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Easy Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Who is excited for Prom? It is such a special night, one that you will probably look back fondly on forever. For such a memorable occasion, you are going to want to feel beautiful and you lovely ladies deserve to. We want to help you with some of your planning for the big night so we have searched high and low for some of the best updos and hairstyles. Take a look at some of our favorite easy and simple prom hairstyles for medium length hair and hopefully get some inspiration.

1Simple Flicked-out Layers

Prom hair doesn’t have to be all about the up-do. If you have medium-length hair, you may choose to wear your hair down and that can be just as glamorous. These flicked-out layers around the face are so simple, yet they are still so beautiful. The contemporary take on a 1970s favorite (Farrah Fawcett anyone?) is perfect for prom, and easy to do. Gorgeous!

2Loose Braid and Low Bun

How gorgeous is this loose braid to a low bun? The style is so light and airy, with a relaxed feel that is so effortless. The addition of some floral accessories gives a fairy tale vibe and really stand out against the icy blonde hair.

3Double Dutch Braids

If you are looking for an easy prom hairstyle that will stay in place as you dance the night away, then how about these stunning double dutch braids. A few loose tendrils will add a touch of softness to the structured hairstyle.

4Simple French Twist Prom Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Simple and elegant, the classic French twist is a perfect hairstyle for prom. Keep it youthful and modern with some raw edges and a few escaping tendrils. Lovely!

5Messy High Bun with Loose Tendrils

If you’re looking for simple prom or homecoming hairstyles for medium length, The messy high bun is a hairstyle that works for any occasion, don’t you think? It is such a simple hairstyle that is easy to do, which would save you some money for a hairstylist on the night. We love those tousled tendrils framing the face.

6Asymmetric Up-Do Prom Hair

The shapes and twists in this asymmetric up-do are glorious. It is such an organic and wonderful shape that sits beautifully at the nape of the neck. You can keep it simply chic like the model has, or enhance the lovely details with some jewelled hairpins.

7Sleek High Ponytail

Thick hair looks lovely swept up into an elegant high ponytail. We love the slight retro 1970’s vibe of this ponytail with the thick loose tendrils around the face and the soft wave to the hair.

8Waterfall Braid and Ringlet Curls

Give finer hair some extra body by spritzing with a volumising spray and styling into bouncy ringlet curls. A waterfall braid around the back of the head looks wonderful with the vintage curls. Lovely!

9Edgy Side Braid with Hair Rings

If your style is a little more edgy, how about this cool hairstyle for prom? The hair has been given a beachy texture and styled into waves, with a small messy side braid, which has been toughened up with some metallic hair rings. We are obsessed with this prom look.

10Messy Low Chignon

The texture of this messy low chignon is to die for. The chignon can be an older hairstyle, but it has been kept fresh and youthful with a messy finish that is just beautiful. We love the addition of a gold and pearl hair clip that complements the wonderful blonde tones of the model’s hair.

11Big Loose Waves Medium Hair

If you have wavy hair, why not celebrate your curls? To damp hair liberally apply a good quality curl spray and dry upside down with a diffuser. This will create volume, shine, and definition to your waves…stunning!

12Pink and Purple Braided Crown

The colours of this hair are so dreamy and have been really allowed to shine with the floral crown hairstyle. Of course, a floral crown is a great prom hairstyle for any hair colour and really works well on medium-length hair.

13Half Fishtail Braid and Straight Locks

This wraparound fishtail braid is lovely. The braid and the poker straight locks have helped to accentuate the multiple tones of blonde and brown in the hair. For a touch of whimsy, why not weave a few real flowers that match your prom dress into your braid.

14Rope Braid and Low Sleek Bun

A low bun is an easy prom hairstyle that’s great for medium-length hair as you can pin in all the shorter lengths with ease. This version is incredibly sleek and chic and we love the rope braid that has been fed into the bun and the few loose tendrils.

15Messy Half Ponytail Prom Hairstyle

A half ponytail hairstyle is perfect for both thick and thin hair. For thicker hair, it will take some of the weight out of the lengths, creating some lightness. For thinner hair, the loose lengths can be styled into textured waves to create great volume and body.

16Sweet Side Easy Prom Hairstyle


17Pinned Up-Do with Loose Tendrils


18Mini Braids and Top Knot


19Mini Side Bubble Braid


20Gorgeous Vintage Waves


21Reverse Dutch Braid and High Bun


22Unique Top-Knot Up-Do


23Relaxed Braided Crown and Relaxed Waves


24Classic Messy Ponytail with Added Volume


25Mini Braids with a Touch of Glitter


26Twisted French Braids Prom Hair


27Classic Messy High Bun


28Teased Out Side Braid and Loose Curls


29Stunning Purple Hair with Waterfall Braid


30Chic Low Chignon prom hairstyle for medium hair


31Simple Half-up Twist Hairstyle


32Effortless Soft Waves


33Mini Hair Bun and Waves


34Low Wrap Around Ponytail


35Double Braided Headband


36Simple and Elegant Half Up



We know that preparing for prom can be a little overwhelming as you just want everything to be perfect. So, we are here to help you with some tips for making sure your hair is healthy and beautiful for perfect styling on the night.

  • After washing your hair, massage your scalp with a little coconut oil. The massage will increase blood flow to the scalp and distribute the natural oils for healthy hair follicles. The coconut oil is packed full of vitamins that nourish and condition the hair for a healthy shine.
  • Condition your hair once a week with a deep conditioning treatment to help keep your hair strong and free of breakages and split ends.
  • If you style your hair quite frequently, make sure that you are using a heat protection spray every time your blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair. This will not only prevent your hair from damage but also reduce frizz and promote shiny locks.

Follow these three simple tips in the weeks leading up to prom and your hair will be super healthy. Furthermore, your hair will be manageable, which means that it will be easy to style into whatever prom hairstyle you choose.

We would love to see some of your prom hairstyles, so leave your pictures in the comments.


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