Short Haircuts for Round Faces

50 Short Haircuts for Round Faces

If you have been blessed with a round face, you know that all it takes is one bad haircut to go from ‘glowing goddess’ to ‘baby face’. This struggle becomes even greater when you’re not a fan of long locks and prefer to keep things short and sweet. If you’re tired of entrusting your fate to your stylist or random Google image searches, there’s no need to look any further! We’ve gathered over 50 short haircuts and hairstyles that look great on ladies with round faces. Short haircuts with round faces are a matter of careful layering, framing, and shaping to keep your soft cheeks from becoming a bit too childish. We hope you find a style that you love and that will look great on you!

1Shaggy Pixie Bob

This short cut is a hybrid between a pixie and a bob, and makes use of side-swept bangs to create an angle across the forehead that diminishes natural roundness. Short layers on top create volume that adds height, while longer layers on the sides don’t add any width to the sides of the face.

2Bob With Short Choppy Bangs

While these short bangs with lots of choppy texture can be intimidating, they go a long way in elongating the appearance of a round face. Bangs that land above eye level not only lengthen the face, but also bring attention to the eye area. Best of all, these choppy bangs are easier to style than a short fringe that’s cut straight across.

3Layered Bob With Thick Side Swept Bangs

These thick bangs are swept to the side, making them more flattering on a round face than if they ran straight across the forehead.

4Piecey Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

We love this short haircut for round face! While blunt chin length bobs can accentuate round face shapes, this hairstyle is cut with lots of texture at the ends, and long piecey layers throughout, giving it a shape that doesn’t add any width to the face.

5Long Pixie Bob

This dramatic style is short and reserved in the back, while long bangs sweep across the face in the front.

6Long Layered Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

If you have a round face and a small forehead, this long bob with face framing layers and a side part is a great hairstyle choice. Shorter layers cut into the sides of this bob length can make your face appear wide, so make sure they’re only a few inches shorter than your bottom layer.

7Piecey Pixie Bob Cut For Round Face

This haircut features an interesting textural contrast between the short, piecey back and the long, soft bangs in front. For round faced women with thick hair, this style elongates your face while eliminating bulk that can make hair more difficult to style.

8Bob With Long Choppy Bangs

Bangs that fall into the eyes can be difficult for women with round faces to wear. Choppy texture cut into these bangs and volume at the crown keep this style from looking helmet like.

9Glamour Round Face Pixie Cut

By keeping hair closely cropped at the sides with more length and volume on top, this ultra short pixie cut oozes glamour and confidence while lengthening the face.

10Natural Waves Bob

If you’re looking for a more natural simple short haircut for round face, a messy wavy style is a great option. Hair with natural waves can soften and conceal the edges of a round face, all while making for an easy, low-maintenance style.

11Feathery Bob Haircut for Round Face

This feathery cutting technique keeps hair light and breezy looking. Longer layers at the sides and shorter layers on top add height, while a long side swept front section creates an angle across the face that disguises roundness.

12Edgy Bowl Cut

Swedish pop-star Robyn’s edgy futuristic style is perfectly captured in this pushed forward pixie that looks like modern version of a bowl cut. This haircut creates lots of volume on top to balance out a round baby face or a strong jaw.

13Curly Bob With Side Bangs

When cut short, naturally curly hair has a tendency to accentuate round face shapes, but this style uses layering to keep hair looking light and bouncy.

14Stacked Bob With Centre Part

This stacked bob is cut with lots of layers in the back that create volume at the crown, while longer pieces in front will keep your face looking long and lean. The short layers in the back of this haircut are best suited to women with thicker hair, as this cut can fall flat at the back if your hair is on the thin side.

15Beachy Bob For Round Face Shape

If you’re looking for short haircuts for fine hair and round faces this messy bob style is a super elegant choice. Cameron Diaz’s bob haircut may have had the actress in tears initially, but she ended up with the perfect shortcut for her round face. Long bangs that sweep across the forehead from a deep side part are flattering on almost everyone, and the absence of short layers makes this a great cut for women with fine hair.

16Choppy Layered Bob

This bob makes use of choppy layers to create volume at the top half of the head, while side swept bangs to minimize a larger forehead. Perfect if you’re looking for a young, fun cut that isn’t too childlike.

17Soft Waves Bob

The deep side part and soft waves in this cut are perfect for hiding one side of a round face without relying on too much hair falling directly into your face. If you’ve got thin or finely textured hair, a style without bangs like this one will help make the most of the hair you’ve got.

18Ethereal Round Face Pixie Cut

This dreamy short pixie is modern and trendy without being too edgy. Longer hair on top helps to draw attention upward and away from the widest part of a round shaped face.

19Fauxhawk Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for a super short, edgy cut to flatter your round face, try this fauxhawk pixie that’s very short on the sides, with longer hair styled standing up. The strategic use of color in this style puts extra attention on the top of the head, aiding in the illusion of an oval-shaped face.

20Choppy Bob With Thick Bangs

This haircut makes use of thick bangs that sweep across the face from a deep side part, while choppy texture throughout helps to downplay the roundness of the face.

21Mid Length Ombre Bob

This mid length bob with a center part hides the sides of the face while creating the illusion of length by falling below the chin. A subtle, natural ombre at the ends helps to draw the eye downward, making this a perfect style for round-faced women with fine hair who don’t want to lose volume with a heavily layered cut.

22Shaved Sides Pompadour

If you’re looking for the most daring cut to flatter a round shaped face, try shaving the sides super short while styling longer hair on top into a pompadour that uses height to balance out your face’s width.

23Textured Pixie 

This one is a super cute and stylish pixie cut for round faces. A pixie cut that’s so sleek it’s slicked down may accentuate a round face, but this style uses layering to create volume on top and long pieces in front of the ears to give a slimming appearance down the sides of the face.

24Lob With Long Layers

A very trendy look for 2016, this long bob hides the sides of the face and minimizes roundness. If you’re unsure about committing to a cut as short as a pixie, this haircut is a manageable yet stylish choice.

25Sleek Bob With Side Sweep

This sleek bob makes use of long layers to lengthen the face, while a side swept piece across the forehead diminishes width in the face for a polished style well suited to professional women.

26Mid Length Bob With Side Part

A stunningly beautiful woman with a round face shape, Olivia Munn highlights her features with a side part that frames the face in much the same way a side swept bang would do.

27Shaved Sides Pixie

Another short, edgy style, this pixie is longer on top, which creates volume above the widest part of the face. Unlike fauxhawk style pixies, this look is easier to style, and creates an interesting contrast between shaved sides and soft waves on top.

28Tousled Pixie Bob

Flattering on women with round or square-shaped faces, this tousled cut is voluminous on top and piecey at the ends. Highlights throughout the front section put extra attention above the eyes. If you’re looking for subtle yet sophisticated short haircuts for round faces, you should definitely consider this one!

29Nearly Blunt Bob

Women with round faces are usually steered away from blunt bobs, but Emma Stone’s style here proves there are exceptions to every rule. This cut elongates the face by falling below the chin and has some texture and face-framing layers cut into it. Add in a side part and curls that begin lower down, and you have an almost blunt style that looks fabulous on round faces.

30Slicked Back Style

If you’re in an awkward phase of growing out short hair, try switching up your styling technique to flatter your face shape. Pulling hair close at the sides and styling with volume on top is a modern, sexy way to instantly elongate a round face.

31Rainbow Pixie Undercut

32Sleek Bob with Bangs

33Smokey Pink Side Swept Pixie Hair

34Short Hair and Smokey Silver Waves

35Blunt Bob Chin Length Cut

36Short Wavy and Asymmetrical Balayage

37Short Bowl Bob Cut

38Soft Pixie for Fine Hair

39Short Layered Bob

40Choppy Platinum Pixie

41Short Feathered Bob Balayage

42Side swept Layers Short Haircut

43Red Burgundy Messy Angled Bob

44Chin Length Natural Bob

45Wavy and Short Beige Bob Balayage


46Round Face Pixie Cut


47Short Asymmetrical Bob

48Long Curly Pixie

49Badass Side Shaved Undercut

50Braided Undercut Pixie Hair

51Pixie Cut with Long Choppy Bangs



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