Messy Curly Hair Bun

Messy Bun Curly Hairstyles

Calling all our curly hair people! First, let us start by saying we know curly hair can come with it’s own obstacles but your hair texture is admired by many. We hope you’ve learned to embrace your curly hair and love it. Now, let’s get in to some fun chat because that’s why you’re here. Messy bun hairstyles are a look many of us lean on when we don’t want to fuss too much with hair. Sound like you? Perfect because we’re featuring some really cute messy bun hairstyles to give you some fresh ideas to work with this low-maintenance look.

1Tied Around

Add a little accessorizing to an effortless messy bun by simply tying a printed scarf around the bas of the bun. Leaving a few curly pieces out, to frame the face, adds to the effortless aesthetic.

2Ballerina Inspired

Keep it simple and sleek with this ballerina like bun. It’s not traditionally ‘messy’ but it’s super simple to recreate at home. Just pull all your hair back and tie it into a low placed bun, voila!

3Curly Bangs + Bun

If you have bangs and curly hair, this is going to be your new go to messy bun look. All those gorgeous curls to be free from the bun and frame your face, doing what bangs do best. Tie the rest of the hair back into a really simple bun.

4Piecey Curly Bangs

Another example of how to style a messy bun when you have curly hair and bangs. This one is a bit different in that the bangs that were left out are piecey, which is something that really adds to the messy bun aesthetic.

5Fiercely Styled

Can’t go wrong with an easy messy bun. This was left really messy, allowing the curls to really live in their bouncy truth. Styling a printed scarf, tied into a bow at the top gives a really stylish completion to the look.

6Sleek Braids Meet Messy Bun

Want a little something extra added to your messy bun? Style your hair into some braids! Here the curly hair was twisted into two French braids that meet in the back for a messy bun. It’s such a great hairstyle for the summertime.

7Under Bun Braid

Another way to add a braid to messy bun? Style the hair in a braid on the UNDER part of the hair. Such a cool, unexpected twist don’t you think? If you have a lot of layers in your curly hair this is a great way to keep the hair pulled back and off your neck.

8Seashell Styled

Ok, how cute is this messy bun? Even if you don’t have seashell clips like this, it’s great inspiration as to how you can easily accessorize a messy bun to transform it. Clips, no matter their color and design, are super simple to style.

9Glam Accessorized

We’re going to be showing you a few really stylish and easy ways to accessorize a messy bun, because that’s a sure fire way to transform the look and make it feel like your not-so-average messy bun. Here they opted for a glam twist with crystal bobby pins and we can’t get enough of it.

10Tied Up Bun

Scarves strike again with this look! This messy bun is a bit different with the scarf because of the way they wrapped the scarf around the hair, making it a bolder statement paired with a messy bun.

11Space Buns

You may have noticed space buns, aka pigtail buns, are a major trend at the moment. Mostly thanks to Tik Tok. Regardless of where the trend came from, space buns are perfect for curly hair!

12Strategic Pieces

Isn’t this chic? We can’t get over how stunning this messy bun hairstyle is, especially since it’s so simple. What makes this different is the fact that a few very strategic curls were left out of the bun.

13Face Framing Braids

If you’re not a French braid person, or struggle to style French braids on your own hair this way to add braids to hair may be a good way for you to try it out. Just leaving a couple of small sections out from the bun, near the face, and style them into braids for a super edgy look.

14The Effortless Curly Bun

Messy buns are all about being effortless, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t chic. This is a prime example of how leaving pieces out and styling the hair softly can be all you need to do with curly hair to look incredible.

15Gold Embellished Bun

See what we meant by accessorizing messy buns? We couldn’t resist sharing this idea. It’s a bit more detailed but the gold accessories give this really glam, edgy feel to the overall hairstyle that can’t be matched.

16Half Up Mess

Half up hairstyles are an easy go to. Add a little more ‘something something’ to the look by twisting it up into a messy bun. Great option if you don’t want, or can’t, pull all of your hair back into a full bun.

17Elegant Half Up

There are multiple ways to rock a half up messy bun with curly hair, just like a traditional messy bun and you know we had to show you a couple of options for inspiration. The way they left the pieces to frame the face and create a subtle side part is so pretty.

18Headbanded Messy Bun

You really can’t go wrong with adding a scarf, or scarf like headband to a messy bun. This is the best go-to hairstyle when you just want your curly hair to be out of your way so you can go about your day without worrying about it.

19Chicly Pinned

Who would have thought adding a couple of bobby pins could transform a hairstyle so much? Well, it did here! The simple bobby pins add this really delicate, feminine twist to the messy bun.

20Multiple Headbands

If you like the way headbands transform messy buns, you probably are in love with this idea. Why style one headband when you can layer them?! Just like layering necklaces you can layer headbands for even more style.

21Top Braided Bun

Braids strike again with the messy bun! Here they get this edgy look with tightly braided sections, creating these very defined parts to the top of the hair. A fun juxtaposition for a messy bun.

22The Ultimate Messy Bun

See? Messy buns can be really easy and stress free with curly hair. Allow your curls to do what they do and bouncy, be free and have volume to really embrace your hair’s natural texture.

23Pigtail Messy Buns

Want more than one bun? Style two! Seriously, there’s something about pigtail messy buns that are just so fun and stylish. Try it out for yourself the next time you want an easy but cute hairstyle.

24Barbie Inspired

Ok, so while this pink hair color is epic that’s not why we included it on the list. We just loved the idea of showing you a couple of ways to style pigtail messy buns. The two pieces in the front add that extra pop of curl to the look.

25Twisted in a Scarf

How incredible is this hairstyle? Instead of just tying a scarf around your hair with a messy bun, try styling the scarf INTO the bun. Here they did so by styling hair into a braid to keep the scarf in place and give it that pop throughout the look.

26Scrunchie Styled

27Voluminous Low Bun

28Side Swept Bun

29Sleekly Styled Bun

30Twisted Low Messy Bun



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