Auburn Hair Color Styles


Auburn Hair Color Styles

The perfect marriage of red and brunette shades, an auburn hair color style can give you warm and trendy locks that don’t look like just another dye job. For anyone looking to add a touch of warmth to their existing hair color, auburn highlights are a perfect choice. And if you were lucky enough to be born a natural auburn, adding a blonde balayage or dark auburn lowlights can bring new dimension to your existing style. So if you’re looking for something rich and sultry for fall or a bright new summery shade, stick right here to get a look at our 35 favorite auburn hair color styles.

1Chocolate Auburn hair With Highlights

This gorgeous hair color pairs a rich chocolate base with dark auburn highlights for a sultry style that’s perfect for brunettes looking to warm up their look or natural redheads who want to try a darker style without completely departing from the shade they were born with.

2Intense Coppery Auburn

If you’ve always wanted red hair but were afraid of taking the plunge, this intense coppery auburn could be the color that finally convinces you to go red. It satisfies the current trend for all things copper, but keeps enough brunette tone in the mix to look earthy and almost natural.

3Bright Auburn Ombre

With deep brunette roots and bright auburn ends, this auburn ombre is an intense but fun hair color style. You could wear this auburn with a wide variety of hair colors, but it looks especially fiery when worn on natural curls.

4Golden Strawberry Auburn

Looking like a mixture of strawberry blonde and a light auburn, this gold-flecked hair color is an incredible choice for bored blondes or brunettes looking to change up their locks for spring or summer.

5Auburn With Copper Balayage

Use a copper shade of balayage over a medium or dark auburn hair color base to create a warm and dimensional look that’s more subtle than a blonde on auburn style. We love this color combination for any season, and it’s an easy way to punch up your existing auburn hairstyle.

6Rich Dark Auburn Hair Color

Emma Stone has dabbled in a few different hair colors, with this dark auburn hair color shade being one of our favorites. It’s more mature than her natural blonde, but more intense than the gingery red she’s most well-known for.

7Medium Auburn With Subtle Highlights

Whether you’re a natural medium auburn or you’re planning for it to be your next shade, subtle light auburn highlights can add a touch of depth without requiring too much work to achieve or a ton of future upkeep.

8Auburn Ombre

Try an auburn ombre over your natural brunette hair for a trendy take on the reddish brown color palette.

9Dark Auburn Hair Color

A single shade of dark auburn is the perfect choice for ladies who like to wear their hair in sleek and straight styles like this asymmetrical lob.

10Light Auburn With Blonde Balayage

Wear blonde balayage highlights over a light auburn base color for an extra subtle way to rock a reddish brown shade. Natural auburns who are looking to switch up their shade without completely changing it will love this style.

11Burgundy With Auburn Highlights

Deep burgundy and medium auburn highlights make a bold color combination that’s perfect for fall. Highlights are concentrated around the face, making this long bob perfect for bringing out warm skin tones and green or hazel colored eyes.

12Ginger On Auburn Ombre

This auburn hair with a golden gingery ombre looks like a perfect pumpkin spice creation. Whether or not you’re into the lattes, this hair color is a stunner on fair skin tones, and provides deep contrast with blue or green eyes.

13Intense Deep Auburn

If you’ve been dreaming about a dark and romantic hair color that’s got a little more warmth than a pure black or brunette shade, this intense deep auburn might be your dream come true.

14Soft Natural Auburn

This soft, medium auburn is the perfect hair color if you’re hoping to fool people into thinking you were blessed with natural auburn locks.

15Deep Glamorous Auburn

A luxurious marriage of dark red and brunette creates this deep glamorous auburn that pairs brilliantly with medium or olive skin tones.

16Dark Auburn With Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage highlights over a dark auburn hair color base might sound like a super bold combination, but this warm shade of dark blonde strikes a nice contrast without looking cartoonish.

17Medium Auburn With Lowlights

If you’re looking to add some dimension to your medium auburn hair without lightening your locks, these lowlights will provide a subtle yet rich tone.

18Bright Auburn With Blonde Balayage

One of the most bold auburn color styles on our list, this golden blonde balayage stands starkly against a burgundy-tinged auburn.

19Dusty Light Auburn Hair

This dusty light auburn shade offers up a super subtle way to wear your hair in a muted tone similar to a trendy pastel shade. Luckily, this style is appropriate for any workplace, and won’t bring unwanted attention on days when you need to look serious or professional.

20Auburn Blonde Color Melt

Color melting represents the latest in hair color technique, and creates a seamless gradient that isn’t as defined as with an ombre or balayage style. This gorgeous color melt from deep auburn to golden blonde is the work of an experienced colorist, and not something you should expect to achieve at home.

21Burgundy With Auburn Highlights

This mostly burgundy hair gets warmed up with super subtle touches of auburn ombre at the ends of a few select curls. If you’re thinking about highlighting your curly hair for the first time, it’s a good idea to seek out a colorist who has experience working with your specific hair texture.

22Natural Light Auburn Hair

This natural light auburn hair color is the perfect for country girls who like to get their hands dirty during the day and then hit the town at night.

23Toasted Auburn Ombre

One of the benefits of growing your hair super long is that it creates a bigger canvas for you to play and experiment with hair color. An ultra subtle ombre just barely paints the ends of this ultra long hair in a toasted auburn shade, and you can easily trim these ends or color them back to brunette when you’re ready for another change.

24Rich Coppery Auburn

Rich and warm, this coppery auburn shade will work well on fair, medium or dark complexions. If you have green eyes or a surplus of beloved green wardrobe pieces, you’ll be impressed with how much this hair color plays up your favorite shade.

25Auburn Blonde Sombre

This subtle auburn and blonde style is perfect for women on-the-go who don’t want an overly intricate hair color that requires certain styling techniques or frequent touch-ups.

26Medium Natural Auburn

This medium shade of auburn that’s slightly darker towards hair’s inside layers looks incredibly natural, especially on women with relatively fair complexions. If you’re trying to trick people into thinking you’ve had auburn hair your whole life, this is your next hair color.

27Light Auburn Blonde

Straddling the line between light auburn and blonde, this shade is perfect for warming up your brunette hair up for summer or making a change to your blonde strands as fall rolls around.

28Warm Cinnamon Auburn

This warm shade of cinnamon auburn is incredibly rich, and pairs well against complexions that have warm undertones.

29Dark Auburn With Subtle Highlights

Blink and you might miss these super subtle highlights. They’re perfect for ladies who want a luxurious hair color that doesn’t look too distracting or overly processed.

30Light Auburn Hair Color

If you’re naturally dark haired and looking for a much lighter hair color that isn’t blonde, this light auburn hair color is warm, refreshing, and incredibly sophisticated.

31Auburn On Auburn Balayage

This two-toned auburn look strikes a perfect balance between bold styles that feature very different colors and single-toned hair colors that can feel flat and boring.

32Auburn With Champagne Blonde

Another dusty shade that veers into pastel territory, this muted auburn with champagne blonde tones offers up an edgy way to wear your auburn hair color.

33Barely There Auburn

Many people would simply call this hair color brunette, but it’s very gentle red tones make it a sneaky shade of auburn, and a great way to test drive the shade if you’re worried about how red tones will look against your skin.

34Auburn With Blonde Ombre

This very bold auburn stye is for ladies who definitely want to stand out in a crowd. A high blonde ombre provides a big contrast from medium auburn roots, and fully embracing the look could have you feeling like a superhero.

35Auburn On Brunette Ombre

This auburn ombre color is particularly fiery, but doesn’t look too bold when paired with an earthy, natural brunette color. Because these two colors aren’t wildly different, this ombre style looks chic instead of immature.

36Auburn Balayage

This auburn balayage style is subtle and so natural looking with its blonde highlights and lowlights. Just stunning!



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