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30 Purple Balayage Hair Color Ideas

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to take on multiple trends at once, a purple balayage hairstyle can satisfy your desire for a bold hair color applied with the hottest highlighting technique. With a painted on effect that’s often described as “natural looking”, the balayage technique makes unnatural colors from pastel lavender to deep burgundy look sophisticated instead of amateur. If you’re looking for the prettiest ways to wear your hair purple, take a look at 30 of the trendiest new purple balayage hair color ideas.

1How To Get Purple Balayage Hair Color

Making your purple balayage dreams a reality can take some time and effort, depending on the shade your hair is now and the purple shade that you’re hoping to achieve. For natural blondes or anyone who’s already lightened their hair to blonde, applying a purple highlight won’t necessarily require any chemical lightening. Darker blondes may still need to bleach their hair beforehand if they’re looking for an ultra vibrant purple balayage. Anyone with darker hair will almost always need to lighten their hair beforehand to ensure a visible purple balayage, and this is especially true if you’ve previously dyed your hair dark. Once you’ve achieved your perfect purple balayage, invest in products specifically designed for chemically treated hair, and consider adding hair color into your conditioner to replenish your purple balayage as it fades.

2Dusty Berry Balayage

This dusty berry shade flirts with the line between purple and pink, making for a delicious balayage blend of colors that plays well when paired with natural brunette roots.

3Lavender Balayage Bob

The textured ends in this bob continue to be a very popular style that works at a variety of lengths. When combined with a lavender balayage, this expert cutting technique becomes much more apparent, and is a perfect example of using color to enhance a great haircut.

4Purple Pink Sherbet Balayage

This incredible balayage using a blend of purple and pink shades makes for a girly yet luxurious style that will take you through any season.

5Subtle Champagne Purple Balayage

Combine champagne blonde hair with a light touch of lavender balayage and you’ve got a hairstyle that looks like a perfect cocktail: colorful, fun, and indulgent without being over-the-top. Luckily for ladies who are already wearing a pale blonde shade, this purple balayage can be added on without a lengthy lightening process.

6Vibrant Violet

This fairly straightforward balayage look combines a single tone of vibrant violet over natural black hair, with an end result that’s quite subdued for a purple balayage style.

7Dusty Lilac

Even though there are women paying colorists hundreds of dollars to achieve a perfect ashy-brown shade, ladies who were born with this hair color often feel the urge to brighten up their strands. Lucky for you, dusty pastel shades can compliment the cool tones in your natural color, making this lilac balayage the perfect way to enhance your natural ashy hair.

8Purple Jewel Tones Balayage

Jewel tones play together in this pink and purple balayage hair color that looks like it was pulled straight from a magic kindgom. Keep your natural brunette roots around if you’d like to ground this hair color in the real world, or try these highlights over platinum blonde or jet black for an even more fantasty-inspired style.

9Multidimensional Mauve

This greyish-purple mauve style is a big hit among women who want an unnatural hair color that looks more subtle and mature than an intense jewel or neon shade. We love this color for women who like to make bold, vibrant choices with their wardrobe and makeup, as it’s not likely to clash against the other bright colors in your outfit.

10Lavender On Eggplant Balayage

This deep eggplant purple is so dark it’s almost black, making it the perfect backdrop for a light lavender balayage.

11Purple On Black Balayage

On the fence about going for a purple balayage hair color? This purple-on-black style is simple yet rich, and makes for an easy look to grow out.

12Light Lavender Balayage

If you’ve already got a blonde balayage hairstyle, adding a light touch of lavender overtop is the perfect way to spice up your look without going in for a complete color overhaul. You can nab this look quite quickly using semi-permanent dye at home!

13Bright Amethyst Bob

Take your bob from boring to bold with a maximum impact purple balayage in a bright amethyst shade. This rich color balances well against deeper or olive-tinged skin tones, but isn’t so dark that it will wash out a porcelain complexion. If you’re not even sure which skin tone category you fall under, this is a great purple shade to try out.

14Steely Purple Balayage

Antique looking greyish tones continue to be very popular, and they’re easy to mix in with other shades if you’re not interested in going full-on granny with your hairstyle. This steely purple balayage walks a perfect line between vintage and modern, making it a perfect choice for ladies who love playing with past and present in all elements of their personal style.

15Vibrant Purple Lob

With a mixture of vibrant purple shades, this lob represents balayage highlighting at its most bold and beautiful.

16Silvery Lavender Balayage

Mix silver hair with a light purple balayage for an ultra-trendy, fairy-inspired hair color that can work in any season.

17Subtle Mulberry

Even purple balayage hair color can be subtle and sophisticated. This mulberry-colored highlight works well with pure black or deep burgundy roots, and mimics a natural-looking hairstyle even with these obviously unnatural colors. As this purple balayage will fade with washes, you’ll need to frequently refresh your color to keep it from turning to a lighter shade.

18Brunette With Magenta Balayage

Magenta balayage helps bring out the red tones in your natural (or dyed) auburn hair. This is a great way to add a shock of color to your mid-length cut, and you can let your hair grow without needing to continually lighten your locks.

19Dusty Heather

This balayage style features multiple shades of purple, but keeps the colors dusty to create a style that looks sophisticated instead of overdone.

20Bright Violet On Blonde Balayage

While pastel shades might be the most popular way to wear purple balayage highlights over blonde hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t use vibrant shades like this bright violet to compliment your golden hair.

21Violet On Black Balayage

If you’re after a dark and sultry purple hair color, treat your black locks to a liberal dose of violet balayage highlights

22Subtle Purple Pastel

This is a perfect example of how to wear pastel color in combination with a natural looking root. These subtle touches of purple pastel balayage have been expertly placed so that they highlight hair without completely overtaking it.

23Vibrant Purplish Pink

With lots of different shades of dark pink and bright purple, this vibrant balayage is a stunning way to dress up your long brunette hair.

24Deep Burgundy Balayage

If you’re looking for a purple balayage hair color that you can get away with at your semi-conservative workplace, this is the style to try. Deep burgundy shades have been around for long enough that they’re considered a more mainstream unnatural color. If you’ve got naturally black or dark brown hair, this color job will punch up your style without looking like a complete departure.

25Luxe Berry Balayage

This surprisingly subtle purple balayage style paints a muted berry shade over medium-dark brunette hair. The result is a style that won’t look too vibrant or unnatural from a distance, but will shine and delight your admirers in close proximity.

26Purple Color Melt

If you love the balayage technique but want a full head of purple hair, try this delicious purple-on-purple style. This look transitions seamlessly from purple-grey roots to a vibrant violet color mid-strand, and finally a dusty mauve shade at the ends.

27Ashy Purple Balayage

If you’re looking for a sophisticated purple balayage style that doesn’t look like it was dyed on a whim, you’ll love this cool color combo.

28Raspberry Blonde Balayage

This purple-tinged version of strawberry blonde hair is perfect for ladies who like the reddish blonde look but are looking for something more out of the ordinary.

29Intense Violet On Black Balayage

Treat your natural or dyed black hair to an intense violet balayage that looks dark and sultry from a distance, but shines bright and vibrant in the sunlight. We especially like this color palette for the fall, when you can pair it with black boots and dresses for a modern witchy look.

30Periwinkle Blonde Balayage

A blue-purple balayage shade like this pretty periwinkle is an easy way to switch up your blonde hairstyle. This color looks good on just about everyone, but women with fair skin will especially appreciate going for a bold color that won’t wash them out.

31Burgundy With Neon Violet Balayage

Another purple on purple balayage style, this look features deep burgundy roots that blend into an electric shade of neon violet. We love this deep purple color palette for ladies looking to make brown eyes pop, or for women with deep or olive skin tones.

32Warm Purple Balayage

This beautiful balayage has a subtle mix of light icy and warm purple shades.

33Lilac Plum Balayage

Lilac is on of the newest hottest color trends we can’t get enough of! This layered and bouncy lilac plum balayage is absolutely stunning!



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