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30 Chic Messy Hairstyles

For days when you don’t have time to style your hair to perfection, or the morning after a big night out, intentionally messy hairstyles can have you looking chic without all the fuss. We’ve compiled 30 of our favorite chic and beautiful messy hairstyles to help you embrace the bed-head life!

1Messy Rapunzel Hair

Looking like a fairytale princess who got caught in a windstorm, this ultra long hair is heavy enough to weigh itself down, making it look tousled but not too messy.

2Next Day Half Up Style

For days when you just want to roll out of bed and go, or the morning after a long night out, try messily pinning bangs back for a carefree hairstyle that will take you from brunch to dinner the whole next day.

3Messy Pixie

One of the worst things about short hair is how messy it can get overnight. But one of the best things about short hair is that it’s easy to style sticking up on purpose! 

4Pulled Apart Crown Braid

One of our favourite things about braided hairstyles is how easy they are to enhance just by pulling apart or fanning out a braid. In Vanessa Hudgens’ style here, a crown braid that could look almost child-like comes across as a ‘good girl gone bad’ style.

5Tousled Mop Top

While sleek bobs are great for projecting sophistication, this tousled style comes across as a little more daring and avant garde. If you’ve got natural curls, this style should be a cinch to recreate.

6Messy Ballerina

This style is messy compared to the traditional tight ballerina bun with no hair out of place, making it a softer way to wear the classic style.

7Messy Side Braid

This fairly standard three strand braid gets some added kick thanks to pulled out pieces of hair that compliment comedian Amy Schumer’s personality.

8Messy Asymmetrical Pixie

Being longer on one side makes it easy to wear this pixie in a messy style without looking unprofessional or unkempt.

9Mussed Bob

In a very high fashion style, this messy platinum bob is a nice contrast to luxe, tailored clothing choices.

10Messy Chic With Braids

Add some skinny braids in random locations to take your messy style from sloppy to chic.

11Frizzy Bun

With more and more intentionally frizzed styles being seen in fashion shows and magazine editorials, frizzed out styles are making their way into the mainstream. Not only is this bun cute and feminine, but you won’t have to worry about getting every hair perfectly in place.

12Side Swept Messy Bob

For the perfect next day hairstyle, create a deeper part than you usually wear to sweep hair over and add volume even if your hair is flattened from the night before.

13Beachy Waves

In the most laid back of messy styles, Kate Hudson’s hair looks like it spent the day soaking up sun, sand, and salt water.

14Shaggy Bob

This shaggy bob is literally in your face! Full of messy layers, you don’t have to wear it with pieces in your eyes to achieve this look.

15Messy Spiral Curls

While exaggerated fashion choices are part of Kesha’s style this mix of spiral curls, loose waves and flatter pieces of hair can translate to the lives of non-rockstars.

16Messy Bob

Featuring a deep side part, this bob strikes an interesting balance by using messy styling on a typically sophisticated cut.

17Frizzy French Braids

You can get this look the old fashioned way by leaving your french braids in overnight, or by gently rubbing them with your hands or a soft cloth that won’t catch the hair.

18Big Bold Bob

This super thick, curly hair doesn’t need much help to look wild and free, but you can add volumizing spray or curl defining cream depending on just how big and messy you want it.

19Wild Half Up

With these crimped curls and skinny braids, this half up style wouldn’t look out of place on a woodland nymph or other fairytale creature.

20Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Let natural curls go free while an asymmetrical bob provides structure and balance to the style.

21Messy Low Bun

Although the messy top knot seems to get more attention, this messy low bun is a nice alternative for a more mature version of the messy hair trend.

22Mermaid Bob

This style might not be messy by everyone’s standards, but it features curls and waves in a carefree pattern that a mermaid might wear if she went for a bob style.

23Frizzy Puff Updo

Ripped straight out of the pages of an editorial fashion shoot, this messy style looks like a beehive updo if it was slept in overnight.

24Comb Over Pixie

The perfectly placed comb over is a big trend in men’s hair, but this high, feathered, messy style is a fun and feminine way to wear the same haircut.

25Bouncy Curl Bob

If you’re tired of flat ironing your curls into place, let them go free in a stylish, bouncy bob.

26Granny Style Bun

Taking the grey hair trend and fashion’s obsession with granny style, this messy top knot still looks young and feminine when paired with bold, bright makeup.

27Side Frizz Bob

Add some interest to your sleek and sculpted bob by messing up the sides, and use spray clay or hairspray to hold in place.

28Choppy Messy Bob

This style is messy thanks to the styling, but also the super choppy cut. If you’ve got naturally coarse hair, a choppy style like this is easy to make messy, but fine haired women may have a harder time getting the mess to stick.

29Messy Chic Top Knot

A messy style that’s good enough for a red carpet event, this well structured top knot features a few loose pieces to frame the face and soften the style without wrecking it.

30Medium Curls

These medium length curls are somewhere between messy and polished, making them a go-to style for most occasions.



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