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Modern Edgy Haircuts

If you’re bored of your hair, or feel like you’ve worn every style under the sun, it may be time to go for an edgier look. Embracing asymmetry, short bangs, and undercuts, these edgy hairstyles are as bold and unique as you.

1Extreme Asymmetrical Bob

Looking like two different haircuts cut and pasted together, this fiery red style is part bob and part ultra short pixie.

2Ultra Short Comb Over

A style this short is an unusual sight on a woman, and it looks even more awesomely edgy when worn by an A-list celebrity walking the red carpet. 

3High Undercut Style

The longer pieces on top contrast perfectly with a high undercut around the back and sides of hair. This is a great short style for women with thick hair who won’t miss the bulky hair underneath.

4Geometric Asymmetrical Bob

Taking the asymmetrical bob to another level, this style features abrupt differences in length from side to side and front to back.

5Copper Undercut

By styling hair pushed back instead of forward and sweeping across the face, this short cut looks more traditionally masculine, making it an edgier, more unique choice. Line details in the shaved sides give an added reminder of men’s hair trends.

6Half Shaved Pony

By styling long hair in a high ponytail, the undercut bottom half is really put on display.

7Bowl Cut Pixie

Looking like a rounded bowl cut in the front and a short shaved pixie in the back, Swedish pop star Robyn’s edgy haircut matches her bold, original personality.

8Undercut With Heart Design

If you want to call even more attention to your undercut, try adding a shaved design, also known as a hair tattoo.

9Spiked Style Pixie

Styled bold and upwards, this men’s-inspired haircut puts all of the emphasis on your face.

10Ultra Blunt Bob

This short bob is cut the same length all the way around, making it a tough style to pull off.

11Feathery Faux Hawk

This pretty pink style puts a modern, feminine take on the counterculture classic mohawk. If you’re not afraid to go edgy, this is a great option for elongating the appearance of a round face.

12Tiny Baby Bangs

Bangs this short can do amazing things for your face! Many women are afraid to give them a try, because once you’ve got them, they’re very hard to conceal. Women with straighter hair types will have an easier time getting these to behave, but they’re worth it for anyone to wear at least once.

13Disconnected Cut

Featuring a low undercut and line detail, this short style puts a different spin on the more popular pixie with a high undercut.  Style with big jewellery and dramatic makeup for an impressive mashup of masculine and feminine elements.

14Helmet Hair

With short texturized bangs and a short top layer, this shag-inspired style creates a helmet effect that many women try to avoid. Try this one out if you’re looking for a longer style that reflects your creative personality.

15Buzz With Line Detail

Amber Rose has made super short hair her signature style, but buzzed hair remains an edgy choice for women that’s sure to turn heads. This style features some shaved line details, but it’s edgy with or without this extra element.

16Art Shag

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s front-woman Karen O loves mixing retro shag and pageboy shapes with edgy, artistic details.

17Short Style With Shaved Part

Stepping it up from shaved sections at the sides and back, this masculine-inspired cut features a shaved strip down the part, dividing hair into two distinct sections. This look requires bold commitment, because it’s a pain to grow out.

18Short Curved Bangs

With or without the leather jacket, these badass bangs are a head-turning, eye-opening addition to any medium or long haircut.

19Red And Black Undercut

One of Rihanna’s boldest looks, this undercut style is made even more eye-catching thanks to the intense red colour. This type of blue-red shade looks best against darker complexions, and can be too harsh of a contrast for fair-skinned women.

20Slanted Bangs

Taking asymmetrical to a new level, these slanted bangs sweep dramatically across the face, completely covering one eye.

21Dragon Tattoo Style

Rooney Mara’s hairstyle from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a super edgy cut (with or without the blonde eyebrows) featuring short, curved bangs, and a longer piece on one side.

22Feather Glam With Undercut

Mix the hottest retro trend with the current obsession with side shaved styles and you get this glamorous feathery style.

23High Undercut

Going almost as high as the middle of the head, this high undercut makes a big statement and is difficult to hide.

24Vampire Style

Pointed bangs are the star of this gothic glam style, creating a vampire chic silhouette. You can wear these bangs with any hair colour, but they’re the most striking in jet black or blood red.

25Heart Shape Bangs

Although pointy like the vampire bangs, this style features a soft curve at the sides that creates a heart shape and will leave you looking more like an Icelandic princess than a creature of the night.

26Chopped Up Bob

This chopped up pageboy messes with the idea of a classic style, and the end result is beautifully raw.


27Huge Curls

With many women shying away from wearing their hair this big, Erykah Badu’s signature mane is a bold style that projects confidence.

28Funky Bob With Wispy Bang Pieces

Featuring tons of razored texture along the sides, sections of bright turquoise colour, and longer wispy pieces mixed in with the straight across bangs, this haircut brings edge in the most glamorous way.

29Undercut Bob

This bob mixes sleek sophistication with an edgy but trendy undercut on one side. Try dressing this style up with a french braid along the part for weddings and other special events.

30Undercut Bowl Style

Most modern bowl cuts features softer lines and a more subdued silhouette, but this undercut version goes all the way in. Wearing this style takes big commitment, but you probably won’t be running into anyone with the same haircut.



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