25 Inverted Bob Haircuts

25 Inverted Bob Haircuts For Fashionistas

If you’re looking for a short or medium haircut with lots of style and sass, an inverted bob is the perfect choice. With longer hair in the front and lots of volume at the roots, this ultra versatile haircut works for professional women who want a sleek style, or younger women who want fun, bouncy hair that still allows them to play with styling and color. Because inverted bobs can be heavily layered or lightly textured, they work for any hair type, and adding bangs is an easy way to punch up the style to suit a particular face shape. If you’re thinking of making a fashionable update with your hair, take a look at our favorite 25 inverted bob haircuts.

1Inverted Lob With Soft Curls

This inverted cut is long enough to tie in a ponytail or bun, but short enough to be bouncy and fun. With textured ends and subtle layering in the back and face framing highlights in longer pieces at the front, this style has technical perfection while being appropriate for everyday wear.

2Sleek Blonde Bob

This sleek blonde bob has a precision A-line that’s really shown off when hair is styled straight, but looks nice in curled styles too. If you try this cut, prepare to get frequent trims to keep your style looking crisp.

3Shaggy Inverted Bob

Cut with three distinct layers and a heavy, side swept fringe, this shaggy bob is a fun and funky alternative to sleek, more professional looking cuts. Because this style creates fullness a the sides of the face, it’s especially flatting on women with long face shapes, while those with full cheeks might want to try a look with less layering.

4Balayage Bob

Concentrating highlights at the front of the face, this golden buttery balayage is the hottest color trend, and looks just as good on bob length cuts as women with super long locks. This type of highlighting involving multiple layered colors is difficult to recreate at home, and is best left to a trusted professional stylist.

5Raspberry Inverted Bob

The perfect pairing of pastel pinks and purples makes this bob look like a tasty raspberry sorbet. We think this is one rainbow dye job that looks good on anyone, and it’s a great way to add a new standout element to your style.

6Blonde Waves Bob

With lazy waves that look soft and natural, this blonde style is the perfect marriage of chic cut and a laid back, summery color. Concentrating the lightest, platinum shade near the face helps to bring attention forward, and creates a bright, dimensional style that will create serious hair envy in everyone you meet.

7Soft Balayage Bob

Longer bobs like this one are perfecting for adding balayage color that brightens up the style without going for an all over color change.

8Textured Bob

This bob has tons of texture at the ends, helping the cut look bouncy instead of thick and bottom heavy. If you’ve got thinner hair that doesn’t hold up to being heavily layered, this is a good alternative to a blunt cut.

9Layered Inverted Bob

The layers in this haircut help to add volume to the style, while the ashy blonde color is one of the most sophisticated ways to wear a lighter shade, and adds dimension to help hair appear thicker. If you have super fine hair, these layers could make your hair look flat, but they work wonders to thin out a full head of hair that tends to look bulky in a blunt style.

10Chocolate Lob

One of the more low-key styles on our list, this inverted bob is easy for women with busy lives. Spend time styling it to perfection one day, and wear it in a ponytail when you’re short on time. If you’re looking to grow out a shorter cut, this is a great in between style to aim for.

11Dimensional Red And Blonde

If you’re looking for a bold color combination but have a shorter bob that’s tough to pair with ombre, try this all over dimensional highlighting technique. It helps to make hair look thicker, and adds flair and interest that you didn’t even know you were missing with your flat color style.

12Inverted Bob With Bangs

These bangs are short without being micro length, landing half way between the hairline and eyebrows. Be sure to invest in a mini flat iron before you get this look, and be prepared to spend extra time styling them in the morning.

13Steep Angle Bob

This steep angle bob is the perfect power haircut for professional women. Expertly done highlighting looks natural and multidimensional, bringing a chic radiance that flat color often lacks. If you want to dress down this style for a more casual occasion, try styling in a braided, pinned up look.

14Braided Bob

While ultra long braids are very popular at the moment, a braided bob like this one makes hair more manageable, takes less time to install, and doesn’t weigh on natural hair as heavily. Try this style out if you’re looking for a box braided style that’s shorter and more laid back, especially if waist-length hair is too much hassle for your day-to-day life.

15Short Choppy Bob With Bangs

The layers and texture in this bob give it a choppy appearance that balances nicely with the dark shade and straight styling. We love this style for thick haired women who are looking for a bob haircut that doesn’t feel chunky, and the raven shade mixed with an edgier short cut makes the style look like it was ripped from the pages of a comic book.

16Chin Length Bob

This honey colored bob has become Mary J Blige’s signature hairstyle. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting to feel chic and put together in a professional setting, or looking to move away from a more immature look.

17Inverted Bob With Baby Bangs

Pairing these bangs with an inverted bob makes for a deliberate style that never looks lazy. These super short baby bangs are a bold choice that come with amazing results, putting focus on your eyes and taking years off of your appearance. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, consider that they’ll require daily styling unless you have pin-straight hair.

18Green Ombre Bob

With all sorts of rainbow hues being worn right now, this green ombre bob looks chic and not overly edgy. The combination of black hair with a turquoise green ombre is especially eye-catching, but requires chemical lightening beforehand, and is best left in the hands of a trusted professional stylist.

19Purple Streak Bob

If you want to add a pop of color to your bob without going for ombre or all over highlighting, try adding a streak of color to the longer pieces that frame your face. Because this is a subtle look, it might be one you want to attempt at home, especially if you’ve got lighter hair that won’t require bleaching beforehand.

20Soft Red Bob

The soft bang in this bob helps balance out the sleek aspects of the chin length look. We especially love this muted red shade, which makes a nice alternative to intense red colors that can look harsh against some skin tones. As with any red, this color tends to fade fast, but shampooing less frequently with sulphate free products can help preserve your shade.

21Inverted Espresso Lob

This inverted lob features a dramatic difference in length between back and front, making it easy to wear up or down. The ends have texture added to keep them from looking too thick or bulky, but won’t make fine haired women feel like they’ve lost volume.

22Red Ombre Bob

Touches of red ombre at the ends of this bob help to highlight the subtle angle and add an extra pop of colour. An intense red shade like this looks especially nice against deeper skin tones, while fair skinned women might want to opt for a lighter, gingery hue.

23Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

This inverted bob has an asymmetrical detail that sets it apart from an everyday cut. This edgy silhouette makes the perfect style if you’re looking for a new, unique detail that doesn’t involve drastically changing your hair’s color.

24Inverted Lob With Bangs

With very contrasting lengths from back to front, this cut is ideal for straight styling. The thick bangs that land just below the eyebrows are a great choice for anyone trying to shorten the appearance of their face, and they allow more room for error in styling compared to shorter bangs.

25Purple Pastel Bob

If you’re looking for a chic cut with a bold edge, try mixing the classic silhouette of an inverted bob with this ultra trendy silvery pastel shade. This silvery lavender shade looks nice against complexions with warm undertones, while extra fair ladies may want to opt for a warmer, peachy shade.



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