Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Haircuts For Women Over 50

Women in their 50s have spent enough time hearing people telling them how they should look and what they should act like. Coming into the decade where you’re at your most confident and self-assured, the best hairstyles for women over 50 are flattering cuts that reflect each woman’s personal style. Instead of following every new trend that pops up, these chic haircuts blend modern fashion with classic silhouettes that won’t look dated in five years. Whether you’re thinking about making a big change or just looking to refine your existing style, these 35 hairstyles for women over 50 offer up the kind of high quality haircut you deserve.

1Long Piecey Pixie

With the perfect amount of texture cut into long piecey bangs, Sharon Stone’s bold hairstyle is the perfect edgy cut for a woman of any age who exudes confidence first and beauty second.

2Soft Layered Bob

If you’re finding that your hair’s texture has become more coarse with age, the soft layers in this bob can help create a more manageable style than long, unruly hair. Add in a wispy, side-swept bang to help frame your face and balance out a larger forehead.

3Soft Curls Medium Cut

This medium length hairstyle doesn’t have many layers cut into it, making it a great option for women with hair that’s beginning to thin. By styling curls beginning partway down the hair’s strands this look adds volume to the bottom half of the face, a trick that can balance out a heart-shaped face or larger forehead.

4Sleek A-Line Bob

This sleek, perfectly styled A-line bob projects serious power and confidence.

5Swept Back Pixie hairstyle for Round Face

Shorter haircuts can be difficult to style differently for a special event. Emma Thompson’s red carpet style sweeps a longer pixie up and away from her face in a simple yet elegant style. For women with round faces, styling hair with more volume at the top of your head will help this haircut add length to the shape of your face.

6Medium Layers With Side-Swept Bangs

These soft medium layers offer up an easy way to get a chic style whether you’re wearing your hair up or down. Side-swept bangs look good on just about everyone’s face, but they’re especially flattering on heart-shaped faces.

7Natural Glamour Curls

Halle Berry’s red carpet appearance at the 2017 Academy Awards generated huge buzz online, mostly thanks to her incredible natural curls. After the iconic pixie and straighter styles that shaped her look in previous decades, Halle is proof that your 50s are definitely the right time to debut a new, buzz-worthy style.

8Tousled Pixie

Ellen’s tousled pixie cut is a great example of how a short, clean cut can open up your face. If you’ve been clinging to the same safe hairstyle for the last decade, a close-cropped haircut like this can be a game changer.

9Long Waves With Side Swept Bangs

A long side-swept bang helps to widen the appearance of a long face, and makes a nice addition to any longer hairstyle for women who prefer to part their hair to the side.

10Centre Parted Waves

Loose and messy waves are the perfect style for looking low-key but sexy. A centre part allows some hair to fall on each side of the face, making this a good haircut for women with round faces, as it creates the illusion of slimmer cheeks.

11Short Natural Curls

Wearing her natural curls in a short but expertly sculpted haircut, Viola Davis’ incredible eyes become the focal point of attention.

12Spiral Curls

If you’ve spent years fighting your naturally curly hair with flat irons and blowouts, let your 50s bring on a new era of embracing your natural texture. Take the time and money you spend forcing your hair to lay flat and invest it in a gentle smoothing treatment to reduce frizz without stripping your hair of its texture.

13Curled Lob

With a center part and curls directed away from the face, Robin Wright’s red carpet style looks like a modern update on the famous feathered hairstyles of the ’70s. This vintage-inspired style will open up your face and works well with everything from a sexy satin dress to your everyday workwear.

14Lazy Waves

Lazy waves are an easy style option that every woman should keep in mind when she needs to look fabulous in five minutes. Quickly wrap sections of your medium or long hair around the barrel of a curling wand to recreate this look, and don’t be afraid to loosen waves with your fingers to keep them from looking too defined.

15Long Natural Curls

This look is perfect for any woman who likes her hair as bold as her personality. While many women gravitate towards shorter hairstyles in middle age, wearing your natural curls long isn’t exclusively a younger woman’s style.

16Soft Spikes Pixie

Unlike some pixies that feature significantly longer hair on the top of the head, this style keeps hair at a fairly uniform length all around, making styling quick and easy. Leave a few longer pieces in the bangs to frame your face and provide texture and definition.

17Retro Curls

If you like sultry styles that are simple to pull off, these retro curls offer up a glamorous way to wear your medium to long hair for a special occasion.

18Round Cut Natural Curls

Tapering natural curls to be shorter around the back and sides creates a round shape in your natural curls that will help soften an angular face.

19Soft Side Parted Style

A deep side part can be hard to pull off if your hair is all one length, but long side-swept layers help to balance this haircut perfectly.

20Long In Front Pixie

This incredibly chic shorter haircut is the perfect style for sophisticated, confident women.

21Pixie Shag

Momager to the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner is a style icon in her own right, proving that shorter haircuts in your 50s can be sleek and sophisticated. Shaggy layers keep this pixie feeling light, while longer pieces give it tons of movement and provide a bevy of styling options.

22Asymmetrical Bob

This asymmetrical bob puts a unique spin on the classic haircut, and its deep centre part and soft waves help to widen the appearance of the face.

23Mid Length Twists

This twisted hairstyle puts all of the emphasis on Wanda Sykes’ face, perfectly matching her bold personality. Using a twist technique allows for some control over natural curls that have grown a little longer.

24Centre Parted Bangs

Long, centre-parted bangs blend seamlessly into this layered cut that can help add bouncy volume to hair that’s starting to feel coarse or dry.

25Subtle Waves

These subtle waves add a tiny hint of texture to straight hair in just a couple of minutes. Keep this style in mind for days when you need to run from a busy day at work to an important event immediately afterwards.

26French Bob

The epitome of elegance, this french bob is a chic haircut for women of any age. Wear it with a side part and swept away from the face for maximum dramatic effect, or opt for a more simple center part for your day-to-day look.

27Mid Length Layer Cut

While this mid length layered cut has plenty of bounce and body, styling it with a centre part helps to create a curtain around the face that flatters women with round faces like Cameron Diaz.

28Super Long & Luscious

If Carrie Bradshaw was your ultimate style inspiration during Sex And The City‘s heyday, you’re probably still taking hairstyle cues from Sarah Jessica Parker. Her iconic mane has gone from wild curls to a sleek bob, but this super long and luscious look is probably our favorite SJP hairstyle.

29Red Carpet Layers

Tina Fey’s red carpet style keeps getting better with age, with her appearance at the 2016 SAG awards being one of the best looks we’ve ever seen on the brilliant comedian. This layered haircut provides the perfect canvas for retro-inspired waves, and also makes for an easily managed everyday style.

30Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is a hybrid cut that’s perfect for busy women who want to look chic in a hurry. This style features longer pieces in the front for feminine softness, while hair is kept shorter in the back making it easy to style.

31Collarbone Length Cut

A collarbone length cut with minimal layers and a centre part combines classic with trendy, especially when styled with a slightly wet look.

32Eye Grazing Bangs

Add these show-stopping bangs to any medium or long hairstyle to frame your face. The effect is much more soft and subtle than with blunt bangs, and this slightly centre-parted fringe leaves lots of room for error when you’re short on styling time.

33Textured Bob

This textured bob serves up a mature dose of sexy style, making it perfect for women who have only become edgier with age.

34Soft Volume Waves

If you’ve got naturally thick hair with tons of volume, styling your hair in soft waves creates an easy and approachable hairstyle. Part down the middle to complete this simple yet chic hairstyle.

35Medium Layered Cut

Flicked layers help bring attention to your face without creating a hugely voluminous hairstyle that can overpower petite women.



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