Best Punk Hairstyles for guys and girls


40 Long and Short Punk Hairstyles for Guys and Girls

The punk hairstyle is one that will never die, but it will continue to evolve like it has done since it came into popularity in the rebellious 1970s. With a punk hairstyle, there is so much scope for experimentation – you can go for something absolutely outrageous, or you can choose something more subtle, that just nods to a punk influence. Colour also plays a key role in the punk hair trend, however, the neon shades of the past have generally been replaced with softer tones such as purples, ocean blues, silver, and blorange.

So, if you are interested in going pun, get some inspiration from these amazing punk hairstyles for guys and girls.

1Long Undercut into Mohawk

This long hair with slight undercut has been styled into a great Mohawk, using hair clips and a firm hold product to keep the hair in place down the center of the head. Blinde lengths and dark roots give extra edge.

2Shaved Sides with Long Lengths

Punk hair is not all about crazy colors and endless amounts of hairspray as this style shows. The shaved sides and long, textured lengths are cool and contemporary, but still have plenty of edge. Plus with the firmest hold hairspray, it could be styled into a mohawk.

3Punk Pixie Cut with Polish

There can be some polish and sleekness in punk hairstyles. This punk pixie cut is definitely punk-inspired with the shaved side and the deep rust and plum tones of the hair. But, the styling is sleek and polished, making for a wearable and stunning style.

4Contemporary Punk Style for Curly Hair

There are numerous cool punk hairstyles for curly hair, like this one, which features free curls on the top of the head and tide mini-fade on the sides. Cool and contemporary!

5Side Swept Voluminous Waves

Punk goes glam with this side-swept style, which has been given plenty of oompf with voluminous waves and plenty of lift at the roots. The wet look gel holding the hair in place gives this style a retro punk vibe that somehow manages to be super modern and chic.

6Faux Hawk with Braids

Long hair has been given a punk faux hawk by back-combing the hair up and back to create a quiff shape. The sides of the hair have been given a shaved effect with some tight braids, the ends of which have been teased to give texture.

7Rose Gold and Blorange Faux Hawk

Give your punk hairstyle some softer hair colors – like in this blorange and rose gold faux hawk – for a look that is edgy, but also fun and playful. The messy styling of this great cut, allow all of the great blush tones to shine through – a real winner.

8Mid-Length Tousled and Textured

This mid-length shaggy cut is effortlessly cool and has a rebellious edge. A firm hold wax has been used to create tousled lengths with plenty of texture and volume and teasing out the tips of the hair gives the style its great shape

9Pastel Asymmetric Bob with Undercut

Undercuts are great for creating sleeker more shapely punk hairstyles on thicker. An undercut has taken all of the weight out of this asymmetric bob, whilst the blunt cut gives lots of movement. The pastel purple shades are beautiful against the model’s fair skin tone.

10The Neo Punk Style

The neo-punk trend for men sees classic punk styles given a contemporary twist. In this style, the sides are shaved super short and the long lengths are given body and curls, but could also be worn sleeked back or swept to one side.

11The Modern Mullet

The mullet is no longer the staple of 80s rockers, with a little updating it has become one of the hottest punk hairstyles for men and women. Short and shaggy layers at the front and crown, with longer wispy lengths around the hairline and through the back, make for a super stylish mullet.

12Asymmetric Dreadlocks with Shaved Side

Give your dreads a punk vibe by taking one of the sides short and sweeping the dreads over to one side. Super cool, but easy and effortless.

13Icy Blue Punk Pixie Cut with Quiff

This punk pixie cut is given loads of extra edge, by sweeping the hair forward into a gravity-defying quiff, but that still has some softness. The various tones of icy blue, which graduate to silver towards the tips is just stunning and gives the style plenty of depth.

14Swept Back Faux Hawk

For a super contemporary men’s punk hairstyle, keep some length on the top and crop the hair short on the sides to create a faux hawk. Instead of taking lengths forward, sweep it up and back for a punk look that is super sleek.

15Long, Flowing Locks with Single Shaved Side

There is something so glamorous about this women’s punk hairstyle that is both glamorous and cool. The shaved side fits in with the punk vibe, whilst the long flowing locks are sleek and luxurious. A great punk style for thick hair types.

16Modern Cyber Punk Style

Cyberpunk has come a long way from the days of neon dreadlocks as this contemporary men’s style shows. The hair has been dyed a modern ocean blue shade and cut short with tram line detail and cut in detail around the hairline.

17Platinum Faux Hawk with Tram Lines

There are great softness and movement in this stunning undercut style. The faux hawk has been dyed platinum and silver, with darker roots to create depth. The volume and bounce of the lengths are juxtaposed with the graduated shaves sides, which have been given interest with a tram line detail.

18The Classic Mohawk

There is not much to say about this bold punk style. The mohawk is probably the best-known punk hairstyle of all time and this one has been given extra oomph with a rainbow dye.

19Extreme Mullet with Bangs

Many of today’s punk hairstyles for women are inspired by the 80s staple – the mullet. This version is futuristic and cool, with its silver and lavender tones, undercut, and sharp bangs. Daring but beautiful.

20Punk Short, Back, and Sides

Even the classic short, back, and sides can be given a punk edge by coloring it a dark and moody color like this midnight blue. Choose a matt wax to comb the hair forward, steering clear of the wet look.

21Punk Pixie Cut with Frosted Tips

A hairstyle does not have to be completely outrageous to be punk. This punk pixie cut with frosted tips is super wearable for many face shapes, but still has a rock chick vibe with the dark roots and shaved sides.

22Teal Green Quiff

The punk trend is given a suave touch with this super smooth quiff that has been styled to perfection. The bold teal hair color is perfectly matched to a neat beard in a similar shade.

23White Blond Bob with V-Shaped Bangs

This white blonde bob is a great punk hairstyle for thin hair. The cut is tapered to the neck, with a few longer tendrils and the fringe is bluntly cut into an ultra-modern V-Shape.

24Purple Hair with Large Spikes

The large spikes of this punk-inspired men’s hairstyle really stand out thanks to being dyed a lighter purple shade to that of the roots and the short sides. The spikes have a softness, which is a great take on the harder, ‘crunchier’ punk styles of the past.

25Long Blonde Dreads with Undercut

This women’s punk hairstyle has a relaxed almost surfer vibe thanks to the bright blonde shades of the dreadlocks, swept effortlessly to one side to reveal the undercut.

26Punk Style for Wavy Hair

A subtle faux hawk for wavy hair, with a great graduated fade on the sides and a super sharp hairline. A good quality pomade will ensure that those wavy locks can be tamed into this awesome punk style.

27Punk Goes Sleek

For a more subtle take on the punk trend, this shorter style is perfect. The color is vibrant, but still falls into the realms of a natural color and the style is so carefree. Fresh and youthful.

28Afro Mohawk for Men

Natural afro hair is a dream when it comes to the classic punk hairstyle, the Mohawk. Its great natural texture will hold the style without the need for endless styling products.

29Lilac Hair with Statement Bangs

The statement bags of this punk hairstyle are emphasized by the longer lengths at the back. The lilac hair has been given some texture throughout the lengths, which prevent it from looking too sleek and overstyled.

30Textured Cut with Blonde Tips

For a men’s punk hairstyle that is timeless, take the sides in short with plenty of length and texture through the top and just mess it up. A lighter shade through the tips will amp up the texture.

31Punk Braids with Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to give your hairstyle a punk vibe, just like in the braided style, which has been toughened up with bold spiked hair grips.

32Sharp and Angular Spikes

Sharp and angular spikes are right on point when it comes to creating a punk vibe. Possibly a little out-dated when it comes to modern punk styles, but it can be given a contemporary twist with an interesting dye job.

33Faux Hawk in Afro Hair

Natural afro hair has a wonderful body and texture, just as this women’s faux hawk shows.  It is a punk hairstyle with a big impact but is easy to achieve by dragging the hair up towards the crown and pinning into place down the center.

34Bob with Undercut with Short Bangs

The grey, silver, and purple tones of this hair are so chic and work so well with this contemporary punk haircut, which features short and blunt bangs and a slight undercut.

35Short Punk Hair with Unique Shaved Details

Even the shortest of men’s hair can have a punk feel to it, by shaving in some tramlines, or like in this style, some unique angular details. It will require regular trims, but something so cool must be worth the effort.

36Undercut with Bold Blorange Ombre

If you have thick hair and undercut is a great way to take some of the weight out and it will give you an instant punk style. On this undercut style, the contrast between hard black and a softer blorange shade is just stunning.

37The Modern Men’s Mullet

The modern mullet for men is a lot more restrained than the women’s, but it still gives a nod to the classic 80s style. The shorter lengths at the front are swept back in a rough and ready way, and the hair at the nape of the neck is just slightly longer than the rest.

38Multiple Braids with Tough Edge

A great punk style for longer hair, these cornrow-style braids are toughened up with the addition of edgy accessories and a bold color at the tips, which could be achieved with a hair chalk.

39Long, Messy Curls

Punk hair does not have to be 100 different colors or styled to within an inch of its life. There is still something rebellious and effortlessly cool about these long, messy curls, perfect for guys that like to have some length in their hair.

40The Temporary Punk Style

Anyone can give themselves a punk makeover for the day by putting in some tight braids on one side of the head, to create the illusion of shaved hair. Sweep the rest of the hair over to one side and style however you choose – these big, bouncy ringlet curls are a great choice.



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