purple ombre hair color ideas


30 Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you love trendy color techniques and bright shades that break apart traditional hair rules, a purple ombre hairstyle can take your look from bland and boring to bold and vibrant this season. From the lightest lilac to deep eggplant that almost looks black, purple ombre looks great against any natural or dyed base color, but you’ll want to select a shade that compliments both your existing hair color and skin tone. Scroll down to see 30 of our favorite purple ombre hairstyles and to read tips about which will look best on you.

1Chocolate Violet Style

If you’re going for a subtle purple ombre look (which is totally possible), you’ll want to choose a shade of purple that is as dark or light as your base color. For a deep chocolate brown or  natural black base color, this means going for a deep shade like this ultra-dark violet. Although these colors don’t look too different, you’ll still have to lighten your dark hair before going purple, which can take time and effort, especially if it’s been recently dyed.

2Multitonal Pastel Ombre

A medium-dark reddish brown base color and these bright purple tones make for a really interesting color dynamic in ombre style. Both warm and cool shades of purple make this a busy look that’s best suited to women with neutral undertones in their skin.

3Purple on Platinum

Light pinkish-purple ombre looks incredibly chic with this platinum white base color. These two light colors together look nice against fair and medium complexions, and their mix of warm and cool shades mean they’ll also look nice against a variety of skin tones. If you’ve already got platinum hair, these purple ombre highlights can be yours without any additional lightening!

4Eggplant On Natural Black

Another lovely example of a subtle purple ombre on dark hair, this deep eggplant shade creates a dark and luxurious looking style. If you’ve been looking for ways to switch up your dark hair without going for a drastically lighter look, this style has the perfect blend of sultry dark colors.

5Dimensional Purple Ombre

Bright magenta and a darker, cool purple are mixed together in the ombre sections of this hair color, meaning it can work well for neutral skin tones. The combination of purple ombre and a natural light brown base color is quite bold and unexpected, making it a great color choice for a summer spent bouncing from one sun-filled activity to the next.

6Icy Periwinkle Ombre

Dark and moody purple roots look trendy and chic with an icy shade of periwinkle ombre. Although purple-on-purple ombre might sound like overkill, the dusty tone throughout this purple ombre style helps to give it a dramatic, almost Victorian feel.

7Bold Ombre Curls

Long curls provide a great canvas for any ombre color, but the pictured style demonstrates how rich purples really pop against dark roots and deep skin tones. We love this color when worn with gold accessories, which can include earrings and mae-up with shimmery golden pigments.

8Vibrant Face Framing Ombre

Beginning an ombre color higher up around the face helps to frame and highlight your features and creates a more natural looking ombre. Because the purple will be right up against your face, choosing a color that compliments your complexion is very important. This vibrant jewel-tone looks incredible against medium and deep skin with yellow or olive undertones, and does a bang-up job of bringing out green or gold flecks in your eyes.

9Muted Greyish Lavender Style

Fair-skinned ladies will find that very light and pastel purples look best against their faces, but be careful not to choose a color that’s too similar to your skin. If you’ve got cool skin that can look bluish in certain light, a warmer shade of lilac will help to bring out peachy tones in your cheeks, while fair but warm-skinned ladies look nice wearing this dusty, greyish lavender shade.

10Violet & Magenta Ombre

A mixture of vibrant magenta and violet shades turns this golden blonde hairstyle into a fun art project. If you’re looking for a carefree way to put some new life in your blonde hairstyle, this purple ombre color looks funky and unexpected, and will become more subtle and pastel as it fades.

11Dusty Lavender Ombre

For a bigger purple contrast against a dark base color, this dusty lavender ombre provides the right mixture of shade and dimension. Because the ombre begins lower down, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about how this lavender looks against your face.

12Vibrant Magenta Tips

A bright shade of magenta at the tips of hair is a great accent color for dark brunettes will warm, reddish undertones. By adding just a few inches of purple at the end of long hair, you leave yourself with more options for future styles and colors if repeated lightening is hard on your hair.

13Dirty Blonde With Heather Ombre

Dark, dirty blonde roots and a heather purple ombre create an incredibly sophisticated looking color palette. If you want a purple ombre style that looks salon-perfect rather than hippie-DIY, this is the perfect look for you.

14Sleek Purple On Black Ombre

This medium, jewel-tone purple creates a bold pop of color against natural black hair. The overall look is sleek thanks to an expertly applied ombre that works with hair’s natural shape instead of looking too abrupt or dip-dyed.

15Purple Ombre Ends

These purple ombre ends are a fun way to switch up your golden blonde color without fully committing to a darker look.

16Grey and Lilac Ombre Style

If natural colors are just aren’t your jam, this purple-on-grey ombre style will have you feeling like an otherworldly goddess. Wearing this style for a long period of time might be hard on your hair, so we don’t recommend going for this exact look unless you’ve got strong, healthy strands.

17Electric Purple Ombre

Electric purple provides a perfect contrast to this natural dark brown base color, and the ombre is nicely applied so that is accentuates spiral curls at varying heights.

18Lavender Ombre Dip Dye

A tiny touch of lavender dip dye is the perfect summer accessory to your medium brown base color. If you’ve been thinking about cutting off several inches of hair, this is a fun style to wear beforehand without needing to worry about how your ends will fare.

19Purple On Blue Ombre Style

Another ultra-bold purple ombre look, this style mixes icy blue roots with a vibrant violet ombre. If you’re a seasoned hair dyeing pro who has worn every color under the sun, this fun look offers up something new to try.

20Long Pastel Ombre

A subtle, dusty purple shade throughout the base color of this style helps to make the pastel purple ends look like a natural progression instead of two starkly contrasting colors.

21Natural Violet Ombre

We love the DIY aesthetic that comes from mixing a natural brown or blonde shade with a vibrant color like in this purple ombre. While braided styling really helps to bring out the complimentary colors, this purple ombre style will look great no matter how you wear it.

22Chic Purple Ombre

This gorgeous purple ombre style is as high-fashion as they come, and all of its shades look amazing against skin with olive or yellow undertones.

23Dip Dyed Purple on Black

A long, blunt haircut makes a good canvas for an edgy ombre style that features sharp margins between its two colors.

24Romantic Purple Ombre

Dark auburn and muted purple create an ultra romantic color palette that can bring out a rosy glow in fair-skinned complexions.

25Purple on Purple Ombre

If you’re ready to fully commit to purple, this vibrant ombre style can bring you a full head of the royal color in a super luxurious way.

26Vibrant Purple Ends

This vibrant purple dip-dye is a nice accent for dark brown hair, but will fade into something lighter and pastel without fairly frequent upkeep.

27Bluish Purple Ombre

The cool, light tones in this purple ombre style provide a nice contrast to medium-dark complexions with warm undertones, while looking incredibly stylish and luxe.

28Antique Purple Ombre

This muted purple looks grown up and sophisticated against black hair, and is a mature enough shade of purple that you’ll be able to wear it at most workplaces.

29Muted Grape Ombre

This purple shade reminds us of grape-flavored candy, and makes a scrumptious summertime addition to your blonde hair. If your hair pulls some natural reddish tones or you’ve dyed it a specific strawberry blonde, this grape shade creates an extra delicious color blend.

30Light Lavender Ombre

Light pastel lavender is a big departure from naturally black or dark brown hair, but this style works by embracing the contrast. Don’t think that purple hair means you have to play it safe with your wardrobe: this gorgeous floral top proves that purple hair looks fashionable with a wide range of patterns and prints.



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