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Updos For Short Hair

Going for a short hairstyle can be an amazingly freeing and confidence boosting experience. The right short cut can take years off of your appearance, and comes with tons of opportunity to look chic and fashion forward. But what about when you want to put your short hair in an updo? Whether you’ve had short hair forever, or are thinking about making a big change, one of the downsides is that shorter hair seems harder to style creatively for a special occasion. We’ve compiled 30 of our favorite updos for short hair to show how with braids, twists, pins, and product, you can style your short hair in fresh, creative ways.

1Bouffant Ponytail Short Hair Updo

If you want to take your short haired ponytail from plain to pumped up, keep the pony low and add a high volume bouffant above it. Backcomb your hair and apply a texturizing spray to help it stay in place, and secure shorter pieces with pins instead of stretching them towards the ponytail.

2Braided Bang Short Hair Updo

This romantic updo is pulled together with a simple dutch braid running from the bangs to the back of the head, and is great for special functions or weddings.

3Textured French Twist Short Hair Updo

Twisting hair together is a great way to incorporate shorter strands into your updo, and is usually easier than braiding if you’re doing your own hair. In this style, sections of hair are twisted towards the back of the head and pinned down, creating a messy chic version of the classic French twist.

4Half Up Twisted Bun Short Hair Updo

Putting short hair up can take a lot of product and expert pin placement. A half updo is usually a fraction of the work, but can end up looking just as put together. Just twist the top half of your hair into a simple bun, and you’re set!

5Brushed Back With Floral Headband

No matter the occasion, a headband can be a lifesaver when it comes to putting your short hair in an updo. Automatically providing structure and directing hair away from the face, you’ll need far fewer pins and products if you incorporate this accessory into your look. You can use a headband to play up different aspects of your look: go for something floral and romantic like Kiera Knightley, or add some edge with a headband that features leather or stud detailing.

6Braided Mohawk Short Hair Updo

One of the funnest ways to wear your hair half up, this mohawk style uses braids to keep hair tight to the sides to contrast the curl explosion going on up top.

7Thick Braided Short Hair Updo

If you’ve got thick hair in a bob style, try this french braided updo for a romantic way to mix modern trends with some Renaissance flair.

8Swept Back Bob

For an elegant way to wear your bob off of your face, sweep hair back and secure at the back of the head with pins, while leaving shorter hairs around the ears and nape of the neck loose.

9Messy Braided Updo

For short hair with some natural curl, putting it up in little messy braids is one of the easiest ways to look instantly chic. Letting some tendrils escape around the face is a great way to add softness to this look, so don’t be too fussy with keeping every hair perfectly in place.

10Messy Twists

Evan Rachel Wood’s short hair is pinned into a series of messy twists, leaving some shorter hair loose at the nape of the neck. This is a great approach to putting very short hair in a unique updo that doesn’t look too fussy or old fashioned.

11Short Hair Beehive

This sophisticated updo isn’t only meant for women with long hair. To get this kind of volume for your short hair, wrap hair extensions in a hair net and use this as a filler, being sure to hide it by pinning your natural hair overtop. As with any beehive or bouffant, hairspray is a must for ensuring your updo doesn’t deflate throughout the evening.

12Triple Buns With Braids

If your short hair won’t fit neatly into one bun, more buns are the answer! These three chic little knots at the back of the head keep hair all in place, and add extra visual detail for a special occasion like prom or a wedding. We love the added romance of the braided sides, but this style works with or without them.

13Ballerina Updo

Pull your short hair back into a simple bun or twist, and accessorize with a jewel embellished headband for a grown up way to look like a ballerina princess.

14Crown Braids

These crown braids create a natural headband for your short hair, and make for a very regal updo. While women with longer hair can create this style with plain braids that are wrapped around the head, you’ll have to use a french braiding technique to get this style for your shorter hair. Practice makes perfect!

15Folded Chignon

One of the most simple and chic styles on our list, you can get this style on your own in just a few minutes. Gather hair from above the ears into a ponytail, then tie the rest of hair into another pony below it. Fold hair from the lower ponytail up and through the other, secure hair with pins, and you’re done!

16Skinny Twists

Another alternative to all-over braiding, this unique updo is full of skinny twists that will keep hair tightly secured in place all night long.

17Braided Pixie

If you’ve got very short hair like Ruby Rose, two simple dutch braids can take your androgynous style in a more romantic direction. Instead of trying to force shorter hair on the sides into the braids, use gel or another wet look product to slick it in place.

18Messy Half Top Knot Updo

For days when you need to get up and go, nothing beats the casual ease of a messy top knot. Instead of struggling to pin your short hair into one high bun, just let the bottom half hang loose.

19Twisted Braids Updo for Short Hair

If you’re looking to get intricate with your short haired updo, this next level style features twisted sections of hair that are braided together and then all pinned at the back of the head. Unless you’re a hair master, we’d recommend getting help from a friend or professional to do justice to this look.

20Gathered Twists updo for short hair

We love this look for the bride or bridesmaids at a simple but elegant wedding ceremony. Three twists are pinned together at the back from each side of the head, while hair at the nape of the neck gets twisted into a simple little chignon.

21Edgy Rolled Style Short Hair Updo

If romantic braids and skinny twists are too subtle for you, try this edgy but vintage inspired victory roll.

22Braided Back Ponytail Short updo

This single french braid running down the centre of the head is a surprisingly simple but unique way to dress up your ponytail.

23Cute Spiral Braid Updo For Short Hair

If you’ve got hair that’s just above shoulder length, it’s perfect for this spiral braid. Any shorter, and you’ll have pieces falling out, while longer hair becomes bulky and can be hard to hold in place. Wear it anytime you want to add some romance to your day. If you’re looking for creative and cute updos for short hair, this look is a must try!

24Glamour Faux Hawk Short Hair Updo

Who says you can’t dress up a faux hawk style? Julianne Hough shows how glamorous this silhouette can be, and it’s especially flattering on women with round faces. Don’t be afraid to backcomb the hair at the top of your head, and use a spray product to keep hair from falling flat.

25Elegant Pompadour Short Hair Updo

If you like edgy short hair updos, This gravity-defying pompadour is the perfect way to wear your short hair in a new, elegant way.

26Messy Chic Short Hair Updo

For her appearance at the 2016 Met Gala, Kristen Stewart’s hair was the perfect choice, reflecting her signature messy style while still being appropriate for the fashion forward event.

27Braided Bang Short Hair Updo

For a longer pixie or short bob, braiding your bangs and pinning hair together at the back puts a unique spin on the idea of the updo, and lets you change up your style without having to sacrifice your amazing face framing bangs.

28Quadruple Dutch Braids

Dutch braids have been very trendy for women with extra long hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look with shorter locks. In this version, shoulder length hair is styled in pulled apart dutch braids, and then fastened at the nape of the neck with a clip.

29Double Buns With Undercut

Take it from Miley, you don’t need long hair to rock trendy, ’90s style double buns. This is the perfect updo for showing off your fresh undercut, and makes a good transitional style when you’re in the awkward stages of growing out a pixie.

30Half Dutch Braided Short Hair Updo

This asymmetrical updo is dutch braided on one side of the head, while the other side sweeps short hair back, all coming together in a low bun at the nape of the neck.



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