Best Straight Balayage Hairstyles for Short Hair


30 Balayage Styles for Straight Hair

In the past few years, the balayage style has overtaken the ombre, as the most popular dyed hairstyle. It is a French hair coloring technique, which involves painting color on the hair by hand, to achieve a more natural and carefree effect. This free-hand technique of applying hair dye creates a contemporary effect, which can incorporate numerous tones to create a natural transition between colors. You can choose a natural color palette, or go for the ever-popular pastel or neon hues.

When applied to straight hair, balayage can create depth and texture to thinner hair, and definition of layers and lightness to thick hair. So, if you are considering opting for a custom balayage hairstyle, take inspiration from our gallery of varied and stunning balayage straight hair looks.

1Brunette with Honey Blonde Balayage

A rich brunette tone has been brightened with honey blonde and icy blonde highlights through the lengths to create a sun-kissed balayage effect. The long layers take some weight out of the thick hair, giving this beautiful hair an airy and weightless feel.

2Lob with Indigo Denim Balayage

There are no rules limiting balayage to natural hair colors. This indigo-denim blue hair looks extra stunning with the addition of light blue highlights concentrated towards the ends. Such a winning balayage look.

3Brunette and Grey Balayage

Grey and silver tones remain as popular as ever, and with this beautiful balayage it is not hard to see why. The high contrast between dark brown and grey has been expertly blended by adding in subtle ash blonde, silver, and multiple tones of grey. It gives this beautiful straight hair texture and depth without having to curl or style.

4Subtle Mahogany and Cherry Balayage

The reddish tones of a mahogany hair color is a great way to add some extra shine and silkiness to straight locks. A few cherry highlights around the hairline and through the lengths lifts the gorgeous mahogany shade to another level, for a subtle yet beautiful balayage look.

5Chocolate Brown and Caramel Balayage

This chocolate lob is given depth with the addition of subtle yet striking caramel highlights. Straight hair can sometimes give highlights a harsh, jarring effect, but these delicate caramel highlights in a few tones, really warms up the cool brown, without being over-powering.

6Delicate Purple Balayage Bob

This glossy black bob has been given a touch of the Gothic with a delicate purple balayage. This hint of color gives some depth to the solid black, almost creating the illusion of movement. Stunning.

7Rich Brown and Ash Blonde Balayage

Both cool and warm tones of brunette will make for a perfect balayage style when the right tones are used. This cooler tone of brown is perfectly complemented with multiple lighter shades, including ash blonde and icy blond. It gives great depth to thicker, straight hair that can lack definition.

8Flicked Our Style with Pastel Pink Balayage

The popularity of pastel hair colors shows no sign of slowing down, which has resulted in some fabulous balayage looks in a combination of the two trends. Dark roots are blended into pastel pink ends, with light blonde highlights emphasising the flicked out style.

9Ash Brown to Platinum Balayage

An ashy brown layered lob with white and platinum ends looks absolutely stunning. This balayage for straight hair will work on all skin tones but will look especially magical on those with olive skin.

10Rose Gold Balayage with Auburn Base

Auburn makes for a stunning base color for a rose gold balayage. This beautiful effect is created with the delicate hand-painting or pastel pink, rose gold, and honey blonde tones. The lighter tips of this hair have a wonderful array of colors, yet still looks completely natural.

11Choppy Brunette Bob with Lavender Balayage

Balayage does not always have to be subtle, you can take a bolder approach like in this choppy brunette bob with stunning lavender highlights. The brighter highlights against the dark base and a messy blow dry creates plenty of texture thicken up thinner hair.

12Light Brown and Icy Blonde Balayage

This long and luscious light brown hair has been given an icy blonde balayage for the perfect surfer girl chic. A few honey blonde highlights add a touch of warmth as well as emphasising the beautiful condition of these long locks.

13Silver Balayage on a Pixie Crop

Balayage looks are not limited to longer hairstyles. This pixie crop features a cool and contemporary mix of silver, white, and grey tones on a dark grey base. The shorn side and asymmetric cut are edgy and perfectly complement the model’s elfin features.

14Chestnut Brown and Caramel Balayage

The long layers of this chestnut brown hair reveal striking underlights in caramel tones to create a unique balayage effect. A very sleek style that will work on all face shapes.

15Dark Grey and Ice Blue Balayage

A dark grey base color is made magical with a beautiful icy blue balayage. Multiple cool shades have been expertly pained onto the hair to create a style that is otherworldly. These cool colors will be perfect for winter, don’t you think?

16Blunt Lob with White Blonde Balayage

The blunt edge of this straight lob is accentuated by the white blonde at the tips. The thin, straight hair is given the illusion of texture and thickness thanks to multiple tones of blonde through an ash brown base.

17Dark Chocolate and Ruby Red Balayage

For a bolder straight hair balayage, choose a statement color story. This dark chocolate and cherry red balayage has plenty of impact thanks to strong contrasting colors.

18Subtle Blorange Balayage

Blorange is one of the hottest hair colors this season and its subtle addition adds just the right amount of warmth to this cool ash brown hair. Long layers have been emphasised with icy blonde tones and blorange highlights feature through the lengths.

19Dirty Blonde Light Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

The dirty blonde base of this straight lob is given all the warmth it needs with strands of ice blonde, caramel, and honey blond. The wispy bangs around the hairline give a laid-back appeal, for an overall look that is effortless.

20Choppy Bob with Bright Blonde Balayage

There is so much life and texture in this choppy bob, which has a chocolate brown base and bleached blonde highlights. The choppy layers add great depth to the short, and straight style, and the multiple blonde tones give a sun-bleached effect, that will look like you have stepped straight off the beach, no matter the season.

21 Asymmetric Bob with Multicolored Balayage

This super sleek asymmetric bob has an incredibly rich dark brown base that has been elevated with the addition of highlights in multiple colorful shades. Toned of violet, blorange, red, and magenta have been expertly applied to create a beautiful colored style, that still has some subtlety.

22Cropped Hair with Ash Grey to Silver Balayage

Balayage effect can even be created on the shortest of straight hair. Just take a look at this stunning cropped hairstyle with its edgy shorn side and quiffed bangs. The ashy grey base gives way to silver and white tips, which really complements the model’s skin tone, and makes her eyes pop.

23Subtle Chocolate Brown Balayage Lob

Even the most subtle of balayage looks can make a big impression. The layers of this balayage brown straight lob are so well defined thanks to some delicate golden brown highlights.

24Mermaid Green Balayage

Transform your long locks into those of a mermaid with a stunning black base color and a balayage of marine greens and blues. A good quality hair shine spray will ensure that your ‘under the sea’ locks are always super glossy and soft.

25Sunkissed Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

This natural ash blonde base has been given a stunning sun-kissed effect with bleached blonde and golden blonde highlights. A concentration of lighter tones around the face will brighten up the skin, whilst accentuating soft layering.

26Dark balayage brown hair straight style

We absolutely love this simple and natural shades of dark brown and subtle warm highlights balayage.

27Rounded Asymmetric Bob with Cherry Red Balayage

This super sleek, rounded bob with a v-shaped cut has a stunning dark chocolate base, which has been amplified with a contrasting cherry-red balayage. So chic.

28Messy Bob with Honey Balayage

The beautiful natural texture of this thick hair is shown at its best by being cut into a messy bob with razored layers. Slices of honey blonde through the side-swept bangs and the lengths give a relaxed and youthful feel.

29Lavender and Dusky Pink Balayage

The lavender base color of this layered bob has been given a lively touch with the addition on a dusky pink balayage. The darkened roots give the perfect contrast so that each tone of pink used is well-defined. A few lilac highlights prevent the lavender from getting lost amongst the other strong colors.

30Midnight and Baby Blue Balayage Graduated Bob

The midnight blue base tone of this graduated bob is so elegant and chic it would be stunning enough on its own. However, it has been taken to a new level with the addition on denim blue and lavender purple streaks to give a balayage effect that is just incredible.

31Long Multi-Tonal Blonde Balayage

This Rapunzel-like hair is prevented from looking too flat and weighty with the addition of multiple icy blonde and golden blonde tones through the lengths from an ash blonde base.

32Mushroom to Blonde Balayage

This ombre blonde balayage is so chic! The stunning mushroom base color gradually fades into lighter and lighter blonde shade.

33Ash Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

A stylish bob cut like this one looks great with balayage highlights! The darker roots and bright makeup give great contrast.

34Natural caramel balayage straight hair

If you’re looking for a super natural look, try this subtle brownish caramel balayage hues.

35Sunkissed balayage brown hair straight

Gorgeous summery blonde highlights on dark brown base brown.

36Blonde Lob Balayage

If you’d like to have a more natural balayage look, you can take a subtler approach like lob with gorgeous blonde highlights.

37Silver Purple Balayage

The mix of silver and purple looks perfect in this short cut with a mix of both colors on a  dark base.

38Light Rose Gold Balayage Brown Straight Hair

Another stunning rose gold balayage look with a brown base that gets lighter gradually into blonde and rose gold shades.

39Blonde caramel balayage straight hair


40Toffee balayage brown hair straight





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