Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

30 Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Many women prepare for their wedding by growing their hair as long as possible. But if you’re short on time, or don’t buy the idea that every bride has to look like Rapunzel, there are just as many style options are available. The best part about having medium length hair is that most wedding styles for long hair can be modified for you to wear, and take much less time to execute. These thirty gorgeous wedding hairstyles for medium hair will help you spend less time in a salon chair, and more minutes taking pictures and soaking up the fun of your big day!

1Medium Curls With Flower Crown

This shoulder length hair style is kept in simple curls and embellished with a fabulous fresh flower crown. If your dream wedding is a simple, bohemian affair, this is the style for you.

2Half Up Curls

This fairly simple style curls medium hair all over and pins it into a half updo that’s easy to wear for hours.

3Loose Updo With Braid Details

Pulling hair into a loose updo looks much more romantic simply by adding braided details, especially around the bangs. If you’ve got layers in your hair, be sure to add enough product to keep ends from popping out of the braids.

4Loose Side Bun With Curls

If you’ve got medium hair with layers, leaving some face framing pieces loose can add softness to any updo, and looks especially romantic with these curls.

5Loose Faux Bob

This vintage style tucks and pins curled hair into a bob shape, while letting some loose tendrils escape. The flower behind one ear is a nice finishing touch, especially for an outdoor summer wedding.

6French Braid Updo

This is a great style choice for women who want their hair up and out of the way, but prefer a more intricate style than a simple bun.

7Crown Braid

Perfect for brides who are looking for a unique hairstyle they wouldn’t normally wear, this crown braid is also a good choice for bridesmaids or flower girls.

8Braided Headband

Use this thick braided headband to keep collarbone-grazing hair out of your face on your wedding day.

9Loose Updo With Twists

This loose updo has some twisted sections of hair, and leaves a bit of wave in the bang area for a breezy, glamorous style.

10Side Pinned Style

A very fancy look fit for a black tie affair, this style has every hair perfectly in place, and is best suited for medium hair without too much layering.

11Half Up Long Bang Style

If you love centre-parted bangs as much as we do, there’s no reason you should pin them up or hide them on your wedding day.

12Fishtail Pony

This fishtail braided ponytail is a simple wedding style that you can pull off without the help of a professional.

13Romantic Updo

This romantic style has lots of volume at the top and sides of hair, and looks best on brides with thicker hair.

14Knotted Half Updo

If your hair is too short to get into a bun, knotting it in a half ponytail can create the same effect for your wedding day style.

15Messy Braid Bun

This braided hairstyle is young, romantic, and easy to wear all night.

16Low Side Bun

Let your face framing layers add some vintage flair to your wedding style, while a low-key side bun keeps the longer pieces in place.

17French Braided Bangs

If you want to add a little extra detail to your curled wedding style, try french braiding your bangs into place. This braid does double duty, adding a romantic touch and keeping hair out of your face.

18Glamour Curls

With a deep side part and curls that exude Old Hollywood glamour, this style is a sultry bride’s dream come true.

19Side Bun With Swept Bangs

This classic wedding style sweeps a long bang across the face to add some softness.

20Side Pin With Flower Detail

This easy wedding look for shoulder length hair is full of loose, romantic waves that are pinned to the side with a flower piece.

21Headband Embellished Style

If you want a little more glitz than a braided updo, add a crystal embellished headband to your loose updo.

22Braid And Flower Headbands

When you’ve got a haircut this cute, why not keep your bridal style simple? With a braided headband and subtle flower headpiece, this is the perfect look for your low-key wedding in the park.

23High Bun Updo

For the sophisticated but low-key bride, this high bun updo is a simple, chic way to wear your hair up and out of the way.

24Elegant Vintage Style

This elegant updo uses vintage styling techniques to roll and twist hair into place, making the finished product look unforgettably regal.

25High Messy Bun

A dressed-up version of the messy bun we all know and love, this style uses curled tendrils around the face to strike a balance between fancy and casual.

26Skinny Braided Updo

With a plain centre part in front and hair tied up in skinny braids in the back, this style is unique enough to turn heads, but not so bold as to be a distraction.

27Romantic Bun With Curls

More romantic and structured than the modern, messy bun, this style is a great fit with traditional gowns and church weddings.

28Flower Planted Bun

The perfect placement of flowers and leaves make it look as though they’re growing right out of this hairstyle. Adding an element like this not only ties your hair into your wedding’s floral theme, but gives your bun some room to look less than perfect.

29French Braided Crown

With a french braid from each side of the hair coming together to meet at the back of the head, this updo looks like a perfectly placed crown.

30Grecian Updo

The silhouette of this updo is Grecian-inspired, but the lace headband adds some romantic detail to make it a wonderfully unique style to wear on your wedding day.



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