dark brown hair color ideas

35 Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas

Whether you were born with dark brown hair or you’ve spent time and money seeking the perfect shade from your stylist, dark brown hair colors offer up a wide variety of ways to have your locks looking rich and sultry. From classic, single-tone styles that remind us of iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, to the latest in modern highlighting techniques, there’s a dark brown hair color to fit everyone’s personal style vision. Some trendy new styles even feature vibrant dip dyes, bringing an extra pop of color to your natural dark brown hair color. Our favorite 35 dark brown hair color ideas run the range from warm and sunny to cool and sultry, meaning any season could be the right time to go dark brown.

1Espresso With Auburn Balayage

A dark auburn balayage brings some reddish brown warmth to this deep espresso colored hair. If you’ve got naturally dark brown hair, these highlights can put a fun new spin on your formerly flat color.

2Dark Ash Brown

This ashy brown has lots of cool tones, making it a nice choice for women with pink undertones in their complexions, both in medium and deeper complexions. Even if this isn’t the hair color you were born with, it comes across as incredibly natural looking.

3Dark Brown With Caramel Balayage

Caramel colored balayage offers up a bold contrast against dark brown hair, but these highlights have been expertly placed to give them a warm and natural look.

4Warm Chocolate

Dark tan and bronze skin tones can look great with both warm and cool hair colors, but the deeper and more vibrant the better. This warm chocolate shade brings out Joan Smalls’ golden undertones, while women with lighter, cool toned skin will also find this warm chocolate shade flattering.

5Dark Golden Brown

This dark golden brown hair color radiates warmth and sensuality. This shade was made for medium warm skin tones, while women with deeper skin tones might find something slightly darker or lighter looks better against their face.

6Brown With Grey Ombre

Make your dark brown hair look extra trendy by adding on a dark grey ombre. With hints of brown showing through the grey highlights, this hair color style is the ultimate in antique chic.

7Warm Dimensional Chocolate

Like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter afternoon, this warm chocolate shade will keep you feeling satisfied. The dimension in this hair color makes it stand-out from natural flat tones, making this an easy upgrade from your virgin hair color.

8Dark Brown To Blonde Ombre

An incredibly bold look featuring a big jump between shades, this blonde ombre is an Insta-worthy way to kick your dark brown roots up a notch. If you only feel like lightening your ends once, this ombre style offers an easy grow out period.

9Warm Mocha

This sumptuous shade looks gorgeous against olive skin tones, and offers up one of the most classic takes on dark brown hair color. Whether you wear your hair in long waves or a textured bob, this rich shade will make your locks feel like a million dollars.

10Raspberry Balayage

When adding balayage highlights in a bright, unnatural color like this, you can apply them sparingly and still get a bold effect. From deep amethyst to light lavender, purple and dark brown make a luxuriously unique color combo.

11Warm Hazelnut

This warm, toasty hazelnut is a great update shade for women with natural black hair who want to make a subtle change to their hair’s shade in time for spring or summer.

12Golden Highlights

Chrissy Teigen’s golden highlights show off just about the warmest way to wear a dark brown hair color. If you’ve got a luminous golden complexion like Chrissy, this hair color will make you feel like a radiant supermodel.

13Dark Dimensional Ash Brown

Various shades of ash brown all play together in this hairstyle that’s dark without being drab or boring.

14Rich Espresso

Rich and dark but with a hint of warmth, this espresso colored hair will make you feel like a seductress.

15Ash Brown Color Melt

Melting from dark black-brown roots to medium ash brown down the length of strands, this color style is one of the most chic ways to wear a dark brown head of hair.

16Brown And Purple Balayage

Purple and dark brown are a match made in boho heaven. If you’re looking for something funky to try out that will still leave you with dark hair, this purple balayage over a dark brown base color can be your fun hair experiment.

17Dark Espresso With Highlights

Use sparing highlights to create a bit of texture in your dark espresso hair. Although most people might not even notice they’re there, you’ll be rewarded with a richer, fuller looking locks.

18Dark Auburn

This intense, dark auburn hair color was Emma Stone’s edgiest look, and continues to be a trendy hair color. The reddish shine to this dark brown hair color creates a sultry look that works well on a wide variety of skin tones.

19Warm Chestnut

Darker than Zoe Saldana’s skin tone but lighter than the black-brown shade we often see her wearing, this warm chestnut shade keeps things in the dark brown color family, but offers a welcome touch of warmth.

20Cool Black Brown

This black brown hair color is about as dark as they come, making it a striking choice. Women with very light skin can look washed out when wearing this color, but warmer undertones and olive complexions look luminous when paired with this chic shade.

21Turquoise Blue Underlights

Treat your dark brown hair to a pop of electric color with these turquoise and blue underlights. If it’s your first time experimenting with lightening your dark brown hair, this highlight placement is fairly low risk, and easy to hide if necessary.

22Light On Dark Brown Balayage

A lighter brown balayage can help breathe new life into your dark brown hair without giving you a fully light-haired look.

23Curl Enhancing Highlights

A light touch of highlighting at the end of dark brown curls can help to warm up your hair color and enhance your hair’s texture. Because paying attention to your curl pattern is key, less is more when applying these highlights.

24Dimensional Coffee Color

With coffee colored shades ranging from espresso to warm cappuccino, this dimensional dark brown style will give you a caffeine-like pick me up every time you look in the mirror.

25Golden Brown With Red

Red undertones in tan or deeper brown skin tones look warm and rich with a golden or red toned dark brown hair color. Featuring both golden and red tones, this dark brown shade is the perfect summer hair color for Gabrielle Union.

26Magenta Dip Dye

Try something bold and bright for your next ombre or dip-dyed style. Vibrant shades of unnatural colors like this bright magenta pair beautifully with dark brown shades.

27Dark Brown With Face Framing Highlights

Jessica Biel’s face framing highlights help to accent her gorgeous features, while the rest of her hair wows in a sultry and rich dark brown color.

28Warm Black Brown

Kendall Jenner’s nearly black shade features incredibly subtle notes of warm dark brown that help to highlight her signature Kardashian shade of glowy tan skin.

29Natural Chestnut

A single tone hair color in natural chestnut looks almost edgy and raw in comparison to high-shine hair color styles full of brilliant highlights. If you’re into classic, minimalist looks, this hair color will beautifully reflect your personal aesthetic.

30Dark Brown With Red Highlights

Interested in red hair without becoming an actual redhead? These deep auburn highlights pair nicely against a dark brown base color, especially during the fall or winter seasons.

31Cool Dark Brown With Ash Highlights

Mila Kunis’ cool dark brown hair color has been a key part of her image since her star-making role on That 70’s Show. These days she can be seen with subtle highlights like this ashy tone, that gently enhance her look without diverting too far from her signature dark brown color.

32Dark Mahogany

This dark mahogany shade hits all the right notes between red and brown, creating a gorgeous color enhancer for golden eyes and red lips.

33Black To Dark Brown Ombre

Your black or black-brown base color will look a little bit warmer with a dark brown ombre.

34Dark Brown With Soft Golden Ombre

Alexa Chung’s signature dark brown locks often have a deep auburn tint to them that helps to create a rich contrast against her blue eyes and fair skin. Soft, golden highlights concentrated at the ends of strands can help to add the illusion of a thicker mane, making this a good hair color technique for fine-haired women to try.

35Soft And Romantic

This dark brown hair looks soft and romantic thanks to thin ribbons of highlights that look warm and natural. After wearing her hair in a reddish, medium brown for quite some time, this shade puts a more mature spin on Emma Watson’s style.

36Brown and Caramel Lowlights

If you want a brown shade that ill give your features more warmth and light, these beautiful brown shade with subtle caramel lowlights is the perfect choic!



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