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1980s Hairstyles We Love!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the 1980s are a major influence in Pop Culture right now. Stranger Things – the Netflix show set in the 1980s – is probably the world’s biggest TV show. Plus, the latest season of American Horror Story is set in a 1980s summer camp, taking inspiration from those great slasher movies of the decade. As expected, this sudden popularity of the 1980s has worked its way into beauty trends. This includes a resurgence in the popularity in 1980s-inspired hair – think big volume, shaggy layers, and plenty of scrunchies.

If you are thinking about taking a little trip back in time, get inspired by some of the best 80s hairstyles.

1Bob with Big Blowout

You can easily give your current hairstyle an eighties-style makeover. Just take a look at this bombshell blonde bob – all you need to transform your own bob with some epic volume is some firm-hold mousse and a teasing comb. Apply mousse to towel-dried hair, blowdry upside-down, and tease into shape with your comb. Fabulous!

2The Updated Mushroom Cut

The mushroom cut was the ultimate in sophistication in the 1980s and with a little updating, it is still incredibly chic. To give a contemporary twist to the classic undercut hairstyle, the hair is given some texture with a few layers and in the styling.

3Messy Bun with Scrunchie

Scrunchies are everywhere at the minute and they are the perfect way to add a 1980s vibe to any hairstyle. The messy bun is a classic hairstyle that always looks good, including when wrapped up in a classic 1980s scrunchie. I love this look.

4Sleek High Side Ponytail

Make the classic 80s side ponytail just a little bit sleeker and contemporary by completely smoothing away any flyaway hairs with a toothbrush sprayed with a touch of hairspray. Wrap the base of the ponytail in a left-over strand of hair for a really polished finish. Stunning and sure to make a statement.

5Extreme Side-Parting Natural Curls

The centre-parting was definitely not popular in the 1980s. When it came to partings, the more extreme it was, the better! The extreme side-parting has given some extra visual impact to these gorgeous natural curls. The style has a real effortless feel, don’t you think?

6The Cheerleader Eighties Hairstyle

Take inspiration from those great eighties high school movies, such as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, with a classic all-American cheerleader hairstyle. The half-up hairstyle features soft waves, a sleek finish, and a pretty hairband or bow. Sweet and innocent.

7Crimped Lob with Bangs

Hair crimping is back in a big way, and I’m so glad it is. It is a great way to add volume to fine hair and despite being a retro-styling method, it can look so contemporary and edgy. The blunt edges of the bob and bangs are accentuated by the all-over crimping – just gorgeous!

8Curly Faux Hawk with Braids

There were plenty of great glam rock hairstyles that graced the 1980s and many of them still deserve a place in 2019. Just take a look at this amazing faux hawk look, styled by sweeping up curls and pinning them up down the centre of the head. I love how this one ends in a messy fishtail braid, don’t you?

9Pixie Cut with a Perm

The perm – aka the permanent wave – was a really popular style of the 1980s and it has begun to increase in popularity in the last few years. To keep the perm more modern, the curls are not so tight, so they have a lot more movement and freedom. This pixie cut with longer layers looks absolutely incredible with beautiful bouncy curls.

10Long Heavily Layered Cut

The heavily layered shag cut works well on both fine and thin hair types and has the added bonus of needing minimal styling to look its best. Leave your har to dry naturally with a little sea salt spray and your hair’s natural texture will do the rest, giving great movement to the many layers.

11Tousled Half Up-Do with Scrunchie

I love the natural texture of this lob and it works perfectly with the half side ponytail, complete with scrunchie. A super fun and youthful look that will look great on most hair lengths.

12Long Hair with Flicked-Out Layers

Although disco music was on its way out, but it still had a big influence on beauty trends. The roller girls of the 1980s were known for wearing neon colours and wearing their hair long in gorgeous waves with flicked out layers. A style that glamorous still looks so good today!

13Crimped Hair with Braids

This has to be the perfect eighties hairstyle for the rock chic. Crimping the lengths has given the hair some great texture, whilst the sie braids give some serious edge. Loving the lilac highlights too.

14Bold Bouncy Curls

In the 1980s it was all about volume. The more volume you could tease, backcomb or curl into your hair the better. These bold ad bouncy curls are to die and will work so good on thicker hair. If you have fine hair and would love to add some extra body to your curls, invest in some good hair extensions.

15The Modern Mullet

Business up-front and party behind, the mullet it a classic 80s hairstyle has been given a contemporary update with edgy layers, super short sides, and a cropped fringe. So striking and cool.

16Mid-Length Cut with Loose Perm


17Classic 80s Up-Do with Curls


18High Ponytail with Side Swept Bouncy Curls


19Crimped Hair with Big Volume


20Extreme Side Parting and Long Layers


21Short Shaggy Cut


22Crimped Ponytail with Yarn Extensions


23Lob with Back-Combed Volume


24Boosted Volume and Wide Headband


25Ombre High Ponytail with Scrunchie


26Half High Ponytail with Long Waves


27Crimped Bob with Full Bangs


28Shaggy, Layered Bob


29Crimped Hair in Shades of Purple


30Pixie Cut with Big Volume


31The Oversized Bow Hair Accessory


32Heather Locklear Hairstyle


33Contemporary Shag Lob


34Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk


35Bright Blonde Ringlet Curls


36The Curly Faux Hawk


37Madonna Style Side Fringe


38Big fluffy curls




Tips for Creating a 1980s Hairstyle

If you want to create some 1980s-inspired hairstyles yourself at home, there a few things that can help you on your way:

  • Invest in a backcombing brush and pin tail comb, as you need them to create volume and tame it.
  • Crimpers are your best friend when it comes to 1980s hairstyles.
  • If you’re in doubt add a scrunchie (or two) or an oversized bow.
  • When you think you probably have enough body in your hair, you definitely need to add a little more.


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