Blonde Faux Locs Looks


35 Stunning Blonde Faux Locs Looks

Locs are a well-loved hairstyle that hold a lot of history and meaning. But growing them out is a years long process that some people just aren’t able to do. Luckily, there’s several ways to wear locs that look like the real thing and protect your natural hair at the same time. Blonde faux locs are especially trendy right now, and there are a ton of different ways to wear the style. You can wrap sections of your own braided or twisted hair with yarn, synthetic Marley or Kanekalon extensions, or use human hair for a more realistic goddess loc style. For extra convenience, you can also buy pre-twisted locs and install them using a crochet braid method. No matter which method you choose, one of these 35 stunning blonde faux locs looks could be your next protective style.

1Blonde Goddess Locs Bun

Don’t think that choosing blonde faux locs means you have to dye your natural hair a lighter shade. These gorgeous blonde faux locs create a beautiful contrast against natural black roots. If you want a goddess loc look that’s got the gritty texture of natural hair, choose human hair extensions to wrap your faux locs.

2Dark Golden Blonde Faux Locs

These blonde faux locs were created with synthetic hair that gives them a nice shiny finish. In a darker golden blonde shade that’s super flattering on warm skin tones, these faux locs are the perfect easy style for your next vacation.

3Brown Locs with Blonde Accents

If you’re not sure about wearing an entire head of blonde hair, why not try mixing just a few pieces in with your honey brown faux locs.

4Pale Blonde Goddess Locs

These pale blonde goddess locs are incredibly natural looking, and feature thicker individual locs that will cut down on the length of time it takes to install the look.

5Double Bun Style

Going for a long faux loc style gives you just as many styling options as a box braided look. On days when you want to look fun and trendy, try this cute half-up double bun style.

6Brown and Blonde Highlight Locs

With a gorgeous combination of brown and blonde shades, this faux loc style serves up multidimensional color that’s bold and beautiful.

7Skinny Blonde Locs

These skinnier blonde faux locs allow you plenty of room to play around with different styles, but also look great when they’re worn down.

8Goddess Locs with Side Shave

Actress Meagan Good has been one of the most famous wearers of faux locs. Her super realistic goddess loc style was inspired by Lisa Bonet, and features curled ends that create a more natural looking texture. With an edgy side shave added into the mix, this is just about the perfect blonde goddess locs style.

9Jumbo Faux Locs

This faux locs look is jumbo to the max, and will ensure your hairstyle stands out in a crowd.

10Ultra Long Locs

These ultra long faux locs boast a natural looking texture, and end with unraveled hair that brings an extra element of softness to the style.

11Faux Locs with Curled Ends

Step up your faux loc style with some curled ends. After your faux locs are wrapped, leave some hair loose at the ends and you can curl them using perm rods and hot water. Synthetic hair offers up the easiest way to achieve this look, and will give you locked in curls that will last as long as your faux locs.

12Amber and Blonde Bun

White blonde locs are a bold style statement, but you might not want to wear them all over your head. Mixing a darker shade of amber in with ultra light blonde creates an interesting color palette that’s great for any season.

13Multicolor Yarn Wrapped Locs

Most multicolored faux loc styles use different shades for different locs, but this look actually mixes different colors together to create beautiful locs with different bands of color. Give this look a try if you’ve got extra pieces of different colors lying around.

14Golden Blonde Bun

Worried about platinum blonde hair against your complexion? Golden blonde is a very flattering color on most women with darker skin, and creates a nice contrast against darker roots.

15Blonde Ombre Locs

Ombre hair color is a big trend no matter what your hairstyle is, so it makes sense that the look would spill over into faux loc styles.

16Platinum Blonde Bun Faux Locs

Platinum blonde locs make for an incredibly bold hairstyle, and they can look especially dramatic against darker skin. If you’re worried about wearing a hair color that’s lighter than your skin tone, stick to cool ashy shades like this nearly white blonde.

17White Blonde Faux Locs

Wrap white blonde extensions around your natural dark hair to create this gorgeous marbled texture in your faux locs.

18Faux Locs Updo

There are tons of ways to wear your faux locs besides just letting them flow freely. We love this fully wrapped updo for a wedding or other special occasion, but it works well any time you want to keep your hair out of the way.

19Glamour Locs

Long, blonde faux locs serve up a super glamorous look that’s perfect for nights out on the town.

20Blonde Floral Faux Locs

Not only will blonde locs help brighten up your face, but they’re great for wearing with hair accessories like this floral crown. The lighter color provides a nice backdrop for vibrant colors like these shades of pink to really stand out.

21Platinum Faux Locs Updo

Between the bright platinum color and this chic twisted updo, this blonde faux locs style is pure glamour.

22Pulled Back Blonde Faux Locs

Pulling some locs away from your face helps to open up your features and puts emphasis on the eyes. Use this as your go-to style for more conservative work environments or big days like job interviews.

23Twisted Amber Blonde Locs

With a color combination of amber and dark blonde, these faux locs look as radiant and glowing as tanned summer skin. Twisting locs together into a chunky side braid keeps your hair secured and lets the different colors play off each other nicely.

24Wrapped Blonde Faux Locs

If you’re looking for a more creative way to style your blonde faux locs, try this gorgeous look. Collect most of your locs at one side of the head, then wrap a section of loose locs across your forehead and around the rest of your hair.

25Dark Blonde Ponytail

Different shades of dark blonde come together to make this faux locs style look incredibly dimensional. If you’re looking for a sexy way to style your faux locs for a big night out, try on this ultra high ponytail.

26High Bun Platinum Blonde Faux Locs

The bold contrast between these blonde faux locs and natural dark roots is one of the trendiest looks around right now, especially with some baby hair left out around the edges.

27Shaved Sides Platinum Faux Locs

Side shaves are a popular add-on to just about any protective style, but they look extra edgy when combined with a set of ultra long locs. The greyish blonde shade of this particular look is a good way to make sure you hair is in a nice cool tone that doesn’t match too perfectly with your complexion.

28Mid Length Blonde Faux Locs

Whether you’re not into long hair or you’re just looking for a change, this mid-length faux loc style is almost universally flattering. You can still tie these up if you need to, but they hit the perfect spot when left loose.

29Multidimensional Locs Bun

Featuring colors ranging from dark brown to light blonde, this faux loc style is a great example of how multidimensional colors add visual interest to even basic updo styles like this high bun.

30Platinum Half Bun

One of the most popular ways to style faux locs and box braids is this half up bun, and with good reason. This look not only helps to slim and lengthen the appearance of your face, but if keeps locs out of your face when you’re busy working or playing hard.

31Twisted Blonde Ombre Locs

These blonde ombre goddess locs feature a twisted texture throughout that makes them ultra natural looking.

32White Blonde Locs

If you’re looking for faux locs that will really stand out, try out this white blonde shade. Complete the look with an edgy side shave and precision razor line.

33High Blonde Ombre

A high blonde ombre takes these gorgeous goddess locs to the next level. If you’re using human hair extensions to create your locs, they can be chemically lightened after installing to achieve this cool dip dye look.

34Smooth Yarn Locs with Undercut

These smooth and silky faux locs have been created using yarn instead of hair extensions, allowing for the easy add-in of a few bars of accent colors.

35Faux Locs and Braids Style

If you can’t choose between faux locs and braids, why not wear both? This super creative look blends two of our favorite protective styles together, and brings plenty of purple into the mix to create an insanely gorgeous faux loc style.



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