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Color Melting Hair Technique

First, there as the ombre, the hair coloring technique where there was a clear distinction between the two different hair shades. Then, there was the balayage, which offered a more subtle graduation between two tones, by adding a few highlights. Now, there is the color melt hair technique.

This new hair coloring technique smoothly blends the two tones of hair so there is no harsh line between the darker and lighter colors. As the name suggests, one color melts into another with a seamless transition. This creates a natural effect, even if your chosen hair colors are not natural.

To create such a natural and smooth blend between the lighter and darker tones, often a number of different colors (at least 3) are used. This means that you probably should trust your stylist only with the color melt technique unless you are a very skilled home colorist.

Get all the color melt inspiration you need with my selection of some of the best takes on the new hair color trend.

1Ash Brown Melt

This ash brown color melt is perfect for the winter season, with different cool-toned brunettes blending together beautifully. A subtle color melt look that is a great way to like dark ash brown hair.

2Smokey Silver Color Melt

It isn’t just natural hair colors that can be given the color melt treatment. It works n all colors, as long as the blend between the different tones is seamless. Just look how beautiful this smokey silver color melt is – gorgeous multi-tonal grey at the roots, to vibrant silver at the tips. Lovely!

3Golden Brown Melt

Styling the hair poker straight has accentuated how amazing this golden brown color melt is. The rich golden brown at the roots melts into a honey blonde, which melts to platinum at the tips. So beautiful!

4Midnight Melt

We love this midnight color melt, with a deep navy blue shade melting into a silvery purple. The colors mimic those of the night sky for a look that is straight out of a fairy tale, don’t you think?

5Dark Chocolate and Caramel Melt Hair

Are there two hair colors that go better together than dark chocolate and caramel? It is a delicious color combination that works so well with the color melt technique. It is rich and gorgeous!

6Raspberry Melt Hair

Pink hair has been around for a while now, but there is no sign of it falling out of popularity. Try a darker and more saturated pink tone, such a raspberry, for the winter months. We love this raspberry pink to pastel pink color melt – it is so pretty, wouldn’t you agree.

7Honey Blonde Melt

There is such warmth to this golden brown and honey blonde melt. The vibrancy of the platinum blonde at the tips, really complements the caramel, chestnut, and milk chocolate tones through the lengths.

8Purple and Lavender Melt

The dreamy purple tones of this color melt hair are to die for. Deep purple is blended thought to a gorgeous pastel lilac shade through the tips. Styling the hair is soft waves, has helped to accentuate all those beautiful purple tones.

9Denim Blue Color Melt

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite color melt looks has to be the denim blue. An almost black midnight blue melts into a deep indigo, which melts into a stonewash blue at the tips. What a beautiful color melt style and it will look great with most skin tones too

10Magenta Melt

Magenta is a hair color that is so on-trend right now. It is rich and warm, and as one of the jewel tones, it is perfect for the winter season. Plus, magenta is one of those magical hair colors that looks great with all skin tones – warming up cool tones and complementing warm tones.

11Purple and Lilac Melt

The tones in a color melt style don’t have to be different tones of the same shade. You can choose completely different colors as long as they are perfectly blended together, like in this purple, lilac, and pink melt. Absolutely stunning!

12Mermaid Color Melt

Mermaid hair is taking over unicorn hair as the top fantasy hair color trend, and it isn;t hard to see why with the magical tones of this color melt. The royal blue, the azure blue, and the gorgeous greens – it is dreamy! With vibrant colors like this, make sure that you invest in a good color care regime to keep them looking fresher for longer.

13Copper and Rose Color Melt

Copper, peach, and rose tones? Yes, please! We love how the copper shade at the roots blends into pastel peach at the tips, but then there are some rose highlights throughout. A wonderful take on the color melt trend.

14Ash Blonde Color Melt


15Melted Pecan Hair

16Vibrant Blue Melt


17Gorgeous Brunette Color Melt


18Spiced Cinnamon Color Melt


19Pink and Blorange Melt Hair Color


20Warm Auburn and Magenta Color Melt


21Striking Fall Color Melt


22Navy and Teal Color Melt


23Lovely Strawberry Blonde Melt


24Stand Out Mustard Hair Color Melt


25Lavender and Lilac Color Melt


26Phoenix Color Melt Hair


27Smokey Lavender Color Melt


28Golden Blonde Melt


29Deep Grey Melt


30Ocean Blue Color Melt


31Rose Gold Melt


32Pink to Platinum Melt


33Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Melt


34Auburn to Pastel Peach Melt


35Sunflower Color Melt


36Ash and Platinum Blonde Color Melt



So, what do you think of the color melt technique? Do you think you may opt for a melt next time you go to the salon instead of an ombre or a balayage? As the blend between the colors needs to be smooth and seamless, you will definitely get the best results if you go to your hair colorist for your melt.

But, there are things that you can do to make sure your color melt looks its best for as long as possible. We have said it before and we will say it again, invest in a good hair care regime, specifically designed for colored hair. Shampoo and condition your hair a few times a week and treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask (for colored hair) every ten days.

Use as little heat as possible when styling to keep your hair looking its healthiest and to prevent any extra damage. If you are fond of a curling or straightening iron, make sure you always use a heat protection spray before styling.

Trust us, it really will be worth it if you look after your color melt hair properly.


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