Copper Hair Color Ideas

30 Copper Hair Color Ideas

We seem to have a complicated relationship with red hair. While many natural red heads dislike the unique shade, blondes and brunettes spend time and money trying to get the color for themselves. One of the biggest trends in hair, copper tones in orangey-red are exploding with popularity on red carpets, runways, and your neighbourhood salon. If you’re looking to join the ranks of the copper haired, but are unsure which red hairstyle to wear, we’ve compiled 30 copper hair color ideas ranging from subtle copper highlights to vibrant, out of this world orange.

1Long And Bright

Long hair in a bright shade of penny copper is the perfect look to keep you warm in cooler fall months. A color this intense fades quickly, so be sure to support it by washing less frequently, and using cold water and a sulfate free shampoo when you do.

2Muted Amber

This pale mixture of copper and blonde results in a peachy hue that looks especially nice against fair skin tones. Copy Rachel McAdams’ style choices of neutral clothing and pink lips and cheeks to make the most of this hue.

3Auburn With Copper Ombre

For a look that isn’t full on copper, try this darker auburn hair with warm copper ombre at the ends. This color combination is perfect for olive skinned beauties who are looking to change their look in time for a new season.

4Deep Copper Ends

With darker hair near the roots, Demi Lovato’s long locks cascade into a deep copper shade that gives plenty of dimension to her style. While Demi has made bold makeup and wardrobe choices in shades of red, this high impact hair will stand out even more when surrounded by softer, neutral shades.

5Copper With Amber Ombre

If you’ve already jumped on the copper bandwagon, consider updating your look by adding ombre. The pictured style features an interesting contrast between bright, shiny copper hair and muted amber ends.

6Feathery Copper Pixie

For women with short hair, dimensional color needs to be applied differently than the ombre and balayage techniques that are popular with longer styles. The feathery texture cut into this copper pixie is enhanced by feathered highlights on hair’s top layer, creating a brilliant copper and blonde plumage.

7Dark Brunette With Copper Ombre

For a natural brunette who doesn’t want to lighten her whole head, this high contrast style features bright copper ends that really pop. If the lightening process is too damaging, a haircut can leave untouched hair behind in a bob length style.

8Natural Rust Curls

Singer SZA took the copper plunge last year with a home dye job that resulted in this warm rust color. A big departure from her naturally black curls, this color warms up her complexion to the point that makeup hardly seems necessary.

9Natural Auburn

This classic auburn hair with notes of copper throughout looks as good on farm girls with freckles as it does high fashion models. For those of us not born naturally auburn, this shade is achievable with the help of a professional stylist.

10Copper Strawberry Blonde

This mixture of copper and blonde makes for a high impact type of strawberry blonde, that adds a new glamorous look to formerly blonde locks like Blake Lively’s. Natural blondes have the easiest time experimenting with copper shades, because their hair doesn’t require pre-lightening before going red.

11Medium Amber

Bright copper shades can be difficult to wear with warm skin tones, and are too much of a statement for some introverted personalities. If you fall under either of those categories, try wearing a amber shade that’s more subdued but still punches up your natural hair color.

12Deep Copper Auburn

This look puts a coppery sheen over natural auburn hair, for a bright color that looks better on women with medium skin tones than bright or pale shades of copper. Isla Fisher’s styles this hair with nude lips and smoky eyes that are sexy and glamorous without overshadowing or clashing with her mane.

13Brunette With Subtle Copper

This brunette hair is highlighted all over with a low contrast copper shade, creating a warm Autumn palette. A departure from Mischa Barton’s usual blonde hair, these warmer tones add a maturity and softness to her look. 

14Pixie With Chunky Color

If you’re interested in being mistaken for a superhero or rockstar, copy this short but bold copper style worn by singer Hayley Williams. By concentrating bright highlights at the front of the hair near the face, this copper color enhances the punky pixie cut and it’s wearers’ facial features, making you look youthful and fun with a bit of edge.

15Coppery Blonde Blunt Cut

This coppery blonde hue in combination with a mid length blunt cut and wide set short bangs creates a comic book style aesthetic perfect for any pop art fans who want to look like they’ve stepped off a freshly inked page.

16Vibrant Copper Gradient

Transitioning through burgundy to neon oranges and yellows, this multi-toned copper hairstyle shows off multiple red hair colors in one bold look. Shades of true orange can be jarring against skin with yellow undertones, making this funky style best attempted by those with cool, fair complexions.

17Brunette With Copper Highlights

For a deep olive skin tone like Eva Longoria’s, a similarly deep hair color is usually the most flattering. This style features warm copper that brightens up natural brunette locks while remaining fairly natural looking.

18Cool Strawberry Blonde

For very fair skinned women like Jessica Chastain, cool shades like this strawberry blonde look chic and sophisticated without washing you out, and help to bring out green and blue tones in eye color.

19Copper Highlighted Curls

Hair with curly texture usually does a great job of showing off highlights, but they need to be applied in a specific manner. Painting on highlights in the same direction that curls fall, and mimicking the way the sun would naturally highlight hair are good techniques for getting color enhanced curls.

20Copper Fashionista

This copper shade is bright without being too intense, and is paired with centre parted bangs and shaggy layers for a hip style that straddles the line between bohemian and demure.

21Futuristic Copper

This intensely bright copper looks like a modern take on the futuristic style of Jane Jetson or Milla Jovovich’s sci-fi hair in the cult classic film The Fifth Element. Although model Karen Elson pairs the hair with very pale eyebrows, it’s best to leave your brows their natural shade, or lighten them slightly with the help of a professional.

22Sharp Line Copper Ombre

Done in a dip-dyed style, this style features a sharp line between brunette roots and coppery red ends. Perfect if you want to be edgy in how you wear the color, while protecting your hair from the lightening process.

23Copper Vixen Hair

Channelling cartoon bombshell Jessica Rabbit, Riley Keough’s fair skin contrasts perfectly with long, copper hair styled in sultry waves. With true red lips and long eyelashes, this classic Hollywood style is sexy, confident, and mature.

24Curled Copper Bob

Nearly ten years ago, Christina Hendricks put copper hair back on the map with her portrayal of Joan Holloway in period drama Mad Men. Whether she was busy on screen having affairs with bosses or making jaw dropping red carpet appearances, Christina’s classic copper hair proved the color is a timeless standout.

25Auburn With Blonde Ends

Another fairly natural style, this auburn hair is subdued, but not quite natural looking thanks to blonde color that’s been painted on to the ends.

26Hints Of Copper

This subtle color features copper highlights over a brilliant medium brunette. While highlights have been placed from roots to ends, they’re more concentrated on the lower half of hair, making for a gradient appearance without the sharp lines of a true ombre color job.

27Copper With Blonde Peekaboo

When the naturally blonde Evan Rachel Wood went for a copper style, it was in a fairly bright shade that works with her porcelain skin. Instead of a flat color, this style features hints of blonde peekaboo that look gentle enough to be natural.

28Dark Copper With Roots

When the usually dark haired Kristen Stewart went red headed for a film role, a sizeable chunk of brunette roots gave the look an intentionally careless feel that matches the actress’s edgy image. Rather than being done up and pristine, this style makes an interesting comment on fashion and beauty regimes.

29Copper Wine

Although this color seems subdued compared to some of the unnatural shades Katy Perry has worn, this dark coppery with burgundy tones will be a stunning change for anyone who isn’t already a famous pop star. A deep, rich shade like this one is best suited to medium and olive skin tones.

30Yellow Copper

Many copper shades feature some element of blonde highlight or tone, but this neon style brings a more primary yellow shade for a fiery style that won’t ever be mistaken for natural.



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