30 stacked bob haircuts

30 Stacked Bob Haircuts

Short haircuts can be professional, edgy, or anything in between. Stacked bob haircuts in particular, with a series of shorter layers in the back and longer pieces around the face, have become one of the most sophisticated and popular short hairstyles among women. This is one haircut you definitely don’t want to attempt at home, as it takes an expert’s eye and skills with shears to get the layered look just right. When it’s done properly, a stacked bob eliminates heaviness from nape of the neck, creating instant volume at the crown of the head, especially for thick haired women. Stacked bobs are perfect for dimensional or peekaboo color, which can add even more depth to the layered look. If you’re looking for a sophisticated look that’s on the shorter side, you’ll love our 30 favorite stacked bob haircuts for women:

1Classic Stacked Bob

With layers in the back and longer pieces in the front, this is a classic example of the stacked bob. For busy women, especially those with straight hair, this stacked bob is the perfect style for mixing ease with sophistication.

2Classic Stacked Bob With Highlights

If you’re looking to enhance your classic stacked bob haircut, try adding highlights throughout the top layer of hair. When properly placed by an expert colorist, the finished product will be a bob that looks impossibly thick.

3Long In Front Stacked Bob

This burgundy bob features a more dramatic difference between lengths in the front and back, and a choppier technique is used throughout. With more distinct layers that don’t seamlessly blend into each other, this stacked bob looks best on women looking for an edgier style.

4Piecey Copper Stack

With lots of piecey layers, this stacked copper bob looks light as a feather, and is a perfect choice for women with straight hair that’s resistant to heat styling.

5Short Stacked Bob

In the shortest stacked bobs, hair is layered so high in the back that it’s very closely cropped at the nape of the neck, and sometimes even undercut with clippers. Losing this much bulk can be tough for fine haired women, but it makes for a lighter and more manageable style if you were born with thicker hair.

6Red And Blonde Stacked Bob

The stacked layers in this cut are excellent for showing off dimensional color like this bob with pieces of red, copper and blonde. If you’re going from long hair to a bob, be prepared to touch up color more frequently, as grown out roots tend to look sloppy on shorter styles.

7Stacked Bob With Bangs

Textured ends make the stacked layers in this cut look feather light, offering a perfect contrast to the straight blunt bangs. Because each element of this haircut looks purposeful and deliberate, you’ll never look like your style was an afterthought.

8Stacked A-Line Bob

Almost looking like two different haircuts, Victoria Beckham’s iconic bob is cut with stacked layers in the back, while the front features longer pieces of a fairly uniform length. The final product has tons of structure, but still softly frames the face, leaving no surprise that this was one of the most copied celebrity haircuts ever.

9Shaggy Stacked Bob

With wispy layers all around that are more concentrated in the back, this stacked bob looks softer and more casual than some of its sleek counterparts.

10Stacked Bob With Long Pieces

The choppy cut of the layers in the back of this bob contrast nicely with the feathery texture of the longer pieces in front. Use of color is another interesting element seen here, with a deep copper shade applied to the longest pieces and through some layers in the back.

11Steep Angle Stacked Bob

To accommodate such a steep angle in a bob that’s shorter than chin length, the back of this style has been strategically undercut. We love this stacked bob for thick haired women who are looking to shed some heaviness in their hair.

12Rainbow Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is a popular choice among professional women, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be mixed with trendy rainbow hues. This particular style features a vibrant mixture of pinks, violets, and greens, and the layered colors add extra depth to the style.

13Stacked Pixie Bob

Bob in the front and pixie in the back, this hybrid style is ideal for busy, professional women who are serious about their hairstyle but short on time to get ready in the morning.

14Stacked Bob With Side Shave

Looking like a classic stacked bob from one side and an edgy undercut on the other, this haircut makes a bold style statement. If you’re dying to try this style but concerned about growing out an undercut later on, make your side shave low enough that it can be hidden by adjusting your part and covering it with longer pieces of hair.

15Layered Honey Bob

This layered bob is light and bouncy in the front, with feathery textured face framing pieces in a warm honey color. Keeping things simple in the back saves on styling time, and makes the front pieces pop even more.

16Close Cropped Stack

Another bob/pixie hybrid, this stacked bob haircut loses all length at the nape of the neck, making for a crisp, presentable style. You’ll need to get frequent trims to maintain this style, as grown out hair at the nape of the neck can look sloppy quite quickly.

17Touch Of Pink Bob

This young, fun take on a stacked bob haircut features a faint touch of pink at some of the ends, proving that playful styles don’t have to be over the top.

18Oil Slick Bob

The trendy oil slick color style features blues, purples and greens layered under black hair so that they peek out occasionally as hair moves. While you can wear this trend with any length of hair, it’s perfect for a layered cut with lots of movement, and you’ll be playing with your stacked bob all day just to show off your peekaboo color.

19Silvery Stacked Pixie Bob

This silvery shade with purple and blue highlights looks like an iridescent seashell shining in the sun, and brings a young, fun element to a stacked pixie bob haircut.

20Wavy Stacked Style

Dressing up a stacked bob can be tough, since they’re usually too short to put in an updo. Adding these simple waves with a curling wand or flat iron can instantly refresh your style, making it bouncy and ready for a night out.

21Ombre Bob

If you want to try an ombre color with your stacked bob, try opting for a haircut that’s on the longer side, and choose an ombre color that flatters and compliments your skin tone.

22Burgundy Stacked Style

This classic stacked bob haircut gets a dose of fun with a rich, burgundy color that’ll help it stand out from the pack.

23Short Bob With Bangs

This super short bob looks like a ’20s-inspired vintage style, but textured ends and stacked layers at the back give it modern wearability.

24Soft Copper Stacked Style

This softly stacked bob features more subtle layering in the back, making it a good starter style for anyone who’s trying out a bob for the first time.

25Geometric Stacked Bob

Putting a unique and ultra edgy spin on the typical stacked bob haircut, this style features a geometric cut-out around the ear with some shaved undercutting beneath. You can make this an asymmetrical style or try the cut-outs on each side, being prepared that this detail will make your hair difficult to grow out into a longer style that can be tied into an updo.

26Glam Bob

With maximum volume all around, this glamorous stacked bob looks like a short-haired version of a big, Southern Belle hairstyle.

27Tousled Stacked Bob

For anyone who hates dealing with a flat iron in the morning, this style is proof that a stacked bob doesn’t have to be worn with super straight hair. Apply a mousse or texturizing cream to damp hair, and blow dry on a low setting without using a brush to achieve this perfectly tousled look.

28Stacked Bob With Undercut

The layers in the back of this haircut come just high enough to show off an undercut nape, making the style edgy without being too over the top. Once you’ve tried this style out, you might want to go higher in the back next time you get trimmed, but this is a great starting point for newcomers to a shaved nape style.

29Bouncy Stacked Bob

Full of layers that provide a crazy amount of volume, this bouncy stacked bob is proof that shorter haircuts don’t have to look overly sleek or ironed down.

30Long Stacked Bob

Longer than a typical stacked bob, this style features almost no layering in the longer, face framing pieces, while softly stacked layers are still present in the back. This longer style is a great choice for women who are trying out their first stacked bob haircut.



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