How To Dye Your Hair Grey Ombre

Grey and silver hair have been popular for quite a few seasons, and from dark gun-metal grey to wispy silver hues, there are enough shade possibilities to keep this trend feeling fresh for the foreseeable future. The newest trend in this moody color comes in the form of grey ombre styles. You can rock grey ombre on almost any base color for an antique chic style, but we’re specifically loving the dark and dangerous look of black to grey ombre. Read on to learn how to get this look and to check out 21 of our favorite black to grey ombre styles.

1Going Grey At Home

Naturally going grey at your roots happens whether you like it or not, but getting grey ombre color on your ends is going to take some work. Whether your hair is naturally black or you’ve dyed it dark, you’ll need to bleach your ends before they can go grey, and you should stop coloring your hair for as long as possible before bleaching. Apply bleach to the ends of your hair as high as you’d like your ombre color to go, working with smaller pieces at a time to get a more natural ombre look. You’ll want your hair to be bleached to a pale yellow shade, which might take more than one bleaching treatment. Next, apply a purple toner to counteract the yellow tones left over after bleaching. Once hair is bleached and toned, you can apply a grey or silver dye to achieve your finished granny glam style!

2Dipped Silvery Blue Ends

Keep your grey ombre hairstyle on the low-key side by only adding contrasting color to the last few inches of your hair. This style stays interesting by featuring both silver and blue shades, but you could go with one or the other and have the same effect.

3Grey Sombre Bob

We know that “sombre” usually means subtle ombre, but in this case the ‘s’ also stands for sophisticated. Put some curls in your A-line bob to help blur the line where this subtle grey ombre begins, and you’ll have an incredibly chic hairstyle that will work in every facet of your life.

4Glamorous Grey Ombre

Take your grey hair in a glamorous direction by keeping the color dark and rich, and finding a stylist who knows how to color melt from your black roots to those silvery grey ends. Going grey never looked this luxurious.

5Steel Blunt Bob

With natural black roots and a high, steely grey ombre, this color palette feels like a perfect match for this long bob haircut with bangs. Try this color combo out if you’re looking for a way to add some serious mystery and edge to the hairstyle you’ve been wearing for a while.

6Silver Ombre Curls

With less worry about having an obvious line of demarcation where the two different hair colors meet, curly hair makes for a perfect canvas to try out a grey ombre style. Whether you go for a low commitment, protective crochet braided style or you dye your naturally curls grey, ombre is a great look for curly haired ladies.

7Blue Grey Curls

Antique grey gets a dose of blue in this classy, vintage-inspired grey ombre style. A cool toned hairstyle like this usually looks best on equally cool skin tones, and we love this grey ombre style for Snow White style beauties with porcelain skin and naturally raven colored hair.

8Lilac Grey Ombre

This lilac grey ombre is one of the most delicate and feminine styles on our list, and wearing this shade is the perfect way to ring in spring. This muted, dusty color is one of the most professional looking ways to get a litte bit of pink in your hair, and might feel more chic and mature than a bright bubblegum or pastel pink hairstyle.

9Intense High Ombre Lob

Between the high ombre style and the stark contrast between pure black roots and silvery white ends, this ombre lob is one of the most intense looks on our list. Getting your hair to a shade this light can be difficult after your hair has been dyed black, meaning this grey ombre style is best attempted by a professional.

10Feathery Grey Ombre

Go for a more subtle approach than the harsh line created in some ombre styles with this softer highlighted look. This natural looking grey hairstyle looks good on just about anyone, but it’s especially appealing to older women who are thinking about transitioning to a fully grey hairstyle.

11Touch Of Grey Bob

Add a delicate dusting of grey ombre to your natural black bob, and you might be surprised at how graceful and feminine the end result is. Another fun revelation with this grey ombre style is how nicely a neutral or peach-tinged shade of grey can help to play up peach and pink tones in your blush or lip color.

12Silvery Blue Ombre

Can’t decide between the granny and denim hair trends? Put a steely tint in your grey ombre with this dusty, greyish blue shade that’s the best of both worlds. We love this ombre color against cooler skin tones, but if the silvery blue color isn’t right up against your face, matching the shade with your complexion is less of a concern.

13Spooky Grey Bob

Combined with a french bob haircut and almost ghostly grey hue, this spooky-chic hairstyle looks like a high fashion interpretation of a Tim Burton film. With all of the cool, dusty hues playing together, this grey ombre style works best when worn by women with cooler complexions.

14Natural Greyish Brunette

With hints of brunette tones showing through the dark grey ombre, these faux grey locks have an earthy, natural feel to them. Like most ombre and balayage styles, this grey ombre hair color looks amazing when worn in waves, twisted buns or braided hairstyles.

15Silvery White Box Braids

Want to go grey ombre without the hassle of bleaching and coloring your hair? These silvery box braids offer up a low commitment grey ombre solution that won’t risk damaging your fragile or damaged hair. With so many brands of synthetic braiding hair coming in ombre color varieties, you won’t have any trouble tracking down a few bags of your favorite grey ombre shade.

16Blue Tinged Grey

This blue tinged grey ombre style will make your hair look cool and frosty, but that doesn’t mean you can only wear it in the wintertime. Try this bluish grey shade during the warmer seasons, and you’ll love how the cool color contrasts with your bold spring wardrobe.

17Natural Grey Ombre

Keeping it ultra natural looking, this style melts from naturally dark and ashy roots to an equally natural looking brownish grey shade at the ends. As much as we love pastel pinks and purples, they don’t work in every profession. If you’re looking for an edgy unnatural shade that you can wear in your straight-laced workplace, this is the style for you.

18Bombshell Grey Ombre

Whether you call this a high grey ombre or silvery hair with exposed roots, it’s one of the most glamorous ways to wear this trend. Not too light and not too dark, this mid-range shade of silver makes for an absolute bombshell look, and creates a bright but neutral frame for bold makeup choices like blood red lips and dramatic smoky eyes.

19Grey Dipped Ombre

Spunky and edgy, this grey ombre dip-dyed style show how fun a black and silver hair combination can be. If your hair is naturally black, you can let your hair grow out for months with this hairstyle, and the only upkeep will be occasionally refreshing your silver color.

20Grey Tinged Ends

If you’re looking to spruce up naturally black hair without dyeing your whole head a new color, ombre hairstyles are a perfect choice.This light dusting of silvery lilac ombre helps to brighten up naturally dark hair without completely changing its overall look. Grey ombre might not be a hair color that would ever occur naturally, but it’s one of the most subtle and chic ways to add another color to your black hair!

21Beachy Goth Waves

When you hear about “beachy” hair, messily tousled blonde waves are probably what comes to mind, but you don’t have to be blonde to go beachy! With a bluish grey ombre over black hair, these messily sexy waves are what you get when you mix a dark and edgy goth style with a classic beach hair vibe.

22Half Grey Ombre

This grey ombre hairstyle splits a mid-length blunt cut in half, creating an artsy, dip-dyed look. Although you can make grey ombre hair work for any season, this natural black and ashy grey color combination feels like a style made for fall or winter wear. The grey skies outside might give you the winter blues, but that doesn’t mean your grey ombre hair will!



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