Short Box Braids Hairstyles


Short Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Because box braids often use hair extensions, there are tons of ultra long versions of the style floating around. But this protective style can also be worn in a bunch of shorter styles that are bouncy, fun, and face flattering. Some of the advantages to wearing your box braids in a shorter style are that they’re lighter, easier to care for, and take less time to install. If you’ve always worn your box braids down to your waist, you’ll be surprised at how a shorter style can change the appearance of your face, or you might just be after the trendy, collarbone-length looks that are so popular right now. To help convince you that sometimes shorter is better, check out 30 of our favorite short box braids hairstyles.

1Chunky Layered Short Box Braids

These chunky braids are the perfect in-between thickness, allowing them to be voluminous and substantial, but still flexible and skinny enough to add some braid jewels. For women with an oblong face shape, this side parted braids style can help to draw the eye horizontally and make your face appear wider.

2 Short Blonde Box Braid Bob

Blonde braids cut a sleek shape that’s perfect for slimming out the appearance of a round face. This color is perfect for taking your box braids into summer and can help to bring out warmer tones in your complexion or provide contrast to make darker eyes pop.

3Half Up Short Box Braids

A collarbone length box braided style is perfect for ladies who want maximum styling versatility with their protective braided looks.

4Warm Brown Short Box Braids

If you’re bored with plain black but don’t want to go for a crazy bright color in your box braids, this shade of warm brown is a rich and flattering choice for most skin tones.

5Side Parted Box Braids On Short Hair

We love this stylish side part box braids on short hair. This is a great short style for women with oval-shaped face. If you like to spice up your short bob braids, silver highlights are super trendy and add so much flair!

6Silver Short Box Braids

Amandla Stenberg’s silver short box braids are left slightly open at the ends, creating a texture that helps to accentuate the blunt shape of her bob style. Although long box braids were also popular in the ’90s, this blunt silhouette paired with Amandla’s fashion choices are giving us some vintage ’90s vibes.

7Chunky Box Braid Bob

Between the thicker braid size and their shorter length, this chunky box braid bob is one of the easiest styles on our list to do on your own. Braid jewels are a nice way to dress this look up, whether you go for royal gold, cool silver, or a rainbow of colors.

8Half Up Buns Short Box Braids

These mid length box braids let you play with fun styles like these cute half up buns. If you’ve been feeling nostalgic for the ’90s or you’re always up on the latest styling trends, this is a fun look and an easy way to keep your box braids from feeling boring.

9Sleek Short Box Braids Bob

With a perfect part down the middle and sleek, skinny braids that frame the face, this box braided bob is a good choice for professional women or anyone looking for a slightly more mature style that’s still sexy.

10Short Braids Silver Bob

Short box braids in grey and silver have been hugely popular this year. Chin-length short braids in silver are the perfect way to wear this ultra trendy shade, and your shorter braided bob will stand out in a sea of longer box braid styles.

11Short Braids A Line Bob

If you’re looking for a short braided style that’s extra sleek and sophisticated, try this A-line bob. With hair that’s shorter in the back, this is a great summer style that won’t have you feeling hot with hair always resting on your neck, but you’ll still be able to pull some pieces from the front back if you want to switch up your look a bit.

12Bowl Box Braids on Short Hair

This box braids bowl cut is pure old school style. Shorter looks in this style can be very face flattering and help to put emphasis on your eyes, but women with round faces might find that this shorter look puts more emphasis on their cheeks.

13Braided Blunt Lob

This blunt lob is a classic silhouette for simple shorter styles. It gives you just the right amount of hair to play with and frame your face, and proves protective styles don’t have to be overwrought or complicated.

14Honey Brown Bob Box Braids

A lighter shade of honey brown can help transform your basic box braids look into something new and fun for the upcoming season. You’ll find a lighter shade like this helps to warm up your skin tone, and can be a nice choice for spring or summer when hot, sticky weather makes you less likely to want to wear bronzer or blush.

15Chic Short Bob Braids

Short, sweet and simple, this chic bob is the perfect box braids style for more conservative workplaces or busy women on-the-go who want a style that doesn’t need to be tied into ponytails or buns.

16Skinny Short Box Braids Pixie

Thicker box braids are usually reserved for styles that are chin length for longer, making skinny braids the solution if you want to go for an even shorter look. These ultra thin braids allow you to wear a sophisticated pixie style, and feature layered colors to make the braids look extra flattering against your face.

17Mid Length Chunky Box Braids

These chunky braids make for an ultra laid-back mid-length style. If you’re looking for a shorter box braid style that you can set and forget, these are the chill vibes you’ve been looking for.

18Chin Length Bob Box Braids

A chin length bob has the perfect amount of sass for ladies looking to wear a protective short style that’s trendy but unique.

19Skinny Braids Blunt Lob

These fairly skinny short box braids will take a bit longer to install, but you’ll be rewarded with a thick-looking style that’s got lots of movement and is easy to tie back in a variety of updo styles.

20Side Shaved Box Braids on Short Hair

This shaved undercut box braids on short hair style is for women looking for edgier short box braids styles. Add a pop of color to this chic look with these amazing statement earrings and a dark lipstick!

21Cornrow Box Braided Bob

If you’re looking for a box braided bob but don’t want hair falling in your face, try a style that’s partially cornrowed. Attached braids keep hair away from the face while still allowing you to tie the rest of your braids back if needed.

22Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids

Asymmetrical bobs are a great way to add some interest to your short or medium length hairstyle. If you love wearing styles that are side parted, this asymmetrical style helps to sweep hair across your forehead and draw the eye downward.

23Ultra Chunky Box Braids

These ultra chunky box braids come with tons of texture. These thicker braids can be more difficult to tie back than their skinnier counterparts, but they’ve got tons of definition and look great with a few baby hairs left out.

24Short Box Braids Bob with Bangs

Want your short box braids hairstyle to come with a face framing fringe? This style proves that braids are versatile enough to work with just about any style. Women with round faces might want to avoid this look, as it can make your face look wider.

25Half Up Ponytail Short Box Braids Style

Go for box braids in a longer bob style if you like having the option of different ponytail and bun styles. This simple half up pony is a great way to keep braids out of your hair for workouts, lazy days, or if you’re looking to create a bit of extra height.

26Purple Short Box Braids

Whether you’ve just got a single pack of purple hair to use up or you’re after a slightly different approach to colored short braids, a single section of purple will set your short box braids apart from the rest.

27Side Ponytail Style Braids

Chic, high ponytails aren’t just for long haired ladies. This side pony look proves how a short and sophisticated box braid look can be styled differently when you’re heading out on a Friday night.

28Short Triangle Short Box Braids

Switch up your short box braids with a triangle parted style instead of the more typical square shape.

29Side Swept Skinny Box Braids Bob

The side swept shape of this bob is accentuated with braids that are not only layered in length, but it also features layered color where a warm brown shade is placed overtop of natural black braids.

30Big and Short Box Braids Bob

The chunkiest braids on our list were secured using the rubber band method, where natural hair is tied with an elastic before you begin braiding using extensions. This technique works especially well for jumbo braids like this or for anyone who has trouble gripping their hair.

31Box Braids Layered Bob

These box braids are skinny enough to create a layered look that’s sassy, bouncy, and fun.

32Silver Box Braids Lob

This long silver bob is a good box braid style for ladies who are on the fence about going with a shorter look. Lighter colors look especially nice against darker skin when they’re in cool tones, making silver a great choice to frame your face and bring out any green flecks in your eyes.

We hope you’ve found your go to box braids in this list of short box braids styles!




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