Haircuts For Thick Hair


35 Best Haircuts For Thick Hair Of Any Length

Other people might ooh and aah over your thick hair, but when you’re going for a look that’s easy to style and doesn’t leave your hair looking shapeless and matted, finding the right haircut can be a challenge. The good news is, there are haircuts at every length that can turn your thick locks into a gorgeous, manageable mane. To show you the entire spectrum of styles that will best suit your strands, we’ve gathered the best haircuts for thick hair of any length.

1Long Blunt Cut With Face Framing Layers

Princess Kate’s signature style is best pulled off with a thick head of hair. Some light face framing layers help to balance the look, but this haircut is mostly cut to one length, allowing hair to be styled in big curls at the ends.

2Edgy Pixie

With masculine slicked-back styling, razor lines and geometric shaved patches, this edgy haircut has a lot going on. Thick hair provides a welcome canvas for this cool, androgynous haircut, offering up plenty of material to shave and style as needed.

3Shaggy Lob With Bangs

Luckily for you, the shaggy haircut trend makes for low maintenance styles that eliminate weight with their series of layers. Those with fine hair need to be extra careful when attempting a shag haircut, but anyone with an abundance of thick hair can let their stylist remove a ton of bulk and leave the chair with a bouncy new shag.

4Undercut Pixie

Cropping hair in a close undercut around the back and sides of the head can help to create a more manageable pixie haircut for your thick, curly hair.

5Razor Texture Bob

Haircuts that land between the chin and shoulders can be difficult to optimize for thick hair, but a good stylist should have some tricks to make this length work for you. Razored ends add texture and definition to keep this bob looking light and bouncy, even with the thickest head of hair.

6Simple Tapered Haircut

This simple tapered haircut is a bold style that puts more attention on your face, and works for natural curls of varying thickness.

7Blunt Bob With Bangs

Blunt cuts can be dangerous territory for thick-haired women, and they’re usually recommended for maximizing a fine head of hair. If you’re dead set on a blunt cut, adding in thick bangs will help to remove some of the volume from the rest of your hair, while subtle texturizing and hidden layers can help create a blunt haircut that doesn’t look too thick at the ends.

8Long Hair With Thick Bangs

Naturally thick hair gives you tons of material to play with a thick set of bangs. If you’re looking for a classic and sweetly feminine fringe, try Zooey Deschanel’s signature eye-grazing bangs with your long or medium length haircut.

9Short Choppy Bob

A short, choppy bob allows you to experiment with a layered look while removing bulky hair from the nape of the neck.

10Short Hair With High Undercut

If you’re into shorter, edgier haircuts, undercutting offers a great solution for dealing with an overabundance of thick hair.

11Long Shag Haircut

Three distinct layers help to shape this shag haircut, while a longer centre-parted fringe makes it more modern looking than the shag haircuts of the ’70s.

12Textured Pixie

This textured pixie is very short in the back, meaning you’ll only have to worry about styling the hair on top of your head. Textured layers can help these longer pieces to retain their shape longer, and make styling across the brow quick and easy.

13Long Textured Haircut

If your very thick hair looks too bulky in a shoulder length haircut, growing it past your collarbone should allow your strands to weight themselves down a bit. The texture in this haircut helps to eliminate bulk and give hair movement, but not so much that the style looks heavily layered.

14Half-Shaved Haircut

The thicker your hair, the higher you can go with this edgy half-shaved haircut. Different lengths of shaved hair help to add some dimension to this style, but super short sides that are evenly buzzed will look just as good with this style.

15Steep Layered Cut

Steep layers cut into these long thick curls help to thin hair out at the bottom, leaving you with a mane that’s easier to manage without sacrificing any length.

16Nape Undercut

Add a nape undercut to any long or medium length style to create a trendy peekaboo when hair is worn up. Not only does this trend let you experiment with hair designs, but it eliminates some of your hair’s density when you wear it down.

17Choppy Pixie Bob

This short haircut is perfect for thick haired women who are seeking a low maintenance look. Hair in the back is short enough that styling won’t be an issue, while the pieces in front are long enough to avoid the dreaded pixie bedhead.

18Long Cut With Layered Bangs

Layered bangs will create a soft frame for your face, and allow you to wear a fairly thick bang that doesn’t look too heavy or blunt. If you’ve got an oblong shaped face and like to wear your thick hair long, these bangs will also help shorten the appearance of your face.

19Shaggy Lob

This shaggy lob haircut has tons of choppy texture throughout the ends, making it a good choice for thick haired women who don’t want their hair to look overly soft or feminine.

20Tapered Pixie Cut

Strategic tapering can help to create a sophisticated pixie cut that makes the most of thick hair with a naturally wavy texture.

21Ultra Long Haircut

Thick hair can be difficult to deal with, but it’s a requirement for wearing a haircut this long without the help of extensions. Face framing layers help to keep this ultra long haircut manageable, but you’ll still be investing a fair amount of time into styling and upkeep.

22Curly Bob Haircut

If your naturally curly hair becomes unruly or difficult to manage at longer lengths, consider a jaw length bob haircut with layers in the back for a chic style that’s inspired by vintage beauties like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

23Subtle Layers Lob

The subtle layers in this lob feature texturized ends that make this mid-length haircut look light and trendy. For thick haired women who like easy styling, this deep side part and messy waves will make you look chic in a surprisingly short amount of time.

24Swept Bangs Pixie

The long, forward swept bangs in this pixie haircut are a short-haired dream for women with heart-shaped faces. Piecey layers help to make thick hair manageable in this shorter style, while closely cropped hair leaves the nape of your neck free to breathe.

25Textured Stacked Bob

With stacked layers in the back and plenty of texture throughout, this bob haircut makes thick hair cute, bouncy, and easy to style.

26Mid Length Curly Cut

This mid length haircut doesn’t try to hide the volume of your thick curls, but shapes hair into at a chic shoulder-length style.

27Layered Lob

Looking like a modern version of the Rachel haircut that owned the early ’90s, this layered lob will make even the thickest hair look light and bouncy.

28Choppy Bob With Undercut

Choppy layers throughout this haircut give off an edgy, rocker vibe, especially when mixed with a trendy undercut that serves a double purpose in keeping the nape of the neck free of bulky hair. These short bangs help to open up your face, but women with very thick hair might want to try a slightly longer bang to keep their fringe from sticking out.

29Layered A-Line Haircut

This A-Line haircut is a longer version of the popular bob version, and features layers throughout to help create this sleek shape with thicker hair.

30Shaggy Curls With Bangs

If your hair has a loose wave pattern, these thick bangs make a great addition to a shaggy haircut.

31Long Side Shaved Haircut

Adding a shaved side to your long haircut is edgy, trendy, and gives you less hair to style without shortening the long locks you’ve been growing for years.

32Layered Inverted Bob

An inverted bob haircut with layers in both the back and sides will give you a style that’s volumized at the roots and light and bouncy at the ends. This shape is an excellent choice for professional women who are after a stylish yet precise-looking haircut.

33Curls With Bangs

This mid length style with bangs is an excellent haircut for women with thick, curly hair, and will make your strands easier to manage without looking childlike or removing their texture altogether.

34Modern Bowl Haircut

With an undercut and choppy ends, this bowl haircut is an edgy and artistic haircut that’s perfect for thick-haired women who love to go against the grain.

35Braids for Thick Hair

There are countless hairstyles you can do with braids, especially if you’ve got thick hair! From half-up braids to fishtail and classic French braids, you only have to choose which one you like best!

36Glamorous Layered Lob

The layers in this long bob haircut create all of the glamour of a longer style while drastically reducing your styling time.

37Wavy bob cut

Doesn’t matter your hair lengh, adding waves and highlights are always a great styling.  choice.



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