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30 Maroon Hair Color Ideas

For anyone who can’t decide between regular brunette or a vibrant shade of pure red, maroon hair color is the perfect in-between. A brown-tinged crimson hair color, maroon styles come in a variety of hues from light and dusty to deep and intense, meaning there’s a shade in this color family that can compliment any skin tone. We love maroon colors for fall, but you can mix them with copper or blonde highlights to create a warm and sunny palette for spring or summer. If you’re not a natural redhead, getting this shade to stick around on your strands can take some extra attention, and we recommend using sulfate-free shampoo on your fresh dye job. For more hair color inspo, take a look at 30 of our favorite new sultry maroon hair color ideas.

1Subtle Maroon Balayage

A subtle shade of muted maroon creates a sophisticated looking balayage style over natural black hair. Try this dusty hue if you’re looking for a maroon look that’s simple but sultry.

2Vibrant Maroon

Vibrant maroon and magenta mix together to create this incredibly bold all-over color style. These deep, saturated shades are an excellent choice for women with deeper complexions, especially for those with olive or golden skin tones.

3Gradient Maroon Color

If you’re looking for a multidimensional color style that plays up the technical elements of a shorter haircut like a bob, ombre and balayage styles won’t always work with your existing haircut. Featuring a super smooth gradient color that transitions from a deep reddish brown shade in the back to a medium vibrant maroon around the face, this is the perfect color technique to accent shorter cuts.

4Maroon With Ginger Balayage

A subtle maroon base color gets some serious warmth with the addition of a gingery blonde balayage. This is a perfect color palette for fall, but can work well in other seasons, especially if you’re looking to warm up your existing maroon hair color for summer.

5Maroon Eggplant Layered Color

With a dark eggplant base shade and maroon and magenta color in face framing layers, this is a great example of how you can use vibrant hair colors within the same family to create a bold look full of natural depth and texture.

6Blonde With Maroon Ombre

Put a dramatic touch on the ends of your light blonde hair with a deep maroon ombre. Making a dark-to-light transition is much easier than going the other way, meaning anyone who’s already a blonde will be be able to get this maroon look quite easily.

7Deep Maroon

This deep maroon hair color features purplish tones to create a perfect burgundy brown look. You can wear this shade with natural curls or straight hair, but it’s especially radiant against dark or tan complexions with green undertones.

8Rusty Maroon

This almost natural looking rusty red maroon is a nice way to darken up your hair if you’re a natural redhead, or to bring a new surge of color to your existing shade of blonde or brunette. As one of the more low-key maroon hair colors on our list, this is a great shade to try out if you’re on the fence about a bold hair color.

9Intense Maroon

While multidimensional and highlighted styles can be a great way to add depth to your hair color, choosing a single intense color can create a look that’s simple yet chic.

10Soft Maroon Highlights

These super soft maroon highlights add depth to a darker burgundy base color without standing out too much. For ladies who like to keep their hairstyle looking simple but sophisticated, this maroon color offers up something a little bit different without being too over-the-top.

11Maroon Shadow Root

Darker shadow roots are quite popular with blonde or vibrant hair colors, with the root usually being a medium to dark brown shade. This silvery white hair features a bold maroon color that makes the shadow root the focal point of the hairstyle. While this maroon shadow root is certainly eye-catching, it will require more upkeep than an exposed root in your natural hair color.

12Maroon Violet Balayage

Pink-tinged maroon mixed with a deeper purple violet creates a beautiful hair color that reminds us of a rare flower or the plumage of an exotic jungle bird. These vibrant shades play wonderfully off of natural dark hair, and compliment darker skin tones.

13Coppery Maroon Color Blend

A blended style featuring two fairly close shades of copper and maroon creates this fun hair color style that’s perfect for summer or fall. If you’ve been intrigued by the orangey blonde “blorange” hair trend but think your skin tone looks better against a darker shade, this copper maroon style offers up a perfect compromise.

14Dark Maroon Balayage

A dark maroon balayage can bring some extra depth to your darker hair color. When applied with thick, painted on brush strokes, this is the perfect technique to make your natural waves or heat styled curls really pop.

15Medium Maroon

Not quite natural red but not as unnatural looking as a pure pink or purple shade, this jewel toned maroon style is the perfect shade of brownish crimson for medium and dark skin tones.

16Maroon Ombre

This dip-dyed ombre style adds a touch of maroon color to the ends of long hair without completely taking over the entire look. If you’re unsure how maroon hair will look right up against your face, this ombre style allows you to try out the shade without worrying about complexion clashes.

17Raspberry Maroon Color Melt

One of the most luxurious styles on our list, this maroon hair color melts from a darker shade at the roots to a light and dusty raspberry at the ends. If you love vibrant hair color and want yours to look like a million dollars, this rich maroon color melt is the style for you.

18Maroon Sombre

A dusting of maroon color at the ends that’s been well blended into a dark brown base color helps create a subtle ombre (or sombre) hair color style that’s perfect for experimenting with maroon for your first time.

19Maroon With Blonde Peekaboo

If you absolutely can’t live with a single tone hair color, peekaboo highlights offer up a great way to add extra color without committing to regular salon maintenance.

20Maroon With Dark Copper Balayage

Whether you’ve been wearing maroon hair for a while or you’re looking for a two-toned style for your first foray into wearing the color, this dark copper balayage is the perfect accompaniment. These highlights will warm up your style for fall or winter, and make a nice contrast against green or blue eyes.

21Dark Maroon

This intense dark shade of maroon looks extra bold when paired with similar shades in eyebrow and lip color.

22Maroon Lowlights

Maroon color applied at the roots and distributed throughout this platinum blonde hairstyle helps to create an interesting color pattern that mimics light and shadow. And for anyone with thin or more finely textured hair, lowlights like these can create the illusion of a thicker mane.

23Subtle Maroon Ombre

With a rusty maroon shade at the ends of only some pieces of hair, this maroon ombre style is a lovely way to warm up your brown hair without needing to lighten all of your strands.

24Maroon Sheen

The lightest hint of maroon color creates a reddish sheen over black or dark brown hair that will come alive in the sunlight. Try this color out if you’re hesitant to wear vibrant hair colors or if you work in a professional field where only a small bit of personal expression is allowed.

25Wispy Maroon Balayage

Maroon balayage highlights applied in thin, wispy strips create a delicate color pattern that helps to highlight both curled and straight hairstyles.

26Maroon Peekaboo

A panel of peekaboo maroon highlighting down the sides of naturally black hair will create subtle pops of color throughout the day depending on how your wear your hair. This peekaboo look is easy to grow out, and offers up a nice way to try this color for the first time before committing to a more all-over maroon style.

27Maroon With Dusty Highlights

A vibrant maroon with some dusty pink highlights creates this electric, fantasy-inspired hairstyle that brings extra life to ultra long locks.

28Maroon Highlights

If you’re not sure about the balayage and ombre hair color trends, try a style with more evenly distributed highlights. This style brings a fun pop of maroon color to dark brown hair without completely making over or dramatically altering your hairstyle.

29Peekaboo Maroon Blonde

If you’re not quite ready to give up your blonde status, adding in some peekaboo highlights in a contrasting color can be a good way to test the waters. These strands of dark maroon add definite contrast, but aren’t so in-your-face that they dominate the hairstyle.

30Vibrant Layered Maroon

An ultra bright maroon layered over a darker burgundy creates this rich and dimensional shade that brings a major wow factor to waist-length locks or a collarbone grazing bob.



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