s stunning color by getting a caramel wash over light brunette hair. Washes fade quickly, so this is a look that will require touching up if you want to maintain it. Once colored, however, any styling will show off your unique new ‘do.

8Sunny Glow

The combination of bright caramel low-lights with an all over color create a sexy, sunny hue. When paired with feathered layers and skinny curls, your hair will be unstoppable! Use a curling wand to create light, bouncy curls and separate with your fingers to show off your new caramel hues.

9Dazzling Contrasts

Another example of a high-contrast, high-appeal color duo that utilizes caramel low-lights with a dark base color. For a color combo that’s so conflicting, longer locks are highly recommended. Curl your hair with a wide barrel after coloring to ensure a more seamless, dramatic color representation.

10Beachy Waves and Bouncy Color

Nothing says “summertime fun” like blonde hair and beachy waves! Put a new spin on the classic sun-and-sand look by getting an all-over caramel color and then highlighting with a light or golden blonde. Spritz your hair with sea salt spray and curl with a wand, scrunching with your fingers to add in more texture. Say goodbye to boring hair with this sunny color combo!

11Curls Aflame

This look is particularly dramatic and gives viewers the illusion of burning flames. It is created by pairing brunette locks with a mix of auburn and caramel balayage; this is another coloring that we strongly recommend you do not attempt at home. After your stylist has finished coloring, styling with a curling iron and hair spray will create the effect of dazzling flames woven into your hair.

12Gradient Highlight

Thick, chunky caramel highlights that fade as they go across your hair create a fun, cheeky color. This works best when paired with a darker base: brunettes and even dark reds are a good match with this quirky highlights. For added fun, apply this color to a bob or other shorter hairstyle for more drama and glam appeal!

13Raspberries & Caramel

Thin, peek-a-boo caramel highlights combined with a rich burgundy create a stunning color combination that is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a die hard redhead whose been itching to try this warm new hue, this color combination is for you! For added drama, keep your hair pin straight with the help of a flat iron and smoothing serum. Layering your hair is strongly recommended so that you can best see the caramel strands.

14Caramel-Dipped Delight

This color combination mixes our beloved caramel with a bright auburn for a fun, flaming effect! Have a professional balayage or ombre your hair with a mixture of the two shades over a dark base for a dramatic color trio that works well with darker skin colors or lighter eyes. Flip your ends with a flat iron to better seperate and blend the colors!

15Color Washed Blonde

For our blonde babes who want to try caramel without ditching their lusciously light locks, this color is perfect for you! Get a caramel wash over blonde hair: lighter blondes work best for this, but even gold will work well. This color looks especially glamorous with shorter styles, so pair with a sideswept pixie for the most dramatic results. For an added bonus: color your brows gold or caramel to match your new ‘do.

16Sweet Box Braids

Box braids are a beautiful, dramatic style that works especially well with ethnic hair. When paired with all-over caramel color, the result is even more stunning! This warm, candy-hued color looks beautiful with darker skin tones and can bring out flecks of green and amber in darker eyes. As your hair grows out and is re-braided, the new growth will look stunning against the caramel length.

17Sensational Streaks

Caramel highlights are a great way to make a commitment to the color without sacrificing your original shade! Have your stylist create layers of highlights in various width for a three-dimensional, sensational color that works well over any base color. To avoid dull hair, make sure to have your hair properly layered and feathered before attempting this color combo.

18Peek-a-Boo Treat

Caramel highlights on the underside of pre-existing dark hair look lovely and chic. Keep your top layers dark and have thin highlights on the following layers, but be careful: anything too chunky will look a bit comical when your hair is down again. Pair this color combo with straight locks or curls–the possibilities are endless! A shine serum will keep your color looking brighter for longer, so be sure to invest in a high quality product for post-heat styling.

19Caramel Ombre

A dramatic caramel ombre can easily make the jump from ‘sweet’ to ‘starlet’ when paired with the right makeup and outfit. Pair your caramel with a dark brunette or even dark auburn for the best effect. Have your hair ombred and curl with a wide barrel curling iron, setting with hairspray. Select a bright red lipstick to pair with your new locks or a studded leather jacket (or both, like Rihanna here!)

20Natural Caramel

Who says caramel color has to look unnatural or bold? Have your stylist create a multi-dimensional color by mixing caramel, blonde, and brunette for a color combination that looks as natural and flawless as the one your had before your stylist’s chair. Since this combination relies on multiple layers of color, you can mix and match your hair’s style without worrying about awkward highlight placements or uneven strands of color!



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