30 Pixie Haircuts

For women looking to dramatically change their hair in time for a new season or a big life change, nothing beats the bold energy of a brand new pixie haircut. Far from boring or unflattering, these shorter haircuts offer up a wide variety of silhouettes to enhance just about any face shape. A longer pixie haircut with side-swept bangs can help to slim a round face, while piecey pixies styled upwards can balance the wider jawlines of square shaped faces. Whether you adore the delicate features of icons like Audrey Hepburn or the uncensored edge of artists like Pink and Miley Cyrus, there’s a pixie haircut that will help reflect your personal aesthetic everywhere you go. Browse through 30 of our favorite pixie haircuts before you book your next big chop!

1Textured Tapered Pixie

With longer, textured layers on top that taper down to very short lengths at the back and sides, this pixie haircut is the perfect choice for women who are looking for something short and sassy that’s still long enough to allow a little bit of play when it comes to styling.

2Feathered Layers Pixie

These soft, feathery layers help to remove some of the bulk from thicker hair, making it look light and airy against the forehead instead of shapeless and heavy. This heavy fringe is perfect for women with oval face shapes, who are lucky enough to pull off just about any hair silhouette.

3Long Side Parted Pixie

This long, side-parted pixie offers up a modern take on mod hairstyles like Twiggy’s similarly deep-parted ‘do. For women with long faces looking to pull off a super short style, this haircut helps to widen the appearance of the face, especially when styled with some texturizing spray to add volume at the sides.

4Tapered Curly Pixie

You don’t have to have super straight hair that will lay flat against your head to wear a pixie haircut. This style keeps hair short enough around the back and sides so that it doesn’t look frizzy or puffy, while longer pieces throughout the top make the most of your hair’s natural texture.

5Close Tapered Crop

This closely cropped pixie might seem like an unimaginably bold style choice, but you’ll be surprised by how it helps to enhance and sharpen your features. Another bonus with this pixie haircut is that it’s short enough to require virtually no styling, but you’ll want to head in for more frequent trims to keep it looking clean around your ears and nape.

6Messy Quiff Pixie

This pixie shows off the ultimate in messy styling with a quiff shaped, gravity-defying look. A maximum impact volumizing mousse can help you achieve this height, and textured cutting will stop your hair from falling flat under it’s own weight.

7Faded Pixie Buzz

This short pixie cut takes some inspiration from military cuts with its short length and faded sides. Despite the generally masculine association with military hair, adding a pop of unnatural color helps this style to look incredibly feminine and chic.

8Short Side Swept Layers

Short layers are softly blended throughout the top of this pixie haircut, making it look endlessly sophisticated.

9Shaggy Pixie

This shaggy pixie is a sweet, bouncy style that has just the right amount of layering. Because this haircut doesn’t feature any shaving or asymmetry, it’s a good option for a first pixie haircut that can be grown out easily.

10Short Feminine Crop

Featuring precision shaping around the ears and more wispy texture in the short bangs, Emma Watson’s pixie haircut was one of the most talked about short cuts in modern celebrity fashion. Women with similar bone structure will find that this pixie silhouette helps to naturally contour your face and make your eyes look brighter.

11Long Choppy Pixie

A longer pixie haircut with tons of choppy texture is the perfect short style to celebrate beachy summer weather.

12Undercut Quiff

This dramatic pixie haircut features an edgy undercut around the back and sides that helps to play up the textured quiff styling. Try this haircut if you’re looking to lengthen the appearance of a round or square-shaped face.

13Bowl Cut Pixie

This modern bowl cut features tons of texture to help it look light and volumized instead of heavy or helmet-like. Women with round faces might not find this bold style to be face-flattering, but it’s a winner for oval and heart shaped faces.

14Mohawk Pixie

Edgy and fun, this pixie haircut steals the silhouette of a classic mohawk, but features tapering between different sections of hair instead of a harsh, disconnected undercut.

15Softly Side Swept

If you want a pixie haircut that exudes timeless beauty, copy Anne Hathaway’s perfect pixie crop from a few years ago. This softly side swept pixie creates some subtle angles along the forehead that can help sharped up the appearance of fuller cheeks.

16Pompadour Pixie

The pompadour is a classic masculine hairstyle, making it fun and edgy to play with the silhouette, especially if you’re looking for a pixie haircut that’s not too demure or girly looking. Blow drying hair up and away from the face will help you build the structure of your pompadour, while pomade and hairspray can help to add definition and hold that will keep this vintage-inspired haircut in place all day.

17Hair Tattoo Pixie

Undercutting around the back and sides of your pixie haircut offer up the perfect canvas for a hair tattoo that’s visible all the time. From artsy geometric patterns to a pretty lotus flower, a talented stylist can present you with endless options for turning your short haircut into a true statement piece.

18Undercut Flip

A long on top pixie combined with an undercut provides the perfect way to playfully switch up your part or toss your textured hair in a carefree, side-flipped style.

19Short Bangs Pixie

These short, slightly choppy bangs create a bold silhouette that lengthens the appearance of your face and puts a ton of emphasis on your eyes. If you’ve been wearing a softer bob or pixie haircut, this edgy style is a great way to change up your look.

20Pixie Mullet

Put a new spin on a classic tapered pixie cut with wispy, longer pieces of hair at the nape of the neck. Far from the mullets of decades past, this haircut oozes bold femininity.

21Thick Bangs Pixie

With thick bangs and a bit of wavy texture, this pixie haircut creates a bold shape that looks best on women wit oval faces.

22Short And Choppy

The perfect blend of choppy texture and soft, feminine styling, this pixie haircut is a good option for women with heart-shaped faces. Short bangs that land midway between the hairline and eyebrows help to minimize the forehead while bringing focus to your eyes.

23Edgy Texture

Looking for a pixie that’s as unique and avant-garde as you? Edgy, uneven bangs and contrasting textures make this a haircut that’s perfect for bold women who want to stand out from the crowd.

24French Crop

This pixie haircut resembles a men’s french crop, but makes use of soft feminine texture throughout the longer pieces of hair.

25Short Side Parted

With softly styled hair directed upwards away from the face, Charlize Theron’s pixie haircut employs some elements of a classic men’s crew cut. Longer pieces in front of the ears help to add some feminine detail and remind us of why this ethereal-looking cut is referred to as a pixie.

26Long Bangs Pixie

Long bangs offer up some feminine, face-framing style for women who aren’t looking to wear a super-short pixie haircut. If you’ve got a round face, this side-swept bang can help to minimize the width of the face, especially when worn with naturally straight or flat-ironed hair.

27Ultra Choppy Texture

If you’re looking for a short pixie haircut that lends itself to messy, tousled styling, you’ll love the ultra choppy texture in this bold style. A small amount of pomade or texturizing cream will help enhance and define this short style.

28Long On Top Undercut

With hair on top that’s long enough to be styled in a trendy double bun look, this pixie haircut comes with enough styling versatility to keep you endlessly entertained. Braided styles are also possible with this pixie haircut, and you’ll love the contrast between romantic french braids and edgy shaved sides.

29Polished Undercut Pixie

For a more polished and understated take on an undercut pixie, this short haircut lets you wear a longer pixie without worrying about your hair looking bulky or being hard to style. This chic haircut comes with chameleon qualities, and looks just as appropriate on a fun night out as it does in the most professional workplaces.

30Textured Shaved Sides Pixie

The latest celebrity to debut a dramatically shorter style, Katy Perry’s new pixie haircut is the perfect blend of edgy silhouette and feminine texture. Despite being quite short, this haircut comes with some styling versatility, and you’ll find that styling hair forward or up can change how it plays against your features.



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