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Peach Hair Trend

Peach is the latest shade to be embraced by hair colorists and it is not hard to see why. First, we had pink, then we had rose gold, then it was blorange (which is still so on trend), and now we have peach. The fruity peach hair shade has become so popular because there is a shade that suits all skin tones and every hair type. Those with bronzed skin should go for a golden peach, fair skin should choose a pastel or medium peach shade, and those with olive skin will suit dusky and smokey peach shades. When it comes to the really bold, all skin tones will work with neon shades of peach, so if you love color, feel free to go as vibrant as possible.
If you need a little bit of inspiration, check out some of our favorite takes on the peach hair trend.

1Delicate Peach Lob with Texture

This soft peach hair color is so beautiful against to models peachy skin tone and is a perfect alternative to blonde if you are looking for a color change this winter. This slightly thin hair has been given extra lift thanks to darker roots and more body with a messy textured lob. Stunning!

2Brunette to Peach Ombre

A lighter, blonde-toned shade of peach works beautifully in an ombre on warm brunette hair. The long hair has been styled into big, bouncy curls to get a really great blend between the two tones of colors. It is a simple use of a peach hair color but has such a great visual impact.

3Peach Pixie Hair with Blonde Undercut

This peach pixie cut is just so stunning, and with a blonde undercut, the color of the lengths really pops. A few blonde highlights through the peach creates great movement and emphasize the layers, making this a great hairstyle for fine hair.

4Neon Peach Hair Lob with Edgy Bangs

The peach hair trend covers a wide range of tones, from soft and light, right through to bold and neon, like in this amazing lob hairstyle. This neon peach shade is so vibrant and fun and beautifully complements a fair skin tone. The edgy bangs and waves are the perfect mix of hard and soft. A truly contemporary hairstyle.

5Smoky Peach Lob with Bangs

A smokey peach ombre works really well with ash blonde or ash brown hair. The smoky shade of peach blends perfectly with ashy shades, so even when your natural roots grow in your hair will still look fabulous. This peach ombre blends into a gorgeous peachy blonde shade and the bangs are a great touch to the wavy lob.

6Long Peach Hair with Silver Roots and Highlights

It may surprise you to know that silver and grey are tones that are so complementary to peach hair. A pastel shade of peach works so well with the silvery/grey hues of this long and wavy hair. A peach balayage is a great way to brighten up grey hair, in the perfect combination of two big hair trends.

7Cute Patel Peach Bob with Bangs

The ‘Bob’ is a classic hairstyle that will always be on trend. If you want to give your classic haircut a contemporary twist, with a pastel peach shade and some bouncy bangs. There is something so adorable about this single-length bob, but the contrasting dark eyebrows add just the right amount of edge.

8Light Peach Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are great if you have a rounder face and it will narrow by creating that diagonal angle. The light peach shade of this bob is easy and effortless and will work for a wide range of skin tones from fair to dark.

9Peach Updo with Dark Roots

This peach bridal hairstyle is like something straight out of a fairytale. The long pastel peach locks have been swept up into a messy bun, with long flowing tendrils framing the face. The addition of a simple hair wreath allows the stunning color to be center stage, whilst still standing out against the dark roots.

10Rounded Peach Bob with Subtle Highlights

A rounded bob is great for finer hair as that curved shape creates volume at the nape of the neck and body through the lengths. This fine peach hair has been given extra depth with some subtle highlights and low lights.

11Pastel Peach Hair in Beachy Waves

Give your pastel peach locks great beachy texture by spraying with a matte-finish salt water spray and scrunching with the hands. The result is super laidback and natural, giving these multi-tonal peach locks an effortless look that is beach ready no matter the time of year.

12Messy Peach Bob with Side Parting

Instead of going for the popular dark roots, this style features blonde roots, which will require more visits to the salon, but it also gives a great base to make the neon peach shade to pop. This messy bob is vibrant and beautiful and the side-parting has created great lift around the hairline.

13Effortless, Long Pastel Peach Hair

If you are lucky enough to have long, you too could look this angelic by giving you hair a pale peach makeover. Highlighting the peachy tones of the model’s skin, her long locks have been kept unstyled for a natural look that makes the most of the hair’s natural texture.

14Pastel Peach Waves with Dark Roots

Pastel peach waves contrast beautifully with dark grey roots in the perfect balance of hard and soft. Brighter tones around the hairline bring light to the face and highlight the features.

15Choppy Pastel Bob with Dark Peach Roots

This soft pink bob has been given just a touch of the peach hair trend with some dark peach roots, which gives the fine hair a little extra lift. The bob has minimal layering except around the face, which has been styled to give plenty of movement.

16Metallic Peach Hair Color with Space Buns

A talented hair colorist has managed to create a peach hair color that has a metallic effect, with the expert blending of multiple shades. Plenty of gloss is needed to keep the metallic effect in this peach hair, so invest in a good quality shine spray or blow dry serum.

17Long Multi-Tonal Neon Peach Locks

You will struggle to see bolder peach hair than this, with a neon shade blended into a shocking pink ombre. The messy waves give some texture and prevent the hair from being a flat block of color. You will stand out from the crowd with this look.

18Blorange and Peach Hair with Bangs

This hair is pure sunshine with its mixture of blorange, peach, and blonde tones. Darker at the roots and lighter at the tips, the hair has great depth and is so full of life and movement.

19Dusky Peach Lob with Big Waves

A dusky shade of peach always looks better when given a matte finish, which can be achieved with a good texturizing styling product. The matte texture of this lob is stunning and the vintage-inspired curls and short, side-swept bangs are a great contrast to the contemporary color.

20Silver and Grey to Peah Ombre

The clash between grey and peach makes for a completely unique ombre, perfect if you are wanting to make a big statement. A peach hairstyle like this will require plenty of trips to the salon, but for something so individual and beautiful it is definitely worth it.

21Blunt Peach Bob with Top Knot

To give thin hair more volume, go for a blunt-edged bob that hits at just about the shoulders. This tone of peach is neither pastel nor neon, just somewhere in the middle, but it still so stunning. The top knot not only creates the illusion of body through the crown, it will also elongate round faces.

22Long Peach Ombre with Waves

Lighter tones of peach at the ends of these long, wavy locks create a subtle ombre that almost has a sun-kissed effect. A dusky peach shade is a great choice for medium and olive skin tones, which may wash out those with fair skin.

23Multi-Tona Neon Peach Lob with Bangs

The simple lob has been made super contemporary and edgy with a completely stunning dye job that mixes multiple tones of neon peach to create a flame-haired look that is just knockout. The messy waves and choppy bangs are great complements to such a unique color choice.

24Blonde and Peach Balayage with Braids

Ash blonde hair is completely transformed with a dunky peach balayage. The color is really shown off to its best with this chunky milkmaid braid, which has bee given extra interest by teasing out the individual strands.

25Elvish Pixie Cut

Those with delicate features and an oval face will perfectly suit this elvish pixie crop which features short layers from the crown forward and longer layers framing the face and at the nape of the neck. Choppy bangs draw attention to the model’s beautiful features and the dusky peach shade ads an extra touch of magic.

26Blonde, Pink, and Peach Up Do

There is a great Bohemian vibe to this pastel updo that has a wonderful mix of dusky pink, pastel peach, and a yellow blonde. The updo is incredibly relaxed, yet chic and the addition of a few hair jewels is a great finishing touch.

27Purple to Peach Ombre

This purple to peach ombre has the real wow factor. The rich jewel shades of purple, pink, and red are blended perfectly into pastel peach ends for a look that is truly spectacular. This is a real show-stopper for sure.

28Multi-Tonal Graduated Bob

Blend multiple tones of peach together to create a hairstyle that has great depth like in this graduated bob. The roots are a neon shade of peach, whilst the lengths and pastel in tone, with a few bubblegum pink highlights to pick out the layers.

29Soft Peach Pixie with Undercut

If you are looking for a color change that is super subtle, this blonde pixie has just the slightest touch of peach coloring in the base and a few delicate peach highlights. The hints of color really lift this thin hair, as do the tousled waves in the layers of the asymmetric cut. Stunning!

30Long Pastel Peach Hair in Ringlets

Retro-inspired curls are making quite the comeback this year, with pin curls and finger waves increasing in popularity. Ringlet curls are big at the moment and they are a welcome change from messy waves or super glam curls. They look fantastic in this pastel peach hair with subtle blonde highlights, don’t you think?



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