Cute Haircuts for Round Faces

Round face shapes have a stigma for not being as attractive or desirable as others. However, counter to contrary belief, round faces stay looking younger far longer, and suffer from nothing more than a little less angle and vertical length than some others. Round faces can obtain a more sophisticated look by accentuating their features in an attractive way with haircuts that draw attention to all the right places.
The next time you go in for your color touch-up and trim, consider asking your stylist to change it up and accentuate all the good stuff for your round face shape by trying one or two of the following styles. Continue reading to find a style worth trying for yourself!

1Layers, Layers, and More Layers

Lengthy layers give the illusion of a vertically longer face. Not only that, but because they frame in, they make people pay more attention to your features rather than the silhouette of your facial structure!
If you round-faced girls want your layers to be flattering, make sure to ask your stylist to start them below the chin. Any higher, and you could very well end up with the opposite effect.
When styling, round them in towards your face for the ultimate framing effect.

2Flowy Fringe

If you’re interested in adding some fringe to your hairstyle, your best bet is a bang that stops slightly below the eyebrows, and curves down towards the edges. This gives a similar framing effect to layers. Also, hiding the forehead with fringe directs a person to look towards your eyes. This is especially helpful for anyone who feels like their forehead is particularly long.
However, remember that fringe is the ultimate commitment girls! They require daily styling, and sometimes even afternoon touch-ups to keep a style in check all day. Use a straightener, and keep the hold with some light pomade or a light hairspray. A mini hair straightener is a great idea for touch-ups on the go!

3Deep Part

A deep part keeps everything more interesting. The attention is drawn away from the wideness of the face, and instead gives a complementary effect, emphasizing the angles a round face shape wants to have noticed.

If you want to wear a deep side part most of the time, inform your stylist of this. They can make sure the length of any layers or sections doesn’t go wonky when you pull them over to the other side. When you pick your placement for the deep part, try to line it up with the arch of your eyebrow for the ultimate face-angle attention boost.

4Try a Lob

We all know shorter cuts have been all the rage these last couple of seasons. However, round face shapes don’t usually participate for fear of only exaggerating this particular face shape. In a lot of cases this can be true. However, there is a right way to go about the bob, even for rounds.

If you dare, ask your stylist to cut it between two and three inches below your chin, depending on where you feel comfortable cutting it to. I know you’re probably thinking, “But a bob is supposed to be short! That doesn’t sound that short at all!”
I know. I hear you. But this is where us round girls have to get trendy – this is called the long bob. The extra length makes your face feel longer instead of letting everyone know just how short it would look with a classic at-the-chin bob.

5You Can Pixie Too!

Pixie cuts are usually the first to be a no-no when you ask a stylist what you shouldn’t do if your face is especially round. However, just like the lobbed bob, there is a version that can compliment every face shape.
If you’ve always dreamed of the low maintenance of extremely short hair, but steered clear due to your stubborn face shape, take a turn in the pixie direction! With a little finesse, your stylist can help you look awesome with such a minimal hair length too.

The key is in the bangs and the addition of lots of textured layers. Pulling some longer layers forward to serve as some side-sweeping fringe will bring a little cover for the forehead and make an asymmetrical pattern that will keep people from paying attention to how wide a round face can look when the hair is taken away.


Balayage, a traditional French highlighting technique, is done freehand with a paddle! Instead of using foils or caps, the high-light processor, often a dye or bleach, is simply brushed on to chosen strands of hair in open air.

Balayage is a great idea for round faces, because it will make a person pay attention to the ends of your hair, make it appear longer, and in turn make your face appear longer as well!

7Short Hair: Textured Pixie

Pixie cuts look best on a round face when they’re full of volume and texture. To make a fabulous statement rather than a messy mistake with such a short cut, use beachy salt sprays and a nice pomade to add that textured appearance. Have fun with styling it, pulling different sections in different directions for that effortless chic vibe.

8Retro Side-Sweep

Pixie cuts don’t always have to be effortlessly messy. Sometimes doing it up can be nice! If your layers are long enough, use a curling wand to curl the segments back away from your face. Don’t mess with the curls until they cool to keep the retro vibe and pull the curls out on accident! Once they’re cool, position the curls, use a heavy-duty hairspray, and fix any stubborn strands into place with a bit of pomade.

9Loosely Wavy Bob

For those round faces with a bob, try using a 1-inch curling wand through the whole head, always curling back away from the face. Wait for all the tight curls to cool, and then brush through with a paddle brush for really loose waves like Dianna Agron is rocking, or just with the fingers for a tighter curl. Flip your head over and hairspray from above to keep the volume locked in once you’re happy with how your short and sassy waves look!

10Straight But Curved In

For those rockin a “lob” (beauty slang for long bob), straightened locks is a great option! To compliment a round face well, flick your straightener inwards towards the end of each strand. This will make them delicately frame your face to highlight your features instead of the width of your face!

11Relaxed Half-Up

For those days when you don’t just want to leave your hair down, or not all strands are your BFFs, consider an easy breezy half-up. To accomplish this look in a fashionable way, add some texturizer in your hair. Beach spray is a great option for this!
Take either curled or straightened locks, and section off the top from the middle of your ears. Then, pull back each side. There are lots of fun options to keep your hair in place. Consider pulling one strand over the other and bobby-pinning each section to get a smooth crisscrossed look. Another option would be using a small clip. The last, and the best for more elegant occasions, is to use a decorative jeweled hair comb. This hair-style is great for any occasion depending on which accessory you choose!

12Medium Hair: Simply Straight

A good and simple straightened mop is a great choice for round faces with medium hair-lengths. The extra length beneath the chin makes a face look longer and more narrow, the kind of effect a round-faced girl is always looking for! Either pin straight or framed in are great choices depending on personal style.

All you need to accomplish this look is a general straightener and a good hairspray, especially if your hair is prone to humidity freak-outs.

13Messy Beach Curls

For those of you with medium-length hair that has some layers mixed in to the cut, messy curls are really fun and flattering! With lots of volume, they help your hair be big enough to accent your face in a pretty way, making it seem less wide than some flatter styles might.

To pull off the look, you will need a 1-inch curling wand, some beach spray, and a good hairspray. Spray the salt spray in your hair and run your fingers or a comb through to disperse it evenly. Give it a minute to dry and avoid damage. With the curling wand, curl carelessly, alternating one-inch strands both towards and away from your face. Then, once cooled, run your fingers through the strands gently if you want a messy just-left-the-beach look. Otherwise, leave it be! Secure with hair-spray and GO!

14Sweet Fishtail

Braids are always a low-maintenance and elegant look, but a fish-tail takes the sophistication from Pippy Longstockings to Pippy all grown up. This side braid is great for girls with medium hair lengths. To pull it off, do a normal fishtail style down the side rather than straight down the neck, and tie off! Add a cute bow or clip at the end for a fun accessory.

15French Braid Half-Up

A fun twist on two styles is a french braid half-up. This style works great for medium lengths with minimal layering. The pulling back of the hairline works well for a round face shape when given lots of volume. It is important to backcomb the hair to be braided to help apply this volume! To do this hairstyle, start with a classic french braid from the top of the head, but off to the side of a center part. Then, wrap the braid back around behind the head, and secure. Hairspray a lot to reduce the chance of pesky fly-aways!

16Sassy Rocker Tie-Up

This hairstyle is great for painting, grocery shopping, a night out on the town… whatever you want it to be. It gets your hair up off your neck, but all while keeping it cute. This style is best on curled locks, but can be equally as awesome with textured straight hair. The style is great for round faces that don’t have fringe, as you can pull your hair forward to create a faux bang, which reduces the attention on your face shape.

To recreate the look, curl those locks, grab a clear elastic, bobby pins, a hair scarf, and lots of hairspray! Then, twist your hair and pull up and over. Secure at the top of the head with clear elastic, and tie the hair scarf in. Then, tug, pull, and readjust, securing segments with bobby pins, and hairspray.

17Long Hair: Half Half-Up

A half-up is a classic flattering ‘do for the girls with lengthy hair. To make it most appealing for a round face shape, leave some strands out in the front and allow them to frame the face to make it feel more narrow. This style is both great for straight and curly textures. To keep it in place, don’t forget to hairspray like crazy, and use a frizz serum to calm down any stubborn bits after pulling the hair back.

18Braided Front

Long hair always helps lengthen a round face visually, so letting it flow is a great idea! However, if you want to shake it up a little, try adding a plait right in front! It shows off your hairline, and keeps your eyes clear. Just do a small french braid with a skinny segment of hair right in front, bobby pin to secure, and hairspray!

19Side Pony-Tail

A side-pony with some strands left out in the front is great for a round face with long hair. It reduces the symmetry and emphasizes those high cheekbones to take them out of hiding. Just do a low pony tail that starts on either side, and make sure to leave out a few strands in front to frame, and you’re good to go!

20Textured and Tousled Straight

For those with long hair, length is everything in accentuating a round face. Just straighten your locks and tousle it with some beach spray, tease in a couple of places for volume, and you have fun, easy, flattering hair!

21Half-Up Top-Knot

This hair-style is fun and peppy, as well as very low-maintenance. Simply pull back your hair like you are preparing for a half-up, and then twist that segment of hair into a messy bun. Secure with an elastic and hairspray!



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