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35 Light Blue Hair Color Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a bold new hairstyle that’s far from natural looking, light blue hair color offers up one of the trendiest ways to put your plan into action. With a wide range of shades from cool greyish blue to brighter hues like aqua or Tiffany blue, there are shades of light blue hair color that can compliment every skin tone and look appropriate during any season. Light blue peekaboo highlights or ombre color styles are the perfect way to try out a bit of blue, while especially bold women can jump into the deep end with a full head of their perfect light blue shade. Once you take a look at our favorite new light blue hair color ideas, you’ll be busy deciding just which blue is right for you!

1Sky Blue Pixie

This gorgeous sky blue shade is the perfect way to prep your pixie cut for spring or summer, and looks incredible against skin with warm undertones.

2Pastel Blue Waves

Pastel blue waves are nicely balanced out with a dark exposed root in this edgy yet girly light blue style. Try this look out during the fall if you want to play up the ghostly aspects of this light blue color.

3Aqua Ombre Box Braids

One of the best things about box braids is that they offer the ability to experiment with color while keeping your natural hair safe from chemical lightening. Tons of brands are now offering up braiding hair in bold colors like this ultra trendy aqua blue ombre, making it beyond easy to try out a wide range of different colored box braids.

4Denim Blue Balayage

Featuring a muted blue color that’s rather subdued, this denim balayage is one of the most sophisticated ways to wear a light blue hair color, and it looks especially gorgeous against natural brunette hair.

5Baby Blue Rapunzel Hair

If you’re looking to change up your ultra long hair without undoing your commitment to looking like Rapunzel, this baby blue hair color will completely switch up your look. To keep from destroying your long hair during the bleaching process, we recommend checking in with a stylist first to see if your strands are up to the stress of having their natural color lifted.

6Blue White Hair

Add a blue tinge to your ultra bright hair for a little more interest than a completely white style. If you’ve got a very fair or porcelain complexion, this extra pop of color can help to keep you from looking washed out.

7Tiffany Blue

Want to look as chic as one of Tiffany’s blue boxes? Wearing the famous shade in your hair will make you feel as precious and luxurious as a diamond.

8Peekaboo Blue

Peekaboo highlights in light blue make for an extra subtle way to punch up your hair color, and you’ll be able to get away with wearing them even in a semi-conservative workplace.

9Blue-On-Blue Balayage

If you can’t decide which shade of blue to wear, go all-out and try this light blue balayage over darker blue roots.

10Blue Grey Braid

If you love wearing your hair in intricate braided styles, this light blue grey color will help make every fishtail style or braided bun have some extra wow factor.

11Powder Blue

Looking deliciously retro, this powder blue hair color walks the line between vintage glam and modern punk style.

12Electric Cornflower Blue

This cornflower blue is a great choice for anyone who loves light blue hair but is interested in something more vibrant than a grey-tinged or blue pastel shade.

13Denim Aqua Style

With a denim blue base color and green-tinged aqua at the ends, this blue-on-blue style is a next-level light blue hair color that’s perfect for bold trendsetters.

14Greyish Powder Blue

We love a hint of blue to add drama to silver or grey hairstyles. Go for this greyish powder blue if you have fair skin with cool undertones.

15Subtle Blue Balayage

If you’ve already got a blonde balayage hairstyle, adding a light blue highlight is an easy way to make your style a little more unique.

16Sleek Blue Grey Lob

This sleek and stylish collarbone-grazing cut is the perfect canvas for a light blue grey hair color. Exposed dark roots help to add dimension to the look and provide bold contrast to the steely blue shade.

17Blue Grey Box Braids

Full of depth and dimension, this greyish shade of light blue pops against golden or caramel skin tones, and provides amazing contrast for red, pink or coral lips.

18Winter Ice

Light blue hair colors aren’t just for spring and summer! Try this winter wonderland style to brighten up your hair during the colder months.

19Layered Blues

With different shades of blue layered throughout, this artsy style is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a single shade. By wearing your hair in different styles, you’ll be able to decide which specific shade you want to show off on any given day.

20Light Blue Pixie

Not only does this light blue color enhance an edgy choppy pixie, but it does a great job of making brown or golden colored eyes pop. A hair color this eye-catching means you can keep your makeup and outfit choices simple and still turn heads wherever you go.

21Light Blue Color Melt

Seamlessly shifting from a darker blue root to light blue-grey ends, this color melt style shows just how sophisticated a full head of blue hair can look.

22Dusty Blue Ombre

Create a sophisticated, mermai- chic style by only applying light blue ombre to some strands of hair. This trendy look is easier on your hair and not too difficult to create on your own at home.

23Aqua Undercut

Combining multiple trends, this light aqua blue style features exposed dark roots and an undercut nape with a dainty bow design shaved into it. We love how this light blue hair color plays against both fair and deep skin tones, and it contrasts beautifully with vibrant pink lip colors.

24Icy Blue Braid

This icy blue braid looks cool and crisp, and is the perfect light blue hairstyle for a fresh seaside morning.

25Pastel Blue Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts provide an incredible canvas for experimenting with bold color. Whether you’re thinking about making a dramatic change with a brand new buzz cut or you’ve been looking for ways to punch up your existing ultra-short style, consider adding this pastel blue shade to your super-short hairstyle.

26Light Blue High Ombre

This light blue high ombre hairstyle is perfect for long-haired ladies who are mermaid obsessed. Whether your roots are black, blonde, or a darker shade of blue, this ombre style will have you feeling ready to flip your fins.

27Peekaboo Peacock Highlights

These light blue peekaboo highlights play with darker blue streaks and a deep burgundy base shade to create a rich peacock color palette.

28Blue White Balayage

Keep your ultra long locks looking icy and fresh with this blue white balayage style that looks great against just about any skin tone.

29Electric Blue Curls

Make your natural curls pop with this incredibly electric shade of light blue. Getting naturally dark hair light enough to color a shade this vibrant will often require several lightening treatments, and it’s a good idea to test lighten some of your shed hair if you plan on achieving the look at home.

30Grey Blue Pixie Highlight

Just because your hair isn’t long enough for ombre or balayage color doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your cut with a blue highlight. This sophisticated pixie gets a feathery dose of light greyish blue that looks intensely chic.

31Light Blue Pastel Rainbow

Get a perfect pastel rainbow style with pink and green highlights interspersed throughout a light blue base color. You’ll need to do a significant amount of lightening to get a full head of these gorgeous pastel shades, meaning you should only attempt this style if you’ve got a super-healthy head of hair.

32Maya Blue Ombre

This blue ombre style looks surprisingly sophisticated thanks to its expert color placement and luxurious looking shade of Maya blue. The best thing about this ombre style is that you can pair it with tons of different base colors, from pale blonde to jet black and almost everything in between.

33Pastel Aqua Layered Color

This layered color in pastel aqua is everything you want in a bold new hairstyle for spring or summer. Pair this light blue shade with any base color, and you’ll be in for a non-stop stream of compliments on your trendy new style.

34Subtle Denim Balayage

Who says light blue hair color can’t be subtle? This barely-there denim balayage is a great way for anyone who feels shy about their strands to try out a fun new style without attracting too much attention.

35Candy Pastel Blue

We don’t associate shades of blue with tasty treats as much shades like orange or pink, but this light blue pastel looks like a frosty delicacy straight from candy land.



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